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Today it is very common for individuals to use WiFi to access the Internet. Both public and private WiFi networks can pose a risk to your personal security. A WiFi VPN will help to minimize your exposure and protect your privacy when you are browsing online.

One of the primary reasons that someone chooses to use a VPN for WiFi is data protection. Most people are not comfortable knowing that a public WiFi network could be exposing their credit card details, banking information, or other personal data to prying eyes. This is one of magnitude of the benefits of using a vpn.

Thankfully, you can purchase a WiFi VPN today to help with online security. The process is fast and easy, and at VPNAccounts.com it is also very affordable.

Vulnerabilities of Unsecured Public WiFi

There are public WiFi hotspots in many locations. Your local library or coffee shop, hospital, and even retailers like Walmart all offer free public WiFi. You don’t need a password to log on to these networks, and hundreds of people use them each day. At any given moment there could also be people on these networks that are trying to steal your data.

Identity thieves and hackers know that public WiFi networks are a gold mine of data just waiting to be stolen. You have probably used these networks before, and you may have even been a target of data theft.’

A WiFi VPN is the key to using unsecured public WiFi safely without putting your data at risk. Most mobile devices and laptops today have a built-in VPN client, and no software download is required to use a WiFi VPN.

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WiFi Networks Can Be Compromised

There are many ways that a hacker can compromise an unsecured WiFi network. Some of the following methods may be ones that you have heard about on your local news coverage.

Man in the Middle, or MITM, attacks involve an attacker inserting themselves into the communication between two parties. In this way, the hacker is able to obtain valuable information. MITM attacks are often used to steal identity data.

You probably know that cookies are used to collect and retain certain information. In many cases this is your log-in info for a website that you visit often. “Side-jacking” of cookies involves obtaining the information from cookies on an unsecured WiFi network. Imagine how damaging this could be if you use the same log in information to access many different websites.

Other exploits such as the WiFi Pineapple, Evil Twin attacks, and computer viruses and worms are also easily delivered to those who use unsecured networks without a WiFi VPN.

We’ve shown you some of the pitfalls of using an unsecured public WiFi network. Everyone has their own reasons for using a WiFi VPN, but lets take a look at the most common.

Overall security is improved with a VPN for WiFi. Your data is encrypted with strong protocols that make it impossible for someone to observe your personal information. This same encryption also gives you a certain amount of anonymity when you use a VPN for WiFi.

Those who are traveling abroad can also continue their studies, even when their school website might be geo-blocked. All that is required is for the student to choose a VPN server located in their own country. This can also be used to unblock web applications like Skype and WhatsApp in areas where they are blocked.

Other reasons may be a desire to bank securely, or maybe the desire to share information with others across a WiFi network.

You may be thinking there is no need to have a VPN because you use your home WiFi network to access the Internet. Surely you have the home network secured with a strong password. Sadly, home WiFi network passwords are cracked all the time. If it happens to you, the consequences could be devastating.

By using a WiFi VPN with your home network, you are adding an extra layer of security for all of those who use your network to browse online. You can even use a VPN on a router. We are happy to provide instructions for setting up and using your VPN.

If you are ready to obtain a WiFi VPN and improve your security, we encourage you to check out all of the plans that we have available. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about VPN service. 

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