The Flexibility of Nederland VPN

Netherlands VPN

Nederlands VPN provider The NL VPN, located in the Netherlands, is one of the most popular server options available. Without question, this is largely due to a government that does not mandate Internet censorship. In fact, politicians in the Netherlands tend to speak out against any type of Web filtering.

This is very good news for VPN users because it makes the NL VPN very handy for unblocking websites that are restricted in other parts of the world.

Fast, smooth, and clean

You’ll have to look hard to find a more user-friendly application than VPN Nederland. Our server in the Netherlands is fast, smooth, and clean. Just enter a few simple fields of data into your built-in VPN client and you can be connected in a matter of minutes. You can read more about how to setup a vpn here.

Users appreciate the fact that a Netherlands VPN doesn’t slow down their Web browsing…but there is one important thing to remember in this regard. Several websites promote a free Netherlands VPN. Most of these are just proxy servers in disguise and will hamper users with a very slow connection that prohibits using many media services. The affordable, and wise, choice is to purchase your service from

Few Internet restrictions

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Netherlands imposes almost no restrictions on Internet browsing, with a couple of recent exceptions.

An effort has been made to restrict access to child pornography in the Netherlands, and rightfully so. does not in any way support the sexual exploitation of children. The laws being proposed in the Netherlands to prohibit the distribution of illicit material involving minors began to take shape in 2008, and they have been debated ever since. There is still no official government sanction against offensive websites, but the number of these sites hosted in the country is very small.

In 2012, The Netherlands actively blocked access to the Pirate Bay file sharing site for issues of copyright infringement. This was no surprise, as most nations are now in full compliance with the Digital Media Copyright Act.

Perfect for anonymous browsing

Individuals who want to use their VPN for anonymous browsing like using the NL VPN because of these limited restrictions. The Netherlands has a long reputation for being an advocate of personal privacy and freedom, and this attitude extends to the Internet. Prohibiting censorship of any kind is a primary agenda of many Netherlands political leaders. Buy a vpn today in order to bypass internet censorship and internet restrictions.

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