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Greece & Need for Greece VPN

Greece is considered to the the cradle of western civilization. This country in Southeast Europe is steeped in history, philosophy, religion, and culture. As a modern country it has seen its share of difficulties, but it remains a popular tourist destination. There are many beautiful and historic sights to behold in Greece.

Visiting Greece means taking a few precautions and measures to secure your Internet access. A VPN account is a wise choice. Those who live in Greece and travel abroad will also find that a VPN is necessary to preserve a Greek IP address for accessing Greek television and other websites and media that can be restricted outside of the country.

The very first advanced civilizations known to man are believed to have emerged in Greece. The country is considered to have invented democracy, and is also the home of the first Olympic Games. In the ancient times Greece was a bustling center of philosophy where the greatest minds of history formed schools of learning. The ancient influence and history can still be felt in the country today.

In modern times Greece has become home to many millions of people, most of whom live in sprawling urban areas. Athens is home to more than three million people, and the country’s largest city. Despite the affluence of some parts of the country, Greece suffered a terrible financial crisis from 2010-2018. As of 2020 it was only just beginning to recover from its financial troubles.


Internet in Greece

Citizens of Greece and visitors to the country enjoy a reasonable amount of Internet freedom. The government has taken measures to block a large number of websites that it considers a potential problem for the state. These can include streaming media apps, VoIP services, and new websites and blogs which do not speak favorably of the government.

There are over 130,000 free WiFi networks and points of Internet access throughout Greece. It is certainly one of the most connected countries in the world today. You can find public WiFi networks in coffee shops, libraries, and many other local businesses. The vast availability of Internet comes with the challenge of safeguarding data. More Internet access means more opportunities for hackers in Greece.

Greece has its own television programming like any other country. Skai TV Live and Achaia News are two of the primary media outlets. There is even a Greek library for Netflix which is restricted to account holders within Greece. Many people use the Internet and mobile devices to access these services.

Web Access in Greece with VPN

A Greek VPN and Greek IP address are valuable resources for those within the country and Greek citizens who are traveling abroad. A VPN will allow you to use the WiFi networks in Greece with more security. You can also use a VPN from VPN Accounts to establish a Greek IP address and access Skai TV Live or Achaia News from the US, UK, or other areas. We have servers in Thessaloniki, Greece.

We maintain VPN servers in Greece to give you access to a Greek IP address. Our VPNs are safe, fast, reliable, and affordable. You will be able to use our VPN on all of your devices, including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and even gaming consoles.

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There have been efforts in Greece to block some websites and apps. At the time of this writing there was no restriction on using a VPN in Greece. Greece tends to support Internet freedom in a general sense, and that includes allowing individuals to use a VPN.

Greece may participate in the surveillance of Internet activity on its WiFi networks. To avoid this type of surveillance it is recommended that you use our VPN. A VPN will allow you to make an encrypted connection and prevent spying on your browsing activities.


There is a library of Netflix content that is reserved for Greek account holders. This Netflix library is not available outside of Greece. You will need a Greek IP address to access Greek Netflix when you are out of the country. We have VPN servers in Greece. Just choose one, connect, and your access to Greek content will be restored.


There are some providers who promise a free Greek IP address or a free Greek VPN. Beware of these services. Many free VPNs are known to have DNS leaks. Others log your browsing activity and sell it. An affordable paid VPN from VPN accounts is the better solution.