Can Free Vpn Be Trusted?

It is common for those who want a VPN to look for free service. They will not be disappointed in their search. There are many Free VPN offers that will appear in a Google search, and you will also find free VPN apps on the App Store and Google Play. Before you take a chance with one of these providers you need to ask yourself, can free VPN be trusted. The answer might surprise you.

Problems With Free VPN Privacy Policies

Today it is necessary for even personal blogs to publish a privacy policy if they collect any type of personal data. It is even more important for a business to do so. A failure to comply could land a business in hot water with Google and other search engines. Sometimes it can even lead to a ban. You will notice that many free VPN websites are not very transparent about their privacy policy.

Trusted VPN providers generally place a link to their privacy policy and terms of service right on the home page of their website in a footer at the bottom. It is easy to find and access. A free VPN provider will often make it very difficult to find their privacy policy. They are not required to make it easy for you to find, only to make it available. The same can be said for terms and conditions.

A free VPN that has a lack of transparency about its policies cannot be trusted. They don’t want you to know what data is being collected or retained. You might be able to find it explained in the fine print, but who really takes the time to read a privacy notice in its entirety? Pretty much no one.

The same can be said for logging policies of a VPN. A lack of transparency and the unwillingness to answer basic questions about what data if any if logged spells trouble. Do you think a free VPN that operates this way can be trusted? Probably not.  

Free VPN Isn’t Really Free

When you think about matters of trust you automatically associate trust with honesty. The truth is that many free VPNs are being dishonest with you from the very beginning. They tell you that the VPN is free, but someone has to pay for it. Otherwise how would the VPN provider make any money from their service?

The answer here is that many free VPNs make money from selling user data to third parties. They may also allow third parties to serve ads on their platforms. You aren’t paying for the VPN with cash out of your pocket, but you may be paying for it by having your data sold.

A VPN that cannot be trusted will not provide you with any information on how they earn revenue. They would probably even get mad at you for asking in the first place. Nothing in life is truly free.

Didn’t a Free VPN Website Get Cloned by Cyber Criminals?

If you happen to follow the news about VPNs then you probably are aware that NordVPN, a provider that offers free and paid VPN service, was cloned by cyber criminals. The hackers set up a website that looked exactly like the NordVPN website and were actually selling VPNs to unsuspecting customers. It is unlikely that this would have happened with a trusted paid VPN provider.

Paid VPN services are typically going to be more diligent in how they run their business. They would have likely spotted the attempt to clone their website early and taken measures to prevent people from being scammed. The real problem here is that free VPN lends itself to abuse from hackers and data thieves. These platforms can often be easier to crack or exploit because the provider has not invested in the best security protocols.

A trusted VPN provider should be using the latest in encryption technology to secure their VPN. They should be providing regular maintenance to keep their platforms up and running. The free VPN business cannot do this because they cannot afford to do it. They are scrambling to stay afloat with ad revenue. Some of them do very well, but others struggle.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Can free VPN be trusted? suggests that you ask yourself the following questions before you risk your privacy with a free VPN.

  • Is the VPN provider transparent about their policies?
  • How does the VPN provider earn revenue?
  • Is customer service available when needed?

These are all things that will help you determine if a free VPN can be trusted. Don’t leave your security to chance. We have many affordable VPN packages for you to choose from. Contact us today to purchase your trusted VPN account.

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