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Have you ever been traveling and encountered blocked or restricted websites? Many countries exercise a form of censorship by blocking websites and applications that are deemed unsafe or threatening. This is why you need a VPN when travelling. In some cases the blocked sites may be contrary to the ideology of the state. In other cases, blocked websites may simply be the result of an oppressive government regime.

Regardless, knowing how to access blocked websites can be useful. When you are not using a VPN the Internet Service Provider use filters to block sites that you try to access. However, when using a VPN account your connection is encrypted via the VPN tunnel and your ISP will not know what websites you are accessing.

We’ve put together the following FAQ that should help you learn more about blocked websites and how to access them with a VPN.​

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Accessing blocked websites could not be simper. You simply connect to one of our many VPN Server endpoints and bypass and internet restrictions that you are experiencing. You will be able to access Adult sites, Gambling sites, Political sites, Crypto Sites, Social Media & many more!

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