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Saudi Arabia & Need for KSA VPN

Saudi Arabia has garnered a reputation for being an oppressive country. That is truly the case with the Internet. While you will be able to access the Internet in the country, evading censorship will be a problem unless you have a Saudi Arabian VPN. Here at VPN Accounts we have VPN options that will work in Saudi Arabia, allowing you to access the apps and media that you enjoy in your home country.

Another reason to consider our Saudi Arabia VPN is the likelihood of government spying and ISP logging. Your Internet activities may be observed if you do not take the proper measures to protect yourself. A free VPN can put you at risk, but our reliable paid VPN service will give you peace of mind that your Internet activity is not being tracked.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most important countries in the Middle East. It is a part of Western Asia, and it occupies a large part of the Arabian Peninsula. It’s location makes it strategic in the affairs of the region. The capital of Riyadh was used extensively for staging during the Desert Shield and Desert Storm military actions. The population of Saudi Arabia numbers over 34 million people, with many densely populated areas.

The military presence and other industries, specifically those related to oil and gas, result in hundreds of thousands of expats and foreign workers. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country that adheres rigidly to the principles of its faith. The country has come under fire for its treatment of women in the past. Those who visit the country are expected to comply with the laws of the state, and there can be harsh punishments for violating the law.

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Internet in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ranks very low on the scale of Internet freedom according to most sources. There is vast censorship. All forms of media, including the Internet is subjected to strict government control. The list of websites that have been restricted in Saudi Arabia is easily in the hundreds. It includes VoIP services like Skype, dating and porn websites, gambling websites, social media networks, and YouTube. It also includes news and media websites that are critical of the government.

The country made headlines in 2018 when it was alleged that Saudi Arabia operatives executed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi had been in exile for some time, and was critical of the Saudi Arabian government. The incident should serve as an example of the hard line that Saudi Arabia takes toward Internet freedom.

There are many public WiFi access points in Saudi Arabia. The homes with Internet access is less than 50% depending on the figures one consults, but a significant number of citizens in the country use the Internet on a regular basis.

Web Access in KSA with VPN

A Saudi Arabia VPN from VPN Accounts is a must if you want to be safe when using the Internet in this country. ISPs are known to collect data. Many websites are restricted. You will not be able to use your Amazon Prime Video, Skype, or many other services if you do not have a Saudi Arabian VPN.

We believe that our service is superior to many others. We have a large number of server locations throughout the world. Our servers are well-maintained, and they are fast. You can stream media without any issues. VPN Accounts also does not log any of your Internet browsing data. Finally, our service is affordable.

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Saudi Arabia does not prohibit the use of VPNs by citizens or residents of the country. However, you are not allowed to access some websites with a VPN. If caught, you could be charged. Our Saudi Arabia VPN is the safe way to use the Internet without your activity being tracked.

Using a free VPN in Saudi Arabia is not recommended. These VPNs can be filled with security flaws. Some may even leak your DNS information, and that could get you in major trouble. The best choice is a paid VPN from VPN Accounts.

The best practice is to purchase your VPN service before you leave. When you arrive in Saudi Arabia it may be impossible to access a VPN provider website. We make it easy for you to pay for your service for one year at a time. You can also pay by the month.
It is likely that Saudi Arabia will monitor all traffic on its ISPs. You should take the safety measure of a VPN to encrypt your web browsing.