India and VPN User Data

There has been much news lately in India regarding data collection and VPN companies. India moved forward with a law that requires foreign VPN providers to collect use data and make it available to the government. Many feel that this is a huge blow to privacy and the overall appeal of VPNs in India.

A recent article in PC Mag explains how this new law will affect VPN users in India. It also details the impact that the law has on foreign VPN providers. You can also read the position of to the new VPN data collection law in India on our website.

India Warns VPN Companies

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and IT, issued a stark warning to VPN companies. “If you don’t maintain logs, this is not a good place to do business,” the Minister said. The country has made clear that those who fail to comply with VPN data collection in India will be forced to pay a harsh price.

The move was made in an effort to help India respond to cybersecurity incidents. Indian authorities are concerned that illegal activities are being carried out by individuals using a VPN account to cover their tracks. While VPNs can be used by those who are considered cyber threats, the majority of Indian citizens use VPNs for the same reason as people in other countries. They want to make sure that they can browse without having their activities observed.

As usual, the innocent get caught in the loophole. The same can now be said for many VPN companies which are being forced to shutter their VPN servers in India.

VPN Providers Close Physical Servers in India

Those companies who have previously had VPN servers in India have a choice. They can agree to collect data and provide that data to the Indian authorities upon request, or they can choose to remove their servers from the country.

Most providers, including VPN Accounts, have chosen the latter. This only means that the companies no longer offer physical VPN servers in India. Most of those same companies can still offer a Indian IP address thanks to virtual VPN servers.

Compliance with the new law is nothing less than mandatory. Failing to agree to the data collection requirements carries a penalty that most VPN providers will not be willing to pay. It makes more sense to stop offering services in the country.

Why Data Collection Matters to VPN Users and Companies

The situation regarding India and VPN user data is important to both VPN users and VPN companies. The measure could set a precedent, prompting other countries to follow suit and enact similar laws. This would create a privacy concern for individuals all over the world that use VPNs on a daily basis.

It would also have an economic impact on the providers of VPN servers. There is reason to believe that users would be forced to cancel their subscriptions if they no longer felt their private data were secure. Most of the people who use VPNs are doing so to create anonymity when online. They want to know that there are no records of their activity, because no records means that there is nothing to turn over to government authorities.

You can take comfort in knowing that VPN Accounts will never embrace a policy of logging user data. We feel strongly that this is contrary to the purpose of using a VPN. Buy a vpn account today to get started.

Is There Danger in Using a VPN?

VPN danger

Many people understand that using a VPN is an important piece of Internet security. Others want to know, is there danger in using a VPN? This can be a complex question to answer, but the opposite side is more defined. There is certainly danger in choosing not to use a VPN for your web browsing. Let’s take a closer look.

VPNs and Online Danger

The Internet can be a dangerous place. You already know that. Those who don’t take the appropriate measures to protect themselves are at risk. Hackers, viruses, spyware. Every corner of the Internet is filled with pitfalls and traps that could cause you a great deal of harm.

If someone steals your identity or just your banking details, they can wreak havoc. You can lose money, but you can also spend years trying to recover from such an attack. Sadly, the stories are in the news every day.

It is also true that allowing someone to have access to your web browsing preferences can create a problem. What if your employer or your school discovered that you have accessed adult dating or gambling websites while connected to the shared WiFi? How about a spouse? We’re not condoning or suggesting that you do any of these things. We’re just saying that it happens, and lives have been turned upside down because of it.

Using a VPN can protect you from some threats to your online privacy. It is also important to understand what a VPN can’t do. That is how to properly answer the question, is there danger in using a VPN?

How a VPN Prevents and Protects

When you use a VPN you are creating a secured tunnel between your device and your ISP. The data that passes through the VPN tunnel is encrypted and hidden. An ISP or others can see that you are connected to the Internet, but they can’t observe your activities. Websites also cannot see your actual IP address. Instead, they register the IP address of the VPN server. These servers can be located in many parts of the world.

The chief benefit of using a VPN is anonymity and secure web browsing. A VPN is not an antivirus program. It is not meant to detect or eradicate spyware or malware. You need to be very clear on the specifics of your VPN before you start to use it.

How Can Using a VPN Put You At Risk?

As beneficial as a VPN can be, it can also be a security risk when you choose to use the wrong one. Specifically, VPNs that market themselves as free options can be dangerous. At their very worst they may be allowing the very things that you are trying to prevent by using them.

Free VPNs often need to subsidize their service by selling user data to third parties. They can offer browsing data to marketing firms for large sums of money. Some of these VPNs may even be delivering harmful applications on behalf of the third parties to gather information. Rather than charge you for the service, they charge those who could be given access to your browsing preferences.

Is there danger in using a VPN? In that case it would seem so. So, how do you overcome this risk?

Choose a Paid VPN Plan

Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, there is still merit in using a paid VPN plan. Our own plans are affordable and reliable, and they are fast enough to stream media and use messaging apps. For just a few cents each day you can enjoy VPN service for the entire month.

Paid VPNs generally do not keep logs of user activity. They do not sell your data. They are also less likely to have extensive downtime. Many of them come with features such as a kill switch that will protect you if your VPN connection is dropped.

In 2022 it is still beneficial to use a VPN. You just need to choose the right one to prevent yourself from being exposed to unnecessary danger.

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VPN to Defeat Censorship

Those who live in countries where freedom is celebrated and encouraged are not always prepared to deal with censorship. But what if we told you that freedom is just a myth in many places where you have been taught to expect it? The United States? The UK? Censorship happens more often than you think. Using a VPN to defeat censorship is something you might want to consider.

Understanding Censorship in the 2020s

No one can deny that the Internet has had a profound impact on society. It influences many things that we do, and it puts access to almost anything we desire front and center. The concept of an unregulated Internet has been problematic for some countries since it was first introduced.

China is a frequent example when used to discuss censorship in the Internet era. The country has gone so far as to create what is called the Great Firewall of China. This is a blanket term for the censorship that is practiced by the Chinese government. Its stance has been pretty strong. Applications and websites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook once were or remained blocked in China.

The country sees an unregulated Internet as a threat to its ability to control information and media. China wants to make sure that the information which gets out of the country is government approved. It learned hard lesson during the famous student protests in Tiananmen Square. It is alleged that 300 or more people were massacred, depending on whose account you believe.

Pictures and video from the uprising made their way out of the country, and the Chinese government did not like it. Flash forward to the more recent uprisings and protests in Hong Kong and you can see how the government seeks to actively control media. The Internet has been instrumental in changing the speed at which information can be transferred across borders.

You are probably saying that the world expects that from China and some other countries. But are we now beginning to see the advance of censorship in the United States and other Western countries.

Fake News and Media Control in the US

The last two election cycles in the United States have served to bring up important concerns. Does the media unfairly report current events to shape political opinions? Does some information get withheld or swept under the rug? Are social media platforms using forms of censorship to make sure certain voices are silenced?

These are valid questions which we do not seek to answer in a political context. Our only concern is trying to determine the need of a VPN to defeat censorship. We also think it is important to consider if a VPN can be used to evade surveillance. We know for sure that this has been practiced in the United States.

When some websites and blogs that make an effort to get out the truth are silenced with censorship, the time has perhaps come to take an uncomfortable stand. Those who have not previously relied on a VPN for access to an open Internet may find themselves in need of such technology no matter where they happen to live.

Increased Censorship for the Expat and Traveler

In countries where censorship has long been a problem, things have only gotten worse in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic. It seems that every country has an agenda where the coronavirus is concerned.

Those who are frequent visitors to other countries need and depend upon reliable sources of information for news. Using a VPN may soon be the only way to guarantee access to the information sources that you feel like you can trust.

This is in addition to the standard blocks of media streaming apps and messenger apps that many countries have in place. These are services that become very important to the expat who needs to preserve a link with those at home.

What’s Next for Censorship?

The last few years have also seen the rise of so-called “cancel culture” and the active effort to censor specific businesses and even individuals. Sometimes they are being punished for indiscretions that happened many years ago. Once again, we are not here to debate what is right and what is wrong. We are only observing the trends.

Australia announced a ban on anime not long ago. Many people are up in arms about it. The intent of the ban was to keep young children from seeing inappropriate material, but there are many adults who watch anime that are caught in the crossfire. Thankfully, a VPN can be used to restore access to anime in Australia.

And so it goes in other parts of the world. People regularly find ways to overcome blocks that they think are unfair by using a VPN to defeat censorship. You can do the same.

Check out the plans offered by We have reliable vpn servers in many countries, and our service is safe and affordable. You can also check our post about the Google ONE VPN bundle.

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How Not to Be Hacked at a Coffee Shop Using Public WiFi

public wifi

Data breaches come in many different shapes and sizes. Everyone knows about the big hacks that affect millions of people. Fewer people may be familiar with having their device hacked when using unsecured public WiFi at a local coffee shop. You can take measures with a VPN to prevent being hacked when using public WiFi.

This is a serious issue because so many people today use mobile devices for Internet access. They are also apt to access the Internet in more places with WiFi networks. Just think about all of the apps that you have on your phone or tablet which contain sensitive data.

Being Careful With Shady WiFi Connections

Think about some of the places in your local town that offer free Internet access via an unsecured WiFi network. Are all of them reputable? What about when you travel? Do you frequently leave your home country or state to work in other locations? Do you have confidence in the WiFi networks that you use?

These are sobering questions. As you were thinking about the answers you may have already realized that public WiFi can be a problem in many ways. When a local coffee shop or other establishment offers free WiFi, they sometimes do a poor job of monitoring who has access. Some don’t even bother to monitor at all.

Take a drive through your city. Scan for available wireless networks and you will probably encounter a large list of unsecured connections. Each of these offers the potential for a hack and the exposure of your personal browsing data.

Data Collection With Unsecured Coffee Shop WiFi

Here’s another thing that you may not have considered when using the WiFi at your favorite local hotspot. What if the owner of the business is using the WiFi to collect data about you? That could be done if your browsing activity is being tracked.

Why would this matter? They could maybe be selling the data to third-party advertising companies. They could be using it to tailor the things they provide to the people who visit their shops. The point is, do you really want your data to be available on such a scale? Probably not.

Public WiFi Networks Are Targets

You know enough now to know that unsecured public WiFi networks are vulnerable to data theft. Do you think the hackers are any less informed? Trust us when we say that the unsecured WiFi access points in your neighborhood are targets for anyone that is looking to steal your data.

The presence of an unsecured Internet connection represents low hanging fruit for the hacker. They don’t have to work very hard to compromise these networks. The data that they can access is also vast, ranging from addresses and birth dates to credit card numbers and banking info. Those who traffic in this type of theft are wise to all the types of data they can collect, and they know where to look.

Hackers also understand that those who fall victim to a hack are generally those who fail in some specific areas. These are using unsecured connections, failure to secure personal devices, and staying off the hacker’s radar. In fact, making yourself an easy target for hackers is the worst sin of all.

Some people are at greater risk of being hacked than others. These would include the expat or foreign worker. These individuals often depend upon WiFi at coffee shops and other place to get their work done when they are abroad.

Protecting Yourself When Using Public WiFi

When we are asked about the best way that someone can protect themselves while using public WiFi, we always recommend a VPN. This isn’t just because we are VPN providers. We know enough to understand that a VPN connection is one of the best lines of defense when you are browsing unsecured networks.

It all rests in how the VPN is designed and how it works. The VPN creates an encrypted tunnel, and your data passes through that tunnel. VPNs are very effective when you are using an unsecured public WiFi network that does not present a particularly nefarious situation. If you believe that there are serious threats beyond the presence of hackers, you may want to think about additional security measures as well.

As a general rule, a VPN account is enough to give you peace of mind when you are on an unsecured network. But there are things you need to consider before you choose a VPN provider and purchase a plan.

A large number of VPN servers in many different locations can be useful for the person who travels and works abroad. Having more server locations means that you will be able to more easily avoid a geographical block or restriction. Some countries restrict content. Your US Hulu account or US Netflix may not be available when you reach the Middle East. A VPN can help to restore that access.

You also want to make sure that you are using a device which is compatible with a VPN. The good news today is that pretty much all devices have a VPN client that is already installed. You don’t need to download any software to use a VPN on your device. We even have convenient apps that make it easier to use our VPNs with a phone or a tablet.

Configuring your VPN is a simple matter. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the app and enter the credentials that have been provided to you. It only takes a matter of minutes to be set up for secure browsing.

Be Smart and Discrete When Using Unsecured Public WiFi

A final suggestion when you are using public WiFi is to be discrete and wise. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and appear like someone that has valuable data to steal. Don’t flaunt wealth, don’t make a big production, and focus on handling your business.

No security measures are effective when you are not making an active attempt to minimize the security threats that you may encounter. It goes without saying that you should make every effort to validate the protections, if any, that are offered by your chosen WiFi networks. Some coffee shops do make an effort to secure their connections to some degree.

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Watch and Bet Live Sports with a VPN

Did you know that sports betting is a billion dollar industry worldwide? In many parts of the world, sports betting is legal. In others, you will need to rely on a VPN to access your favorite sports betting site. We are going to show you how to watch and bet live sports with a VPN in this short guide.

Sports Betting – A Worldwide Passion

Individuals have been betting on sports ever since the first sporting events were conducted. In the earliest days of sports betting, the wagers were usually made between two individuals. These could have even been the competitors themselves.

In time, the sports betting bookies began to appear. These individuals allowed more people to bet on sporting events by laying or booking contests. The bookie didn’t really care which side of the proposition you took. They could use the odds and manipulate them to always have an edge no matter which side was bet.

With the development of Las Vegas came live sports betting books in the United States. These were included in almost every major Las Vegas casino, and live sports betting is still legal there to this very day.

It was only natural that the next step was to permit legalized online sports betting. Online sportsbooks have been legal in the UK and Europe for some time, and in 2020 began to be legalized in many states of the US. In 2022, almost half of the American states either have legalized online sports betting or have legislation pending.

How You Can Watch and Bet Live Sports With a VPN

What about those people who do not have access to legalized sports betting where they live? Maybe you live in a state that has not yet made wagering on sports legal. A VPN might be a solution for you.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a basically a secure network that runs within your existing ISP setup. In other words, you connect to your ISP and also connect to the VPN server. When you do this, you are creating an encrypted tunnel which makes it virtually impossible for your ISP to see your browsing activities.

A VPN also has the added benefit of changing your IP address. Why is this important? When you connect to your ISP you are broadcasting an IP address that is used to identify your geographical location. If you try to connect to an online sportsbook that does not allow players from your area, you will be denied and not allowed to access the site.

With a VPN you can choose a VPN server in an area that allows online sportsbook betting. It will then appear that you are accessing the sportsbook from a legalized area, and your betting will be allowed.

At most online sportsbooks you can also see live feeds of sporting events. This could save you hundreds of dollars if you are trying to stream all of the events that you want to watch. A qualifying wager may be required by some online sportsbooks before you are able to watch a live stream.

Choosing a VPN for Online Sports Betting

There are a few different things that you would want to look for when you are choosing a VPN for online sports betting. Reputation is always at the top of the list. It helps to pick a VPN that has good reviews.

A red flag for many VPNs is that they are offered for free. You should always be wary of so-called free VPN services. These VPNs sometimes sell your browsing data to various marketing companies. They may also keep logs that can be used to identify you and link you to visiting certain websites.

A paid VPN is much more reliable than a free service. You will be given access to more server locations throughout the world, and customer service is available if you need help with your VPN connection.

Most devices today are equipped with a VPN client. This means that you will not need to download any software to watch and bet live sports with a VPN. You can use a VPN on a number of different devices which include laptops, desktops, and even mobile devices and gaming consoles.

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Are VPNs still useful?

With the arrival of each new year we are often asked about the continuing value of VPN service. Are VPNs still useful in 2022? The answer is yes. Personal security and privacy are still relevant concerns for the average computer user. Here’s why.

Welcome to the Metaverse

You may have heard the word metaverse being thrown around a lot lately. Mark Zuckerberg has even gone so far as to include the word in a proposed re-branding of Facebook. The construct of the metaverse is still in its infancy, so offering a precise definition of the word is difficult. It is easier to define the idea.

We have reached that point in society when digital living is beginning to further detach itself from physical existence. People work online. They go to school online. They buy and sell goods online. Today it is possible to even bank with digital currencies that have no physical existence. We are fast approaching the day when our physical reality and the way in which we live our lives are less tethered. That’s the metaverse.

With the introduction of such a construct comes those who want to manipulate and control it. Living in a digital reality means dealing with digital threats. You should be just as concerned with the faceless attacker or entity that wants to spy on your digital life as you should be with a physical threat. Some would say you should be more concerned.

The Presence of Greater Online Security Threats

According to Forbes magazine, there are multiple reasons why someone would choose to use a VPN in 2022. Many of the standard reasons of the past are included on the list. Working remotely and better security when using unsecured public WiFi are two of the reasons. If you look closer you will also see data privacy from the apps and services that you use to be included on the list.

The Internet user of today is far more likely to use a variety of apps and services. When you throw in the popularity of mobile devices, it is common for a single person to share data with hundreds of applications. Each of those apps is a potential threat to your online security.

Music apps. Communication and messaging services. Social media. Think of all the services that you use as ramps to the freeway that is your life. Data is entering and exiting that freeway all the time. Sometimes traffic can even be moving when you aren’t aware it’s moving. This is digital life in 2022, and it can be a pretty scary place.

VPNs Haven’t Lost Their Effectiveness

Amid all of this chaos which litters the digital landscape in 2022, there is a constant. VPNs have not grown outdated. In fact, they have been marching along with the times and working to improve the levels of encryption and protection that they provide. VPNs are still here because they work, plain and simple.

This doesn’t mean that the VPN industry is perfect. Far from it. From the beginning there have been those who have sought to exploit the technology for personal gain. Most of these companies were known for offering free VPN service to users in the past. This often made it hard for reputable VPN providers to survive.

Those who used an affordable, paid VPN from the very beginning know that the effectiveness of VPNs was never in question. Those services that became targets of attacks were never secure in the first place, with many of them selling the browsing preferences and data of their own users to marketing companies. Reputable VPN providers like have never done that.

While some providers have fallen behind in the technology that they use, many others have continued to improve it. Good companies have expanded their server locations throughout the world to give VPN users more options. Things have continued to improve on a very large scale.

What is your personal security worth to you? Are VPNs still useful in 2022? Only you can answer that question. Evaluate the ways in which your life is connected to the metaverse. You will probably come away with a new respect for VPNs and the protection that they are able to offer.

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VPN Use Surges in Russia

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine have escalated into a full-blown Russian invasion, VPN use in Russia is on the rise. Many individuals in Russia are using a VPN to access reliable and accurate information about the ongoing war in 2022. This serves as a powerful reminder that VPNs are still an important tool.

Russia Moves Against Ukraine

After months of rhetoric, Russia mounted an invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. There was an immediate effort by Russia to control access to information about the war within its own borders. This is common in times of conflict, and not unique to the Russian government.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has drawn worldwide attention. It does not seem to be a war that will be resolved quickly. As the battles are being fought in cities like Kyiv, thousands of Ukrainians are being forced to flee their home into Poland and other countries. Some of these individuals are leaving behind family members.

In the midst of the invasion, VPNs have become a necessity for many Russian citizens. This has led to a massive spike in the use of VPN technology. The current numbers are much different from the normal statistics of VPN use in Russia.

Why VPNs are Needed Right Now in Russia

VOA is reporting that VPN use in Russia surged more than 4,000 percent in the early days of the Ukraine invasion. More than 700,000 daily downloads were being reported by VPN providers from February 24-March 5. That is up from an average of 16,000 daily downloads.

There was a time when VPN use was very popular in Russia because of the government’s tendency toward Internet censorship. Following crackdowns against VPN users, the numbers took a drop. The current situation sheds some light on how people in Russia feel about using VPN. It could also reflect that VPN use in the country was never totally forgotten. The government has simply made it hard for individuals to use VPN on their devices.

There is a need for access to honest reporting about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Some people in Russia have family members in Ukraine and vice versa. Many of these individuals in Russia are concerned that they are being fed illicit information when it comes to the war. There is also evidence to suggest that public support for the war among Russians may not be as strong as the Russian government would want its citizens to believe.

What Russian VPN Users Should Consider

While we would agree that a VPN in Russia is a good idea at the moment, it is important that users choose a reputable service. They should also be aware that accessing some VPN provider websites may already be difficult since the beginning of the invasion.

Some may be tempted to use a free VPN service instead of a paid provider. This could create more problems than it is able to solve. Free VPN services are known for security issues. They may also keep logs of user activity which could find its way into the hands of government officials or other authorities.

Using an affordable paid VPN service will resolve these issues. It will also mean having access to more servers in more locations. Paid VPN offers better customer service as well, and there tend to be fewer performance issues.

Another consideration is speed. Those who plan on using a VPN to connect to news outlets with streaming media should choose a provider with adequate speed. A VPN connection should show very little difference when it comes to speed than that experienced with a regular connection.

VPNs today are available for many different types of devices. You should try to choose one that offers convenient apps for mobile phones and tablets. If you are planning on traveling to the region, it is also a good idea to make sure that you have secured your VPN plan before you arrive in a foreign country.

Russia’s Internet Power

Since 2019, Russia has embraced stricter government control of the Internet. The so-called Sovereign Internet Law gives Russia the ability to cut off its Internet from the rest of the world. This means that Internet users can expect limited access to foreign news outlets and blogs.

Some would probably argue that Russia created the law for a time just such as this. For the immediate future, those in Russia who want accurate reporting of the war in Ukraine are going to have to rely on VPN in order to get it.   

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Best VPN for Roobet


Online gambling is a popular activity worldwide. One of the most recent online casinos to make waves is Roobet. This online gaming platform allows individuals to wager with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, Roobet is not available in all areas of the world. To play in the US and some other locations you will need to find the best VPN for Roobet.

It is possible to use a VPN to unblock Roobet in some situations. The casino does have measures in place to prevent some VPN use, and that is why a VPN for Roobet must be chosen with care. In this brief guide we will show you how to choose the right provider.

What is Roobet?

Roobet is an online casino platform that is unique in one regard. It uses cryptocurrency as a primary banking method. Users can wager with Bitcoin and other digital tokens. This has made Roobet a very popular online casino because of the anonymity that cryptocurrency can provide.

The casino is licensed in Curacao, a home to many online casinos, and it serves various regions of the world. But if you find yourself located in the US, UK, or some other European locations, you will encounter the above banner when you try to access the Roobet site.

This is a bummer, but there can be a way around it. If you can find the best VPN for Roobet, it may be possible to bypass the geographical block.

Roobet offers many of the most popular casino games that can be found in live casinos. These include slot machines, table games like craps, and video poker.

Roobet and VPN Use – Can You Use a VPN to Play?

The answer is…maybe. Roobet has implemented measures to restrict and block certain VPN servers. This is why finding a VPN for Roobet can be challenging. But if you stick with the most reputable providers for VPN services you should be able to gain access to the website with no difficulties.

Why would Roobet be blocked in some parts of the world in the first place? The answer is in the licensing agreement. Roobet is only licensed to operate in certain countries. In the US, for example, many states have not moved to legalize online casinos. Therefore, the casino blocks residents from the entire country.

The fact that Roobet accepts cryptocurrency as a form of deposit is another reason that some countries have restricted the casino. Many countries are not comfortable with the unregulated nature of cryptocurrency.

Getting Around the Roobet VPN Block

The bottom line is that most premium VPN providers will work with Roobet. The less-reputable services are the ones that will generally encounter a problem. The reason for this is that many so-called “free” VPN services are prone to leaks and other security flaws that can expose your real location to the online casino. When this happens, you will be blocked.

You can also try things like a dedicated IP address or obfuscated servers that will hide your VPN use. With these measures you should be able to have your access to the Roobet site restored.

The Best Roobet VPN – Things to Look For

In our opinion, offers one of the best VPN options for Roobet. Rather than rate other VPN providers in comparison to our own service, we want to focus on the things that make for a good choice when it comes to a VPN for Roobet.

First, we have many VPN server locations throughout the world. You are more likely to find a suitable option for Roobet when you have access to more servers. Our speed is also suitable for streaming the online casino games that you will want to play.

These two things alone are qualities that are lacking in many free VPNs. We also do not log the activity of our VPN customers. We also do not sell any data to advertising companies. What you choose to do with your VPN is largely up to you.

Just because you have to pay for VPN service doesn’t mean that it should cost you a large amount of money. Our plans are affordable, and you can save even more money when you pay for your service annually.

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Best vpn for binance

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Accessing this marketplace for trading Bitcoin and other digital assets can be challenging for residents of the United States. Some states have restricted access to the main Binance exchange, but there is way to use the site secuely within the US. It requires choosing the best VPN for Binance. Also Myanmar is planning to block vpn and cryptocurrency.

Yes, your VPN can be used when you are trading cryptocurrency online. A VPN can make it appear as though you are accessing the main Binance site from a location in Europe where the exchange is not blocked. In addition, you reap all the additional benefits that a VPN can offer.

This is a brief guide to choosing the best VPN for crypto. We think you’ll agree that offers VPN service that meets or exceeds the expectations of Binance traders.

About Binance

Binance was founded in 2017 and is based in the Cayman Islands. It has primarily served the European market with trading for digital assets known as cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, and it is actively traded each day by investors throughout the world.

Binance makes it possible for individuals to purchase Bitcoin and other tokens such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Stellar. Binance has also introduced things such as options trading and margin trading for its customers. The market is known for its volatility, with price swings common. These swings in price can create many trading opportunities.

There have been some countries which have objected to the operation of Binance. The UK, Japan, and Thailand have all taken varying measures to prevent individuals from accessing and using the trading platform. Some of these bans are still playing out as Binance works to become compliant with various regulatory agencies.

Binance in the United States

In the United States Binance was banned in 2019 for failing to meet regulatory requirements. Binance responded by creating a US version of its exchange which limited the actions of traders in compliance with US laws. As of 2022, the US version of Binance remains banned in seven states.

The VPN Binance Solution

As you can see, this can pose a problem for individuals who trade cryptocurrency on many levels. For one, those who are legally permitted to use Binance in their own country may not be able to access the exchange when they travel.

What about those US traders who want the full Binance experience? Or maybe those who live in one of the seven states where the service is banned? The answer for most of these individuals is finding the best VPN for Binance. A VPN can often remove the block by making it seem that you are accessing the exchange from an area where it is allowed.

Each VPN provider maintains VPN servers in various locations throughout the world. When you connect to the VPN server the exchange sees the IP address of the server. Choose a server in Germany, for example, and that is where your location appears to be.

This simple solution has enabled many individuals to keep their access to Binance no matter where they may travel throughout the world.

What Makes a VPN Right for Crypto Trading?

Using a VPN to unblock Binance is the easy part, really. It can be more difficult choosing the best VPN for crypto. What you need to remember are a few basic qualities that every good VPN provider should possess.

You will want to insist on a Binance VPN that does not keep logs on its VPN users. No logging means that there is no record of your browsing activity that could possibly be used against you. Some VPN providers log your activity and do not tell you about it. Be sure to read the terms and conditions or ask.

A large number of VPN server options in many different locations is useful. The more options that you have means it is more likely that you will be able to find a way to connect in every situation.

Affordable plans are a must. Yes, you should expect to pay for your VPN service. A VPN that is free can be risky. It may have serious security flaws for you to contend with. But paying doesn’t mean that you will need to spend a lot of money. We have one of the most affordable plans on the market, and our service regularly receives high ratings and reviews.

Finally, make sure that you are comfortable with the customer service that is offered by your chosen VPN provider. You need to be able to receive timely help if you have trouble with your service. This is especially true when you have active trades open on a cryptocurrency exchange.

We encourage you to consider if you are looking for the Best VPN for Binance. Remember, you can never be too safe when it comes to your Internet privacy and security.

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Best VPN for Dark Web

The Dark Web

You have probably heard about the Dark Web. This hidden collection of websites actually forms the largest segment of the Internet, but it is accessible only through a special browser known as TOR. Even when you are using TOR to access the Dark Web a VPN is still recommended for added layers of security. Finding the best VPN for Dark Web access can be tricky.

We have put together information that you may find useful regarding Dark Web access and VPN. Always remember that it is best to use caution when you are browsing the Dark Web due to the content that you may find there.

The Dark Web – Where Secrets Are Kept

The best way to describe the Dark Web is to say that it is a place where secrets are kept. The Dark Web is a collection of websites that can only be accessed with a special browser called TOR. The TOR browser was originally developed for military operations. It provides access to websites with .onion domains.

The Surface Web and Deep Web are also part of the Internet as we know it today. Along with the Deep Web, the Dark Web accounts for the largest proportion of Internet websites. These range from secure versions of news websites and social media networks to nefarious black markets where drugs and guns are traded.

On the Dark Web you will find illegal pornography alongside sites where pirated media can be downloaded for free. The most famous Dark Web site is probably the original Silk Road. This site ran for several years until its developer was arrested by the FBI and given a lengthy federal prison term.

There are good aspects of the Dark Web. Journalists and political dissidents can use TOR to communicate with their audiences and eliminate the risk of being discovered. Those who are security conscious can create an anonymous email account, or even access the .onion version of Facebook.

The disclaimer that we should offer is that some innocent people have become caught up in problems because they did not use caution when accessing the Dark Web. A VPN is recommended before you proceed.

Accessing the Dark Web

Before you are able to access the Dark Web you will need to install the TOR browser on your desktop or laptop computer. This browser is available for free from the Tor Project website. It is a safe download, but we recommend scanning with your standard antivirus software before installation.

The download takes only a few moments, and then you only need to follow the instructions that appear on your screen to install TOR. There are even some plug-ins and add-ons that make it possible to integrate Chrome and Firefox with TOR. Most individuals just tend to use the TOR browser as a standalone.

Once you open up the TOR browser you will be able to access the Dark Web by putting in the .onion site that you want to visit. There are also .onion search engines that can be used. A word of caution. Some Dark Web sites are known for malware and viruses. Proceed with caution.

VPN for Dark Web Access is a Must

Because of the way TOR works, most people make the the assumption that it offers secure browsing of the Internet. The Onion Router works just like an onion, concealing your connection beneath multiple layers or access points that must be peeled back. But this is not enough.

Your ISP may still be able to see that you are accessing the TOR network. Because the Dark Web has been associated with illegal Internet activity, you could raise a red flag just by connecting to TOR. Your ISP might be compelled to reveal that you are connecting to TOR if a log of your activities are requested by law enforcement.

The way to avoid this is to use a VPN in addition to TOR. The way that you do this is to find a reliable VPN, connect, and then open your TOR browser. This will create the encrypted tunnel that you need to prevent your ISP from seeing that you are using TOR.

If you have gone to all the trouble of downloading TOR and are ready to access the Dark Web, it only makes sense to choose the Best VPN for Dark Web browsing. You will soon discover that all VPNs are not created equal.

The Best VPN for Dark Web Browsing

Just make a Google search for VPN service and you will see that there is no shortage of VPN providers to choose from. You will probably see a number of free services right at the top of the search results. Choosing the best VPN for Dark Web access is important because the wrong one could leave you vulnerable to even more security threats.

Free VPN services have to depend upon other streams of revenue to support their services. These streams usually involve revenue from advertising companies who pay to see your browsing preferences. Free services may also keep logs of your Internet activities.

The best VPN is one that does not log your activity, and also one that typically charges a nominal fee for access. In exchange for the money you will pay you’ll be given access to multiple servers in different locations throughout the world. A reliable VPN for Dark Web access is also one that has impressive up time and few service issues.

Finally, you will want to choose a VPN provider that gives you good customer service. You should be able to get an answer to any issue that you have within a very short period of time. takes pride in being one of the best VPN for Dark Web providers. When you look at our service you will see that we check off all of the above requirements. Our plans are reliable and affordable. You can secure your Internet access with our VPN for a low price when you choose to pay yearly for your plan.

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