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Whatsapp remains one of the most popular apps for sending messages and making calls. It is widely available throughout the world with a few exceptions. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are two countries that block the use of Whatsapp for calls.

Those who have encountered this block may be able to use a VPN for Whatsapp video call features. Let’s take a look at the Whatsapp VPN solution and how it can restore your access to Whatsapp in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Is WhatsApp Really Unavailable in Dubai and Saudi Arabia?

The block for Whatsapp in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other areas of the UAE is not a complete ban. The messaging features of Whatsapp are available. It is the ability to make calls that is restricted. Why is this so?

The answer lies in the telecommunications duopoly that exists in the UAE. By government mandate there are only two telecommunications providers that are authorized to provide call service to the country. No other providers are permitted.

This duopoly allows Dubai to exercise some strict control over its telecommunications services. Some would also argue that it also makes it much easier to monitor call service. The ban goes back to 2016 and also affects some other VoIP services like Skype.

In Saudi Arabia the situation can be a little more complex. As recently as 2017 the kingdom relaxed some of its restrictions on VoIP calling services. It has since reverted to a harsher stance.

Using a VPN for Whatsapp Call Features in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

The reason that a Whatsapp block is problematic for many people is that both the UAE and Saudi Arabia host many expats and other foreign visitors. These individuals need a reliable way to contact their relatives at home. VoIP services like Whatsapp offer them an inexpensive option for making costly international calls.

The VPN Whatsapp hack is something most expats know about. If you are someone that has never visited the Dubai or Saudi Arabia, the time to consider a VPN is now. Don’t wait until you arrive in the country because you may find it difficult to access some VPN provider websites.

This is how it works. When you use a VPN to connect to Whatsapp, the app recognizes the VPN server that you are using to determine your location. If you connect to a server in a country where Whatsapp calling is allowed, you will be able to use the app to make calls in Dubai.

Most reputable VPN providers have hundreds of server locations. You can probably find one from your home country. The additional benefit of using a VPN for Whatsapp access is that you also have more security.

VPNs offer an encrypted connection that helps to keep your data safe from prying eyes. You can also use the same VPN to watch your local news content, and a VPN can be used to stream Netflix or other popular media services that may not be available in the places you are visiting.

The Best VPN for Whatsapp Calling in Dubai

There are a few things to consider before you choose a VPN to use with Whatsapp in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. You will want to make sure your chosen VPN ticks all of the boxes we will mention below.

Oh, something else to consider. If you are thinking about using one of the so-called free VPNs, be wary. Many of these VPNs are known to deliver spyware. You could be defeating the very purpose of using a VPN in the first place.

First of all, you need a VPN that has adequate speed to make calls. There can generally be a little drop off in speed when connecting to a VPN but this should be slight. If the speed is too slow, you will experience dropped calls and poor quality.

You also need a VPN that offers plenty of server locations to choose from. You always want to have the most options available.

Finally, your VPN should be committed to your security and privacy. This means using a VPN that does not log your activity.

VPNAccounts offers affordable and reliable VPN service that meets all of these requirements. We encourage you to check out the VPN plans that we offer today.

Whatsapp VPN APK Download

Do you need to download Whatsapp? You can easily do so from the PlayStore and the App Store. Whatsapp is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can use it on either a phone or a tablet.

The app itself is free. You will find that this is a reliable way to make calls and send messages in almost every part of the world.

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