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Qatar & Need for Qatar VPN

The State of Qatar is one of the most strategically-located countries in the Middle East. It sits on the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It’s geography makes it a home for many servicemen and women in the military, as well as various contractors and other expats.

Qatar is an Arab nation located in Western Asia. It is an important part of the Persian Gulf region, and it serves as a military outpost and staging area for many countries. More than 2.3 million people live in Qatar, and 2 million of those are expats. The country is home to more workers from other countries than it is to its own citizens.

In recent years Qatar has been the focus of an embargo by other Middle Easter nations, particularly Saudi Arabia. The UAE and Egypt also participate. Saudi Arabia has taken the extreme view of creating a canal which would turn Qatar into an island, creating more diplomatic and economic separation between Qatar and other countries in the Middle East.

Anyone that finds themselves in Qatar is going to quickly observe Internet censorship. The country regularly blocks VoIP apps like Skype and even FaceTime. It also blocks dating websites, porn sites, and some social media platforms. The only way to regain access to these apps is to use a Qatar VPN that will change your Qatar IP address. Here’s what you need to know.

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Internet in Qatar

Like most other Middle Eastern countries, Qatar takes a strict approach to the control of the Internet. Internet access is widespread, but there are just two primary ISPs. These are Ooredoo and Vodafone. Internet traffic is monitored, and ISPs are expected to keep logs of all browsing activity.

Qatar regular blocks access to many websites and apps that are available in other places of the world. These include social media platforms like Facebook and VoIP apps like WhatsApp. Gambling websites are also forbidden, as are any websites that deal with pornography or adult images. The penalties for trying to access such sites can be severe but while connected to a VPN account, it is not possible for ISP to know what is being done on the connection. They need to have your computer to check the browsing history.

There are many WiFi access points throughout the country thanks to Qatar’s large expat community. Those who use these WiFi networks are expected to abide by the general Internet restrictions that are in place in Qatar.

Web Access in Qatar with VPN

If you are from another country and want to have unrestricted Internet access in Qatar, a VPN is a must. You can use a VPN from VPN Accounts to change your Qatar IP address.

Select a VPN server where there are fewer Internet restrictions. You will then be able to use the services you are used to and watch the media that is unavailable outside your home country, VPN for gambling, VPN for Crypto etc.

VPNs are also necessary in Qatar if you want to have privacy in your web browsing. The state makes no attempt to hide the fact that it conducts extensive surveillance of Internet activity. Your Internet browsing is likely being logged by the ISPs that are available in Qatar.

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There is no current ban on VPN use in Qatar, but some VPN websites are blocked. This means that you need to secure your VPN from VPN Accounts before you travel to the country. While VPNs are not forbidden to use, you are still expected to respect the Internet content restrictions in Qatar.
If you have a Netflix account, HBO Go, or subscriptions to a US satellite or cable provider, you will need a VPN to access these services while visiting Qatar. You can change the Qatar IP address to one from the US with one of our US VPN servers. You can then log in and enjoy your US programming.
A VPN from VPN Accounts is a good solution if you want to use VoIP services in Qatar. Just choose a VPN server in the US or UK and change your Qatar IP address. Be sure to choose one of our VPN servers in a country which allows the use of these services.
Very few free VPNs are reliable, in Qatar or anywhere else. Free VPNs are known to have many security flaws, and some of them are engaged in selling user browsing data to third parties. Furthermore, many free VPNs do not offer the speed needed to stream media. Your best bet is a paid VPN plan from VPN Accounts.

VPN Is allowed in Qatar as long as you are not using it to break and laws. We keep no logs and when using a VPN you are on an encrypted connection. So theoretically the only way for someone in Qatar to know you are doing something illegal while connected would be for them to confiscate your computer or monitor you while you are using the computer/smartphone.