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Have you ever been traveling and encountered blocked or restricted websites? Many countries exercise a form of censorship by blocking websites and applications that are deemed unsafe or threatening. This is why you need a VPN when travelling. In some cases the blocked sites may be contrary to the ideology of the state. In other cases, blocked websites may simply be the result of an oppressive government regime.

Regardless, knowing how to access blocked websites can be useful. When you are not using a VPN the Internet Service Provider use filters to block sites that you try to access. However, when using a VPN account your connection is encrypted via the VPN tunnel and your ISP will not know what websites you are accessing.

We’ve put together the following FAQ that should help you learn more about blocked websites and how to access them with a VPN.​

Yes! You can access many blocked websites when you use a VPN. This includes website that may be blocked by a country you are traveling to as well as websites blocked in your own geographical region. VPNs provide a solution that is safe and effective. For example, anime is banned in some countries, you can use a VPN to watch anime online again. We do not recommend other methods of trying to evade website blocking. Also, that is not all, here are 5 awesome ways to use VPN Account.

There can be many reasons that a country would choose to block certain websites. A main reason is that some websites may be deemed offensive to a specific culture. The Middle East is a good example. In places like Qatar or even the UAE, some dating or adult sites are blocked because they do not align with Islamic religious views. The same can be said for online gambling websites. If you use an Expat VPN, you will have peace of mind.

Other countries can block web applications like Skype or WhatsApp because these sites present competition to the state-owned telecommunications companies. Governments reason that if individuals can use VoIP to make free phone calls, they will not pay for expensive international calling on a mobile device.

Finally, there are countries like China who want to exert strong control over the information that is allowed to get out of the country. The Chinese government seeks to control news from within and news from without, allowing citizens to see what it deems to be favorable to the Chinese government. Any country can take measures to restrict access to websites at any given time, and in many cases such restriction can be done by an executive order without the majority approval of lawmakers.

It is common today for secondary schools, universities, and places of employment to place restrictions on some websites. You can probably understand how these networks have to be controlled. Parents of schoolchildren do not want their child exposed to adult sites. Likewise, employers do not pay employees to update their Facebook or Twitter. Many work hours would be lost to innocent browsing of YouTube videos, and some things that aren’t so innocent.

The problem is that a student or employee might need access to a restricted site. Maybe a student wants to play an online game from their dorm but the game site is blocked. Maybe an employee needs certain data or figures for research and can only obtain them from a blocked website. Well, you don’t have to worry about it. Just use a VPN from and you’ll be able to access almost any site you want.

If you are travelling and are unable to access a cryptocurrency exchange website due to restriction in that country, a crypto VPN would help bypass such restriction and more. When you connect using our VPN account service, internet traffic is encrypted and secure.

It is easy to access porn sites such as PornHub, Xvideos, Xhamster, Youporn, RedTube, AnyPorn, Zenra etc using a VPN account. The VPN account will allow you to access all Adult and Porn websites and best of all your activity on the network will be anonymous. Your Internet Service Provider will not know you accessed the sites and if they are blocking access, you will get access. More on Adult & Porn websites here

Great question! Yes, can use a VPN for online gambling you can also Watch and Bet Live Sports with a VPN. This is common among Poker and Casino players. In most cases, they are out travelling and the country they are in blocks access to such websites. For example in United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia to name a few. Also, sometimes the casino blocks access to certain countries but the player happens to be travelling through that blocked country. They then come online and search for a poker VPN or a casino VPN as they KNOW a VPN is the solution. Also another site that people use vpn on is roobet. Now you know what to do next, get a VPN account!

A proxy server is similar in some but not all respects to a VPN. They can allow you to access a blocked website, but they do not give you the secure connection that a VPN provides. Without the encryption of  a VPN, you could be asking for trouble when trying to get through website restrictions. VPN technology can protect you from hackers and cyber threats, and it can also help to prevent surveillance of your browsing history. VPNs obscure or disguise your true IP address, giving you added protection.

Yes, many websites can be unblocked with a free VPN. Unfortunately, you may be paying a very heavy price for your free VPN service. Free VPNs have to make money somehow. They often do it by making partnerships with marketing companies who pay for access to your browsing data. Some free VPNs have even been accused of infecting user devices with malware. It is a far better choice to use a paid VPN service. The truth is that you can have VPN service at a reasonable price when you use us.

China has established one of the most vigorous platforms of Internet censorship. Referred to as the Great Firewall of China, the initiative has blocked thousands of websites. Some include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, The Piratebay and other popular web apps. The most disturbing thing is that there is no clear explanation from the Chinese government on what causes a website to be blocked. The simple fact is that any website in China can be blocked at any time, and no reason has to be provided. 

In many cases the Chinese government has worked to prevent dissidents and journalists from getting unfavorable news coverage out of the country. If you find yourself in China, the only effective way to access blocked websites is with a VPN. You should secure VPN service before you arrive in mainland China.

The most recent count of websites that are blocked in India is about 800. Most of these websites are pornographic, or otherwise considered offensive to Hindu religious views. India has also sought to restrict access to certain news websites or websites that are deemed to oppose the government. Next to China, India is one of the most oppressive countries when it comes to Internet censorship. Once again, your best option for accessing blocked websites in India is to purchase VPN service before you arrive in the country. You may not be able to access a VPN provider with an ISP in India.

Our VPN, of course! Seriously, we know that you have many choices when it comes to VPN providers. We think that there are a few things which make us a better choice:

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You can trust us to provide you with quality VPN service when you sign up today. 

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