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There are more than 25 million Internet users in Poland. Anyone that is thinking about visiting the country should give serious consideration to using a VPN. The same is true for Polish citizens that need a Polish IP address for use outside of their home country. In either case, VPN Accounts is able to provide you with fast and reliable service.

The Central European nation of Poland is also no stranger to political strife. Frequent uprisings and protests have led to strict government policies and some censorship of Internet websites. It is also believed that Poland monitors Internet traffic on the country’s ISPs to identify those who may be considered threats or in opposition to the state.

Poland is a European country that stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Carpathian Mountains. It is a highly-developed country with the largest stock exchange in Central Europe. As a financial center, Poland attracts businesses from all over the world. There are many expats which live and work in Poland for businesses in the technology and financial sectors.

The standard of living in Poland is generally very high. The country is mostly safe, but does have a history of conflict. There were labor issues in the 1970s that gained worldwide attention, and in the current era there have been protests against various government policies. Still, individuals are generally guaranteed the freedom the peacefully assemble.

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Internet in Poland

With more than 86% of the country’s households having an Internet connection, Poland is one of the most connected countries in the world. It has ranked as high as 21st among developed nations for Internet use. This means that there are a vast number of WiFi hotspots in Poland which are used by citizens as well as tourists and workers.

Netflix has recently established a Polish library for those in the country. Other popular media services include Ipla and Player. There are almost 8 million Netflix subscribers in Poland. Video game streaming in the country is also very popular.

Web Access in Poland with VPN

A Polish VPN is highly recommended if you plan on traveling to Poland in the near future. There is government censorship of the Internet which may prevent you from accessing your favorite web apps. Most websites that are blocked in Poland are those which are critical of the government or those which advocate illegal behavior. A Polish VPN from VPN Accounts is advised for safety, anonymity, and unblocking some streaming media sites.

If you are a Polish resident and plan on venturing outside of the country, you will need a Polish IP address to unlock Polish Netflix or other media services. We have VPN servers in the country that will give you a Polish IP address. In Poland, servers are currently in Warsaw. You can also use our VPNs all over the world to secure your browsing on public WiFi, and they will help you eliminate spying by agencies that want to track your Internet activities.

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Most experts disagree on this. Poland promotes Internet freedom for its citizens and those who travel to the country. Some believe that the state monitors its larger ISPs for any government criticism. There have been instances of local citizens being jailed for up to 15 months after publishing websites that mocked the country’s president. The safest practice is to use our Polish VPN to encrypt your web browsing.

You can use our VPN server in Poland to create a Polish IP address. You can then access your Polish Netflix library no matter where you happen to be traveling.

Free VPNs are a poor choice if you want to browse safely and stream media inside or outside of Poland. A better choice is one of our affordable paid VPNs. We do not keep logs of your activity, and we use the most effective security protocols.

Poland does not make any restrictions against the use of VPNs. We recommend that you obtain your VPN service before arrival if you are traveling to Poland soon. We also suggest that Polish citizens routinely use our VPN for safer browsing.