Unsecured Public Network For Internet Access?

A recent report indicates that more than half of regular Internet users may still be using unsecured public WiFi without the benefit of a VPN. It would seem to be common sense at this point, but some people still don’t recognize the threat of public WiFi. Here’s a closer look at the recent study and how it should influence your own Internet activity.

56% of People Unprotected Without a VPN

The study in question was reported by TechRadar. According to the study, 56% of people do not use a VPN when connected to public WiFi. According to the same study, as many as 41% don’t use VPN at all. The study was conducted among a random group of 1,000 participants.

While the study sample is certainly small when compared to the total number of Internet users in the world, it still sheds some light on the overall attitudes of many people toward unsecured networks. They have been conditioned to either accept the risks or else convinced that the risks of personal damage are small.

This is dangerous footing. In presenting the study, TechRadar began by addressing the number of individuals that travel at the holidays. It was stated that the majority of the travelers are forced to depend upon public WiFi at some point. They encounter these networks while traveling and have not prepared themselves by obtaining a VPN. Some probably deem it an inconvenience to try and set up VPN service. After all, what can such limited activity as checking email or social media do.

The Reality of Not Using a VPN

No matter what anyone wants you to think, in 2023 it is still a dangerous practice to avoid using a VPN when you are using public WiFi. Hackers and identity thieves are still hard at work, and they target these types of networks because access is often easy.

In fact, some hackers have started using novel ways to entice connections to their own networks. Using portable hotspots and other devices, the thieves will create a network called Free_Airport_Internet or something similar. They will broadcast the name of the unsecured network and wait for individuals to connect. You would be surprised how many times this has lured someone into a bad situation where their personal information has been compromised.

The cost of protecting yourself with a VPN is much more affordable than having your identity stolen. You can save money on your VPN when you prepay for service in yearly increments. VPN Accounts may also have other deals from time to time that will help lower the cost of VPN service.

Travelers, Expats, and VPN Benefits

We know for a fact that a large number of travelers and expats do not need to be convinced of how important it is to use a VPN on public WiFi. This is a primary way that those abroad access the Internet. Even domestic travelers are prone to use the WiFi in their hotel or a local coffee shop while they are on trips to visit family.

The expat has long known that there are other benefits to using a VPN that go way beyond the basic security and anonymity the service provides. VPNs can also be useful in accessing web content that is often restricted by location.

If you are from the US you might find that access to your Netflix abroad is restricted. In that case, you would need to connect from a US server supplied by your VPN. This will generally restore your access. The same can be said for social media sites, search sites, and other web apps that you may regularly use. It can be depressing to arrive in a foreign country and find out that your access to a preferred messaging app is denied.

VPNs Are Still Relevant in 2023

One thing that this shows us is that VPNs are still an important part of Internet security in 2023. It is somehow hard to imagine that most people still don’t recognize their usefulness.

Why have VPNs remained such a core part of a good online security plan? It is because they work. The VPN creates an encrypted flow of traffic, making it impossible for prying eyes to snoop your online activity or your data.

Even better, VPNs are affordable. You should always stick with a paid VPN. Free services are often homes for spyware and other threats that you are trying to avoid. Here at VPN Accounts we work hard to keep our prices modest so that everyone can afford a VPN for their device. See our VPN plans!

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Is Your VPN Vulnerable to Spyware?

A recent report indicates that a popular VPN may be delivering Iranian spyware to its users. The original report was created by Bitdefender, one of the world’s foremost private security companies. It has shed new light on the vulnerability of VPNs to spyware.

The Iranian Spyware VPN Scandal

According to Bitdefender, the 20Speed VPN is the most popular VPN based in Iran. It is used by many citizens of the country. It should also be noted that Iran does not have a stellar record when it comes to Internet freedom. For more than 20 years, Iran has exerted strict control over Internet content with various bans.

Those who travel to the region for work or other reasons are often forced to use a VPN in order to access the web services that they use at home. This can include communication apps which allow them to speak with family while they are abroad.

Many Iranians are also forced to use VPNs for access to blocked ISPs. The danger is that many of the websites accessible in Iran which claim to offer VPN service are outright scams. At the worst, the sites are under government control and looking to catch violators of the country’s Internet laws. This appears to have been the case with 20Speed VPN.

Working From Home Puts More People At Risk

Since 2020 there have been more people working from home thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that more people have been forced to turn to VPN use. Using a VPN for home work environments is sometimes even mandated by employers of remote workers because of safety concerns.

Ironically, this push to work at home may have led to the exact things that a VPN is supposed to prevent. Specifically, some employers have developed software that can be used to monitor workers at home. An example of such software is Second Eye. It was developed in Iran and provides screen recording, logging keystrokes, and live screen viewing.

20Speed VPN – A Front for Spyware

It is believed that 20Speed VPN was utilized to deliver the Second Eye spyware to the devices of unsuspecting users. Thinking they were using a regular VPN, users were serving up loads of personal data to employers or other individuals.

We must specify that Second Eye is a legitimate monitoring application. It was the actions of 20Speed VPN that are called into question in this case. The company simply used the software to monitor its VPN users.

Imagine all of those people sitting there with no idea that their Internet activities were being monitored. Think of something similar was happening to you. We all probably have some Internet secrets that are best left hidden.

Could Something Similar Happen Elsewhere?

An obvious question in this case is whether a similar occurrence could happen elsewhere in the world. After all, Iran does have a pretty bad record for Internet privacy. The fact that it did happen in Iran isn’t surprising, but other countries also take a hard line where the Internet is concerned.

China is one that comes to mind. India is another. Both of them have fought extended battles with VPN technology and attempts to control Internet access. It is not hard to see a situation where these governments would create VPN companies as a front for spyware.

There are also those who contend that the US is not above using such measures. Even worse, they might be more likely to hide the fact than some other countries.

How to Avoid Spyware VPNs

There are a few things you can do to avoid a VPN that is vulnerable to spyware. The first thing is to only use a trusted company such as VPN Accounts. We have been in business for many years. We do not log or otherwise track user data.

Another important thing to remember is obtaining VPN service before you arrive in another country. Once you get there you may find that some legitimate VPN services are blocked.

Why Paying for a VPN Matters

Finally, stay away in all cases from VPNs that are offered or promoted as free. There really is no such thing as a free VPN. Some of them make money from selling user data to third parties.

That doesn’t mean that you will need to pay an exorbitant amount for your service. We have very reasonable rates. It is a small price to pay when compared to the cost of overcoming identity theft or other issues using a VPN might be able to prevent.

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Is my ISP Watching me While I Watch Youtube?

The security-conscious Internet user is always concerned about what an ISP can see. Is your Internet Service Provider, or ISP, able to see what you are streaming on YouTube, Netflix, or other platforms? The answer could be a cause for concern.

The short answer is that an ISP is probably able to observe and monitor many of your Internet activities. Some of them choose not to do so. You should probably assume that your streaming history is fair game unless you are using a VPN to secure your browsing sessions.

What an ISP Can See and the Problems This Can Cause

Let’s first talk about the specific information that an ISP can access about your browsing sessions. An ISP is able to see the websites that you visit. They can also see what you click on when you are visiting a website, and some even monitor meta-data. There is a wealth of information that is available to the ISP which gives it considerable control over your privacy.

The risk to your personal information and identity is only the beginning of the potential problem. There is also the issue of surveillance and ethics as it relates to your personal security. Finally, you could be granting access to the types of videos you watch to marketing and research companies. This information can be used to identify many things about you including your political views, your shopping preferences, and what types of media have influence over you.

How an ISP Determines Your YouTube Viewing Activity

The majority of Internet users don’t know all the technical aspects of how the Internet works. They just see it as typing in a web address and visiting a website. Things are a little more complex than that. The information that you pass back and forth between your device and the Internet can be classified as data.

A simple explanation is to think of it like postal mail. When you send a request to a website like YouTube for a video, your device “mails” out the request in the form of data. The website receives the request and sends back the data in the form of packets. Within that data transmission are the details of your request, and the ISP can also see which server is hosting the information you want to access.

It all seems very complicated, but you only need to understand that your ISP is tasked with delivering your digital mail or information. It is able to do that because it has access to IP addresses which identify your device. Just like the address on your mailbox, the IP address can be linked to a specific device or connection.

The bottom line is that the ISP knows what you are requesting to watch on YouTube and where you are when you are watching it.

Geo Blocking and YouTube Content

Have you ever tried watching something on YouTube and discovered that your access was restricted because you live in a certain area? IP addresses are used to provide geographical gate-keeping. Some media creators do not license their content to certain areas because of copyright issues and known issues with piracy.

This is another area where a VPN can come in very handy to the Internet user. You can use a VPN to unblock geographical censorship by connecting to a VPN server located in a non-restricted area.

Why Would an ISP Care About What You Watch on YouTube?

An ISP could have many reasons for wanting to know what you are watching on YouTube. One of the biggest is the desire to market your preferences to advertisers.

Have you ever been watching a video on YouTube when suddenly an ad pops up? Almost like magic, this ad will be related to something that you like. How does YouTube or Google serve up tailored ads? They do it thanks to data collection which identifies your web browsing preferences.

Advertising is a big business, and browsing preferences are like gold to the marketing company. They are willing to pay top dollar to ISPs for information such as this, and there is no prohibition on an ISP for collection and selling the data. All they really need to do is let you know in the fine print of your agreement that data could be collected.

Another reason an ISP can collect data on its users is to satisfy a request from government agencies or other entities. Yes, someone could have an interest in what you are doing online for a legal reason. ISPs are not going to take a stand against authorities with a warrant when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Can You Hide Your Browsing and YouTube Activity?

There is some good news where this subject is concerned. A VPN can provide a simple but effective solution to the spying of an ISP. The secret lies in how a VPN works.

VPNs provide an encrypted tunnel. The data that we mentioned to begin this article has to pass through that tunnel. Encryption scrambles the data, making it impossible to decipher. In a sense, it makes gibberish of all those pieces of data mail. To reassemble the data, the key to the encryption is required. Again, it sounds technical but it is really pretty simple and effective in terms of how it is designed.

A VPN can also obscure your IP address. You can replace it with the IP address of the VPN server. So, when the sites you visit look they see the VPN server address. If you happen to be traveling abroad and want to watch your local programming, a VPN may be necessary if you want to avoid geo blocks.

The key to making this an effective solution is to find a VPN provider that satisfies a few key requirements. You want to choose a paid VPN service above all, because free VPN services can be ineffective and even dangerous. The worst of them will sell your data to marketers. They can also maintain logs which can compromise your security.

You may also find that free VPNs are not fast enough for you to watch streaming media on YouTube. At VPNAccounts.com we offer fast and reliable service that is affordable. We have multiple plans available. There are many server locations to choose from, and we also offer convenient apps for your devices. There is no software download required to use a VPN. Almost all devices made today come with a pre-installed VPN client for you to use.

With the proper measures and a VPN you can watch YouTube in peace. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your ISP can see what you are watching on YouTube. After all, your Internet activity should be something that you alone are able to control. Take back your privacy with a VPN.

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Things to Know About the Google One VPN

Google One VPN

You may have heard the news that the popular Google One cloud subscription service is now offering a VPN as part of the package. This would surely seem to offer some added value. A VPN account is still one of the best ways to improve your online security through anonymous browsing. But what about the specifics of the Google One VPN? Here are some things you need to know.

The Changing Landscape of VPN

If you follow the world of VPN technology, there are changes happening at a rapid pace. Many top VPN providers have announced changes in their leadership and management. Others have merged with other companies. This could be reflective of the impact on the industry in recent years of VPN bundling.

Some antivirus programs, browsers, and other applications now include a VPN with their product. This may be an unfortunate trend. Some of the bundled VPNs are not much different from the low-end free VPNs of yesterday. Those remain riddled with security flaws and privacy concern. Perhaps even more troubling is that by using a free VPN which is included with another program could be giving the provider access to your browsing preferences. That is just the type of thing that you are trying to prevent.

We believe that VPNs are still as important today as they were a few years ago. They are still being used. The issue is the way in which people are obtaining their VPN service. This many have changed for the worse.

Google One – A Real VPN?

The Google One VPN has actually been around since 2020. Many in the industry paid no attention when the company refined its developer documents to reflect changes to the Google One VPN. Most of these changes were centered around the addition of extra countries to the area of service. It is now available in Mexico, Canada, and the UK.

The white paper released by Google spells out how the Google One VPN works. It functions just like any other VPN by creating an encrypted tunnel for secure browsing. The traffic from your device passes through the tunnel and a Google One VPN server. This gives you a measure of anonymous VPN browsing.

On the surface it sounds good, but think about this. Can the Google One VPN evade geographical blocks that are used in the Google Play Store to prevent downloads that are restricted in some areas? Wouldn’t that seem like a big conflict of interest? Can you use it to watch Netflix or use messenger apps while you are traveling abroad? We don’t have the answer to those questions at the present time.

What we know is that you are essentially giving Google a measure of control when it comes to how the VPN operates and what it is capable of. There is also nothing to indicate Google’s position on logging and sharing user data, something we will look at in the next section.

Privacy Standards of Google One VPN

Users would be right to have concerns over how much control Google exerts when it comes to the Google One VPN. It would at least be comforting to know how much user data Google retains and is willing to share.

The company does not have the best track record when it comes to privacy. In recent years it has been caught up in more than one scandal involving the privacy of its users. Just ask yourself if you are comfortable with Google as a gatekeeper of your Internet activity.

On the surface the Google One VPN seems to be like any other where privacy is concerned. That may work for some people, but others will still want to choose the VPN protections that only a paid provider can offer.

Google One VPN is Not Free – Is the VPN Worth It?

It would be a mistake to say that the Google One VPN is free. It is not. The VPN is bundled with the Google One service which is offered on a subscription basis.

Even those who have not had the benefit of an economics education will understand that companies do not exist by offering services for free. It takes money to maintain VPN servers and pay employees. In this case that money comes from the cost of the subscription, but it may also come from other means.

Free VPN providers are known for selling user data to third parties to subsidize their companies. We cannot say that Google does this. It’s just a concern that VPN users should be aware of.

Alternatives to Google One VPN

There are some alternatives when it comes to a Google One VPN. You can choose to purchase one of our affordable VPN plans. There are many advantages to this path.

We have many vpn servers in many locations throughout the world. We do not keep logs of user data. We offer customer service when needed, and our commitment to our services means that you will encounter few problems.

Our VPNs are fast enough to allow you to stream media, and you can watch your favorite Netflix programs when you travel. Just connect to our VPN server that is located in your home country or in another area where the content is not restricted.

Don’t settle for the Google One VPN just because you think there aren’t better choices. There may be many options for VPN that are more attractive, buy a vpn today..

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Home Office Privacy With a VPN

Online Privacy

Today it is more common for individuals to work from home. Whether they are working in their own business or working remotely for another firm, home office privacy with a VPN should be considered. This is especially true if you are required to share your Internet connection with others.

The Privacy Concerns of a Home Office

There could be a tendency for some people to take home office privacy for granted. Something about working from home creates a false sense of security. You control the Internet connection, you control your devices. What could possibly pose a threat to your home office security?

You would be surprised at the number of people who do not use even the most basic protections on their home network. Many of them do not even set a password that is known only to those in the household. An unsecured WiFi network is no better than the unsecured network you have to use at the local library or coffee shop.

There are those who prey upon unsecured networks, looking for data leaks and information they can steal. Just because your network is confined to your home doesn’t mean it can’t be compromised.

Other Home Office Privacy Considerations

If you work in any kind of business that involves clients, a data breach is a big deal. This is especially true if you are accepting payments digitally. Of course, you will be required to take the most stringent measures to keep this type of data safe. But what about other information that you may access online?

We’re speaking of websites and applications that you use. Maybe it is important to you that these resources be kept private. It can certainly be so if you are working from home for someone else. A failure to secure your web browsing can create all kinds of problems.

What if your business involves traveling and your home office is essentially anywhere that you are able to set up your computer? The expat has a whole different set of privacy circumstances to contend with. They need to be able to access websites that might not be available in the country where they are working. It is common for some countries to block social media apps and other websites.

How a VPN Can Be Used For Home Office Privacy

A few words here about how a VPN works is in order. Most people today are familiar with VPN technology, but some have yet to use it. Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, VPNs are still a very useful tool for those who want to browse the Internet with confidence that their activities are secret.

A VPN creates a secure tunnel that exists between your device and the Internet connection you typically use. It can also be used to create the same tunnel when you are using public WiFi connections at your hotel or other locations. All the data that passes through that tunnel is encrypted and unable to be observed by third parties. Your ISP can see that you are online, but your activity beyond that is a dead end.

VPNs also can hide your actual IP address, replacing it with the IP address of the VPN server. Most VPN providers have servers in many different locations. If you are in an area where certain services are restricted, you may be able to evade those blocks by choosing a VPN server in an area where there is no blocking.

Many expats have done this exact thing to use VoIP and messenger services that are the least expensive form of communication when you are overseas.

VPN Protection for Everyone at Home

A great thing about many VPNs is that they can also be used on the router of your home network. This would give protections to everyone in your home that uses the network. You can also use most VPN accounts to connect all of your personal devices. This includes computers, phones and tablets. Be sure to check with your VPN provider to see what is allowed with your VPN plan.

Remember, most devices that are used for Internet access today already have a VPN client built in. This means that you will not need to download any extra software to your device in order to use the VPN.

Home office privacy with a VPN makes good sense for many reasons. You may even be able to include the cost of your VPN plan in your tax return as a business expense. Check with your tax professional to see if this is an option. At any rate, you will be pleased to find that we offer one of the most affordable VPNs on the market.

You should not sacrifice privacy and security for the privilege of working at home. Invest in a VPN today and start working with more peace of mind.

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Watch and Bet Live Sports with a VPN

Did you know that sports betting is a billion dollar industry worldwide? In many parts of the world, sports betting is legal. In others, you will need to rely on a VPN to access your favorite sports betting site. We are going to show you how to watch and bet live sports with a VPN in this short guide.

Sports Betting – A Worldwide Passion

Individuals have been betting on sports ever since the first sporting events were conducted. In the earliest days of sports betting, the wagers were usually made between two individuals. These could have even been the competitors themselves.

In time, the sports betting bookies began to appear. These individuals allowed more people to bet on sporting events by laying or booking contests. The bookie didn’t really care which side of the proposition you took. They could use the odds and manipulate them to always have an edge no matter which side was bet.

With the development of Las Vegas came live sports betting books in the United States. These were included in almost every major Las Vegas casino, and live sports betting is still legal there to this very day.

It was only natural that the next step was to permit legalized online sports betting. Online sportsbooks have been legal in the UK and Europe for some time, and in 2020 began to be legalized in many states of the US. In 2022, almost half of the American states either have legalized online sports betting or have legislation pending.

How You Can Watch and Bet Live Sports With a VPN

What about those people who do not have access to legalized sports betting where they live? Maybe you live in a state that has not yet made wagering on sports legal. A VPN might be a solution for you.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a basically a secure network that runs within your existing ISP setup. In other words, you connect to your ISP and also connect to the VPN server. When you do this, you are creating an encrypted tunnel which makes it virtually impossible for your ISP to see your browsing activities.

A VPN also has the added benefit of changing your IP address. Why is this important? When you connect to your ISP you are broadcasting an IP address that is used to identify your geographical location. If you try to connect to an online sportsbook that does not allow players from your area, you will be denied and not allowed to access the site.

With a VPN you can choose a VPN server in an area that allows online sportsbook betting. It will then appear that you are accessing the sportsbook from a legalized area, and your betting will be allowed.

At most online sportsbooks you can also see live feeds of sporting events. This could save you hundreds of dollars if you are trying to stream all of the events that you want to watch. A qualifying wager may be required by some online sportsbooks before you are able to watch a live stream.

Choosing a VPN for Online Sports Betting

There are a few different things that you would want to look for when you are choosing a VPN for online sports betting. Reputation is always at the top of the list. It helps to pick a VPN that has good reviews.

A red flag for many VPNs is that they are offered for free. You should always be wary of so-called free VPN services. These VPNs sometimes sell your browsing data to various marketing companies. They may also keep logs that can be used to identify you and link you to visiting certain websites.

A paid VPN is much more reliable than a free service. You will be given access to more server locations throughout the world, and customer service is available if you need help with your VPN connection.

Most devices today are equipped with a VPN client. This means that you will not need to download any software to watch and bet live sports with a VPN. You can use a VPN on a number of different devices which include laptops, desktops, and even mobile devices and gaming consoles.

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Are VPNs still useful?

With the arrival of each new year we are often asked about the continuing value of VPN service. Are VPNs still useful in 2022? The answer is yes. Personal security and privacy are still relevant concerns for the average computer user. Here’s why.

Welcome to the Metaverse

You may have heard the word metaverse being thrown around a lot lately. Mark Zuckerberg has even gone so far as to include the word in a proposed re-branding of Facebook. The construct of the metaverse is still in its infancy, so offering a precise definition of the word is difficult. It is easier to define the idea.

We have reached that point in society when digital living is beginning to further detach itself from physical existence. People work online. They go to school online. They buy and sell goods online. Today it is possible to even bank with digital currencies that have no physical existence. We are fast approaching the day when our physical reality and the way in which we live our lives are less tethered. That’s the metaverse.

With the introduction of such a construct comes those who want to manipulate and control it. Living in a digital reality means dealing with digital threats. You should be just as concerned with the faceless attacker or entity that wants to spy on your digital life as you should be with a physical threat. Some would say you should be more concerned.

The Presence of Greater Online Security Threats

According to Forbes magazine, there are multiple reasons why someone would choose to use a VPN in 2022. Many of the standard reasons of the past are included on the list. Working remotely and better security when using unsecured public WiFi are two of the reasons. If you look closer you will also see data privacy from the apps and services that you use to be included on the list.

The Internet user of today is far more likely to use a variety of apps and services. When you throw in the popularity of mobile devices, it is common for a single person to share data with hundreds of applications. Each of those apps is a potential threat to your online security.

Music apps. Communication and messaging services. Social media. Think of all the services that you use as ramps to the freeway that is your life. Data is entering and exiting that freeway all the time. Sometimes traffic can even be moving when you aren’t aware it’s moving. This is digital life in 2022, and it can be a pretty scary place.

VPNs Haven’t Lost Their Effectiveness

Amid all of this chaos which litters the digital landscape in 2022, there is a constant. VPNs have not grown outdated. In fact, they have been marching along with the times and working to improve the levels of encryption and protection that they provide. VPNs are still here because they work, plain and simple.

This doesn’t mean that the VPN industry is perfect. Far from it. From the beginning there have been those who have sought to exploit the technology for personal gain. Most of these companies were known for offering free VPN service to users in the past. This often made it hard for reputable VPN providers to survive.

Those who used an affordable, paid VPN from the very beginning know that the effectiveness of VPNs was never in question. Those services that became targets of attacks were never secure in the first place, with many of them selling the browsing preferences and data of their own users to marketing companies. Reputable VPN providers like VPNAccounts.com have never done that.

While some providers have fallen behind in the technology that they use, many others have continued to improve it. Good companies have expanded their server locations throughout the world to give VPN users more options. Things have continued to improve on a very large scale.

What is your personal security worth to you? Are VPNs still useful in 2022? Only you can answer that question. Evaluate the ways in which your life is connected to the metaverse. You will probably come away with a new respect for VPNs and the protection that they are able to offer.

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What is Illegal to Do with a VPN?

Legality of VPN

Many people throughout the world use VPNs for increased online privacy. It is your right to protect yourself while using the Internet, and most countries respect that right. You should still know what is illegal to do with a VPN to prevent trouble with some authorities. Ignorance is not an accepted excuse when it comes to prohibited online activities.

Here is a short discussion of VPN legality and the things you should not do with a VPN. It can serve as a guide for expats, travelers, and those who live in areas where VPNs are required for access to an uncensored Internet.

Are VPNs Legal in General?

The first point we should address is the general status of VPNs in various countries. As a general rule, using a VPN is legal for anyone at anytime in most countries of the world. With that being said there are a few countries that have taken measures to limit or ban the use of VPNs.

These countries include:

• China
• Russia
• Iraq
• North Korea

This is not a static list. Many countries can choose to ban VPNs when it is convenient for them to do so, reversing the ban a short time later. The best advice is to be aware of the VPN laws in the country you decide to visit before you arrive. Once again, saying that you were unaware of the existing laws will not usually smooth things over when you break those laws.

There are certain areas of the world that have a reputation for being strict when it comes to online activities. You may think that you aren’t doing anything wrong, but the state may think otherwise. Better safe than sorry.

How You Use VPN Matters

Let’s simplify something right away. If an Internet activity is illegal without a VPN, it is illegal when using one. Using a VPN may help you conceal your Internet activities. It does not give you a get-out-of-jail-free card if you are breaking the law. The things that you think are illegal probably are, so use caution.

What is illegal to do with a VPN? The laws regarding Internet access and use throughout the world can vary from region to region. There are a few things that will be prohibited everywhere. Here are a few examples of activities that could land you in hot water with the authorities if you are caught engaging in them.

Certain types of pornography are illegal in every part of the world. Most of these sites involve children. Your VPN provider may already have measures in place that will prevent access to such sites. If not, access to these porn sites can be cause for criminal charges. We don’t believe that the exploitation of children is a question of Internet freedom. It’s just wrong, and illegal in most areas.

Another illegal activity can be torrenting copywrited material. We will say that this is a gray issue among many VPN users. Some of them see no problem with using VPN to download media that is protected under copyright.

The passage of digital copyright protection laws in recent years has changed things. Some regions are actively prosecuting individuals that use torrenting to pirate movies, television shows, and media. In addition, some VPN providers are no longer allowing individuals to use VPN for this purpose. You should check with your provider regarding the terms and conditions of your VPN service.

Legitimate Ways To Use Your VPN

In our experience the majority of people are using a VPN for legitimate reasons. They only want to increase their privacy and security. Wanting a safer experience when you are using the Internet does not mean that you have something to hide.

When you use unsecured networks, the exposure of your data is always a concern. Hackers and data thieves are always looking for sources of personal information, and they target those who are most vulnerable. This means getting the low-hanging fruit from individuals who use public WiFi without some type of protection.

If you are traveling and often find yourself dependent on unsecured networks for Internet access, a VPN gives you an encrypted connection. Even the ISP that you are using will not be able to see what you are doing online, only that you are connected.

Another legitimate reason to use a VPN is to change your IP address. This can allow you to use services that you use in your own country. Some countries block websites and services. This is usually encountered with media streaming platforms. The Netflix that you enjoy at home may not be available in another country.

Some countries also block access to dating and gambling websites in accordance with religious customs. In China it is routine for the Great Firewall of China to restrict access to social media sites, news websites, and even Google searches. You can sometimes evade this type of geo-blocking with a VPN. When you connect to a VPN, the IP address of the VPN server is logged instead of your own.

Protecting Yourself With a VPN

Before we conclude this discussion of what is illegal to do with a VPN, we need to talk about protecting yourself. In today’s world it is possible for individuals to get caught up in circumstances that can land them in them hot water.

There are stories of individuals performing an innocent search who are then accused by a spouse or an employer of illegal activity. The Internet records can be used against them. This is why it is important that you choose a VPN provider that does not keep logs of Internet activity. When no logs are kept, none can be turned over to any authorities.

It is your right to take any measures at your disposal to keep yourself safe online. It is not illegal for you to use a VPN in most places. Just remember that you should not violate the law. It is not the responsibility of a VPN provider to monitor or police what you are doing with your VPN account.

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Best VPN for Dark Web

The Dark Web

You have probably heard about the Dark Web. This hidden collection of websites actually forms the largest segment of the Internet, but it is accessible only through a special browser known as TOR. Even when you are using TOR to access the Dark Web a VPN is still recommended for added layers of security. Finding the best VPN for Dark Web access can be tricky.

We have put together information that you may find useful regarding Dark Web access and VPN. Always remember that it is best to use caution when you are browsing the Dark Web due to the content that you may find there.

The Dark Web – Where Secrets Are Kept

The best way to describe the Dark Web is to say that it is a place where secrets are kept. The Dark Web is a collection of websites that can only be accessed with a special browser called TOR. The TOR browser was originally developed for military operations. It provides access to websites with .onion domains.

The Surface Web and Deep Web are also part of the Internet as we know it today. Along with the Deep Web, the Dark Web accounts for the largest proportion of Internet websites. These range from secure versions of news websites and social media networks to nefarious black markets where drugs and guns are traded.

On the Dark Web you will find illegal pornography alongside sites where pirated media can be downloaded for free. The most famous Dark Web site is probably the original Silk Road. This site ran for several years until its developer was arrested by the FBI and given a lengthy federal prison term.

There are good aspects of the Dark Web. Journalists and political dissidents can use TOR to communicate with their audiences and eliminate the risk of being discovered. Those who are security conscious can create an anonymous email account, or even access the .onion version of Facebook.

The disclaimer that we should offer is that some innocent people have become caught up in problems because they did not use caution when accessing the Dark Web. A VPN is recommended before you proceed.

Accessing the Dark Web

Before you are able to access the Dark Web you will need to install the TOR browser on your desktop or laptop computer. This browser is available for free from the Tor Project website. It is a safe download, but we recommend scanning with your standard antivirus software before installation.

The download takes only a few moments, and then you only need to follow the instructions that appear on your screen to install TOR. There are even some plug-ins and add-ons that make it possible to integrate Chrome and Firefox with TOR. Most individuals just tend to use the TOR browser as a standalone.

Once you open up the TOR browser you will be able to access the Dark Web by putting in the .onion site that you want to visit. There are also .onion search engines that can be used. A word of caution. Some Dark Web sites are known for malware and viruses. Proceed with caution. Check our post on the best dark web websites.

VPN for Dark Web Access is a Must

Because of the way TOR works, most people make the the assumption that it offers secure browsing of the Internet. The Onion Router works just like an onion, concealing your connection beneath multiple layers or access points that must be peeled back. But this is not enough.

Your ISP may still be able to see that you are accessing the TOR network. Because the Dark Web has been associated with illegal Internet activity, you could raise a red flag just by connecting to TOR. Your ISP might be compelled to reveal that you are connecting to TOR if a log of your activities are requested by law enforcement.

The way to avoid this is to use a VPN in addition to TOR. The way that you do this is to find a reliable VPN, connect, and then open your TOR browser. This will create the encrypted tunnel that you need to prevent your ISP from seeing that you are using TOR.

If you have gone to all the trouble of downloading TOR and are ready to access the Dark Web, it only makes sense to choose the Best VPN for Dark Web browsing. You will soon discover that all VPNs are not created equal.

The Best VPN for Dark Web Browsing

Just make a Google search for VPN service and you will see that there is no shortage of VPN providers to choose from. You will probably see a number of free services right at the top of the search results. Choosing the best VPN for Dark Web access is important because the wrong one could leave you vulnerable to even more security threats.

Free VPN services have to depend upon other streams of revenue to support their services. These streams usually involve revenue from advertising companies who pay to see your browsing preferences. Free services may also keep logs of your Internet activities.

The best VPN is one that does not log your activity, and also one that typically charges a nominal fee for access. In exchange for the money you will pay you’ll be given access to multiple servers in different locations throughout the world. A reliable VPN for Dark Web access is also one that has impressive up time and few service issues.

Finally, you will want to choose a VPN provider that gives you good customer service. You should be able to get an answer to any issue that you have within a very short period of time.

VPNAccounts.com takes pride in being one of the best VPN for Dark Web providers. When you look at our service you will see that we check off all of the above requirements. Our plans are reliable and affordable. You can secure your Internet access with our VPN for a low price when you choose to pay yearly for your plan.

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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy

Whatsapp Privacy

Those who use WhatsApp for instant messaging should be aware that the service has recently announced some changes to its terms and conditions. The new WhatsApp privacy policy for 2021 details which personal information the app collects from users. It also specifies how that data can be used or shared by WhatsApp.

It is common for apps like WhatsApp to change their privacy policy from time to time. Usually, these changes are met with little to no resistance. In the case of the 2021 WhatsApp privacy policy, users expressed concern over the sweeping permissions it gave to Facebook in regards to messages. Many people were quick to delete the app, and Facebook delayed the integration of the new measures until May 2021.

Here’s an effort to help you understand the new WhatsApp privacy policy and how it can affect your use of WhatsApp.

The New Privacy Policy Does Not Target Personal WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. When the company announced the changes to its privacy policy, some users were concerned that Facebook would now have access to its personal messages. Many people started to use Signal and Telegram after the announcement. It probably didn’t help that Elon Musk started to tweet that there were better alternatives for messaging than WhatsApp.

The backlash from users prompted Facebook to delay the changes to the policy for a few months. This appears to have been an effort at damage control by the social media giant. Facebook was quick to make clear that the new policy did not change privacy settings for personal messages. Those messages will still benefit from WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption.

Messages to and from businesses, however, are included in the new policy. Basically, the new 2021 WhatsApp privacy policy requires users to accept that business messages may be collected and used for marketing purposes. There will be associated information stored on Facebook’s servers.

This is a potential concern for anyone that wants more control of their own Internet security and privacy.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Accept the WhatsApp 2021 Privacy Policy?

It is still possible for users of WhatsApp to choose whether or not they will accept the new privacy policy. They can even continue using the app if they don’t, but their usage will be restricted over time.

WhatsApp will first prompt users to accept the agreement. The ability to send messages from the app will also be restricted. Finally, the refusal of the new privacy policy will lead to the app being disabled for users after 120 days. At that point, the user’s account will be deleted.

Is It Still Safe to Use WhatsApp?

If you are only using WhatsApp to send personal messages, Facebook claims that its service is still encrypted from end-to-end. As such, Facebook wants you to know that WhatsApp is completely safe to use. But is this really true? There have been stories from time to time which appear to cast doubt on the use of the app for truly secure messaging.

What we can say for sure is that your messages with any businesses are not protected. Some would argue that this step will only lead to greater permissions in the future. At best, you should use WhatsApp with diligence and caution.

If you are really serious about your Internet privacy and security, we invite you to check out the solutions offered by VPNAccounts. Yes, we can help you browse the Internet with more security and privacy. Yes, we have affordable and reliable VPN service. Choose your package today and enjoy more peace of mind with our encrypted VPN connections. Also check out home office privacy using vpn.

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