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The Story

It all started around 2005 as a pursuit to offer internet users an anonymity service to conceal their identity while using the internet. In the early days we offered proxy services and that offered users a certain degree of anonymity and the ability to access blocked web sites online from different countries around the world.  The proxy sites would normally get blocked easily and offering users VPN account was the next logical step in 2007. 

Over time, it evolved to using more advanced and reliable technology that also offered the end user more advantages. Such as, ability to unblock VoIP application, Unblock any blocked site, stream geo-restricted content from any country, in addition to internet security, privacy and anonymity.

Since the start we have been steadily growing our customer base and the number of global VPN servers we manage. We believe our success revolves around a very crucial aspect to a successful business. Strong customer service along with reliable and stable services at competitive pricing. We do not outsource our support as many online e-commerce sites do.

We do not overload the VPN servers. When a limit is reached we simply proceed in setting up new servers for new users. We rely on load balancing, that refers to efficiently distributing incoming network traffic across a group of backend servers, also known as a server pool.  As a result maintaining quality service to all VPN clients.

Infringements are being made on internet users privacy to a varying degree all the time, regardless of the users location on the planet. We all do greatly enjoy modern technology and the benefits it provides us, yet at the same time it has managed to erode our right to privacy to a certain extent.  As a result, we are determined to give you your privacy back via the VPN accounts we offer through our VPN servers in a magnitude of countries such as Sweden, Germany, USA, Canada, Netherlands, France & United Kingdom. 

In short, using VPN accounts you route all your internet traffic via your ISP in an encrypted format to via our VPN servers. Your ISP can not keep logs on your internet activity, what they get is gibberish.  Characters that are impossible to uncode.

If Internet Privacy, Security & Anonymity is important, you need to join the family.


Huge global network of fast VPN servers

We are always adding new servers based on demand. We also remove old servers that we replace with newer more robust servers. The VPN network serves a different purpose depending on the end users. While some seek privacy, other simply want to access blocked sites or bypass geographical resitrictions.

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Seeking a career in the VPN industry?


Currently, we do not have any open positions but if you are interested in possible future opportunities do write to us and let us know your skill set. Something might turn up and it would be good to have reached out in advance. Positions normally include Software development, Administration, Design, Content creation and Marketing.

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