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If you are having an issue connecting, please be detailed when filling out the form below & provide us information such as :

  • Error number.
  • Error Message.
  • Operating System.
  • Country you are in.
  • Internet Security program.

Also, check the common questions and answers below the contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy VPN using  all major credit cards and payments are processed via Bluesnap inc. Buying VPN with Paypal is also available for anyone who prefers to use PayPal to buy VPN. They are a very safe & secure payment processors. In the future we will implement crypto payments such as Bitcoin.

The shortest term is a monthly VPN and you pay for each month in advance. The billing subscription can be canceled at any time before the next billing gets processed.

When you sign up for a VPN, your billing information will be collected but payment will not be charged.  At the end of the 7 day VPN trial if you have not canceled the account, the system will interpret it as a go ahead and it will charge the card on file. If you buy vpn using PayPal, the 7 day trial is not activated.

You have been billed again because our VPN service is subscription based. This is also indicated on the payment/order form. 

A subscription is a recurring payment but it is not a long term contract. If service no longer needed, you would need to cancel the billing subscription before the re-billing date.

Your account will automatically be renewed if you have not cancelled your subscription.

We hope that you are not about to leave us and if you are, we hope to have you return in the near future.

If you paid for the VPN using PayPal, you can cancel the billing subscription by logging into your PayPal Account canceling it.

If you paid via credit card via BLUESNAP, you should find the option to cancel your subscription in your BLUESNAP account. Your Bluesnap username and password is different from the VPN details.

You can also fill out the form above and we can cancel it for you and provide you a confirmation of the cancellation. 

If you only need a VPN account for 1 month or less, kindly cancel the billing subscription after you receive the welcome email with the VPN login details. This will ensure that your account does not renew at the end of the 1 month.  Same applies if you buy an annual account etc.

*If you received a 7 day vpn trial, you need to wait for it to bill at the end of 7 day before cancelling the billing subscription.

The charge you see is just a pre-authorization charge for the attempted order. It is a hold placed on the funds by your bank. If the VPN order is declined / canceled for any reason the bank will release the funds back to your account. The time it takes varies from 5-7 bank working days but usually faster.

If the payment processor is having issues processing a payment for the renewal of the VPN account it is most often either:

  • An expired card.
  • No funds on the card.
  • Your bank is declining it.

If it is PayPal, login to your PayPal account and check your card on file and billing information. If is it Bluesnap, you will receive an email from them with details on the reason and instructions on how to login and update the billing information and card if needed.

If the payment processor is having issues processing the payment it is most often either:

  • Incorrect billing information.
  • Bank does not authorize online transactions.
  • Placing an order while using some proxy or VPN.

Please also e-mail us and inform us if you need assistance. We can help you get started if you are having issues. 

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