How to Unblock Sites in Qatar the SMART Way

Qatar VPN

Finding out how to unblock sites in Qatar can be very confusing given the amount of misinformation on the Internet about the various methods available. It would be very easy for someone to be led down a costly path.

It’s a fact that many individuals in Qatar require some type of service that will allow them to avoid Internet censorship. Did you know that foreigners and expats in Qatar actually outnumber Qatari citizens? From military contractors to oil production executives, Qatar is a huge melting pot of nationalities. The one thing they all share in common is that they are all affected by the Internet restrictions imposed by the government.

Qatar is an Absolute Monarchy. That means the Royal Family calls all the shots. Websites that oppose the moral values of Islam are blocked, as well as many communication services. Dating sites, gambling sites, and many blogs are restricted. Any website, at any time, can be restricted by the Qatari monarchy.

This is old news, really. The majority of expats in Qatar are already wise to the fact that they will need some method of accessing restricted websites, but some of them are going about it in the wrong way. They are using proxy servers and free VPN services which have many flaws.

You might be saying, “Wow. You mean that free proxy servers are still being used to access blocked websites?” Yes, they are, but smart surfers know this isn’t how to unblock sites in Qatar. For one thing, free proxies are just too slow. Have you ever tried watching a video on one of these slow proxy connections? Watch two seconds…have some coffee…watch two more seconds…feed the dog. You’re laughing and we’re exaggerating, but you know the frustration that comes with a slow server.

A VPN is a much better option just because the speed is practically the same as your own network connection. That’s right. Even though a VPN provides layers of security through sophisticated encryption, you probably won’t notice even the slightest difference in speed. Of course, the slow speed of a free proxy server could have something to do with all that malware they are putting into your machine. Just sayin’.

Forget about using the unsecured public networks available in Qatar. There is just too much censorship of sites that Westerners consider harmless. You’re going to have to use something to enjoy the Internet in Qatar, and your best choice is a VPN from

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