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Is VPN Safe

How Safe is a VPN?

Most people that turn to know that a VPN is a great way to protect your online privacy. Still, there are those who express concerns about safety. Is it safe to use a VPN? It’s a good question that we’ll try to answer.

To be fair, some people have been burned by free VPN providers. They may have had their data compromised by these services or subjected to ads and logging of their Internet activities. We’re going to show you that a legitimate VPN is safe, and it can also be affordable.

Safe Connection via Global VPN

VPN creates an Encrypted Tunnel

It will be helpful to provide some basic information for those who don’t know how a VPN works. You could say that safety is at the very center of a virtual private network.

Think for a moment about the way that you access the Internet. At home you probably have Internet service that is provided by an ISP, or Internet Service Provider. When you connect to the Internet you are using servers owned and maintained by the ISP. An ISP can keep logs on your browsing activity. In fact, your ISP can see pretty much everything you do online if they choose to do so.

This is where a VPN becomes useful. The VPN creates an encrypted tunnel and allows you to connect to a remote server. VPN servers can be located in many areas around the world. We have an extensive list of servers that you can use when you purchase your service from
When your data is encrypted by the VPN tunnel, your ISP is no longer able to observe your online activities. Other sites you visit also see the IP address of the VPN server and not your own. The only thing an ISP can determine is that you are connected to a remote server.

As you can see, safety is a built-in feature of VPNs. This technology was created to help you remain anonymous while browsing the Internet. It can also be useful in restoring access to sites that may be blocked in some countries.

VPN Encrypted Connection

Pitfalls of an Unsecured Internet

The truth is that connecting to the Internet on unsecured networks is the unsafe way of access. Sadly, many people today are using unsecured public WiFi. Others do not take time to establish the proper safeguards for their network at home.

You may be thinking that security on a home network is not really that important. Maybe only you and your family access the Internet. If you don’t secure it with a password, anyone close by could use your Internet service. They might also be able to observe what you are doing online. Hackers are notorious for driving around and looking for networks that they can exploit.

Even if no one is piggybacking on your home network, remember what we said about your ISP. The company that provides your Internet service could be watching everything you do online. They could also be keeping records that could implicate you in a number of ways.

This is just with your own home network. The really scary stuff is what might happen when you are connected to unsecured public WiFi. Think about all the times that you use an Internet connection at your library, the local coffee shop, or even a fast food restaurant. Using these networks could be putting your sensitive personal data at risk.

Maybe a better question to ask could be, “Is my current Internet connection safe?” Judging by what we just shared, what is your answer to that question?

Safety Benefits of a VPN

Now let’s take a look at a few different safety benefits that can be gained from using a VPN. The first of these is advanced security protocols. uses the most current encryption protocols to make sure that you have a safe browsing experience. Our encrypted VPN connections are designed to keep others from having access to your sensitive information.

A VPN also gives you a safe way to bypass geographical restrictions on your favorite webs apps and websites. Do you need to Skype on your travels? A VPN will allow you to do that, no matter where you may be located. The same is true for Netflix and other services.

With the global health pandemic of 2020 and other situations, more individuals have been forced to work from home. A VPN is a great solution if you are working remotely. You can access your company’s websites without the fear of putting yourself or your company at risk.

Finally, no logging is conducted when you use one of our VPN servers. We cannot turn over any information on your web browsing activity because we do not keep a log of that data. An ISP could log all of your activities if you are not using a VPN. Their are many more benefits of VPN.

VPN Safety

Don't Be the Next Horror Story

Is it safe to use a VPN? We think we have answered that question to your satisfaction. If, however, you need more to go on here is some food for thought.

Have you every shopped at Home Depot? Have you ever used Experian to check your credit score? These are just two examples of major companies that have suffered data breaches. You can read about a new security breach almost every day. Millions of people have had their personal information exposed. Some of those exposures could have been prevented if a VPN was used.

Recovering from an identity theft can be expensive. It can also be a source of psychological trauma. Many people that have been victimized never feel safe again when they are using the Internet. Some quit using it altogether.
You do not have to be the next person that has their data stolen.

A VPN is not only safe to use. The fact is that it offers some of the best protection that is available. You should think about this and weigh the cost of a VPN versus the cost of recovering from having your data exposed.

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When we refer to a Netflix VPN we are speaking of our paid VPN service which can be used to access all of the Netflix libraries from different geographical areas. A  VPN account can also be used in many cases to unblock Skype, Hulu, or other services.

A VPN will not allow you to receive Netflix for free. You will have to pay a monthly fee. If you are not currently a Netflix subscriber, you can look for a free trial online. The subscription costs can vary according to the Netflix plan that you choose.

We take pride in offering a VPN that shows little or no difference from your normal download speeds. You should be able to stream media without any pauses or interruptions. Some VPN servers may be faster than others depending on the traffic that they receive.

Some ISPs are prone to throttle a user’s speed when excessive data is used. A VPN may be able to help prevent ISP throttling in some cases.

It is legal to access Netflix with a VPN. There are no official restrictions which govern how you should use your VPN. However, you should know that all VPN service is not the same. You should be sure to choose a reputable provider such as Also, beware of free VPN services. These services can be slow, and they may also expose your device to malware. 

All VPNs are not created equal. Our VPN is a good choice for streaming Netflix because you will notice little or no difference in streaming speed when you use it. Some VPNs can be very slow, making it almost impossible to stream media.

Another reason we are a good choice for Netflix streaming is our large number of VPN servers. If you want to access Netflix from a different country, we also have servers in all locations where Netflix is allowed. Use a Canada server to get Netflix content from Canada. Use a German VPN server to view Netflix content from Germany etc. You have many different options when you use our service.