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Bulgaria & Need for Bulgaria VPN

Accessing the Internet in Bulgaria is not a problem for most citizens and visitors. You can find any number of public access WiFi networks. A Bulgaria VPN is recommended to enhance safe browsing. You may also find that you require a Bulgarian IP address if you want to stream media from services like Nova TV and BNT when you are traveling outside of this European nation.

VPN Accounts has you covered with a reasonably priced solution. Our VPN server in Bulgaria can give you a Bulgaria IP address, and our other server locations around the world will let you stream media from your home country if you happen to be visiting Bulgaria for work or tourism. Here’s a closer look at tour Bulgarian VPN options.

Situated between Romania and Greece, Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe. It is home to almost 7 million people, and 84% of those are native Bulgarians. The rest include a mix of expats, foreign nationals, and some students. The science and technology sectors provide important contributions in various fields, and the economy of Bulgaria has been steadily improving. This makes the country more attractive to skilled individuals in many sectors.

Recent political conflicts in the country have led to protests in 2020, but overall the country is safer to visit than many others. Bulgaria is a member of NATO, and it has joined other nations in waging a war against terrorism. The country has many landscapes and historical sites that were related to the Ottoman Empire. It also has an eastern border with the Black Sea.

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Internet in Bulgaria

Internet penetration in Bulgaria has grown to about half of the population. 58% of citizens use the Internet on a regular basis. In Bulgaria people stream media from services such as Nova TV or BNT, and they also use the Internet for banking with the Bulgarian National Bank and the United Bulgarian Bank. Internet speed in Bulgaria can vary from area to area, with the more populated regions generally having a better download speed.

Censorship in Bulgaria is minimal, although ISPs have been required to block websites that are considered offensive. Given the state of political matters in the country, one could reasonably assume that the government participates in Internet monitoring. It may also be true that Bulgarian ISPs keep logs of user data, and may be required to share that data with authorities.

Web Access in Bulgaria with VPN

A Bulgarian VPN from VPN Accounts is one way to silence any concerns that you may have about Internet access in Bulgaria. We have reliable, fast, and affordable VPN connections that can be used to browse the Internet without revealing the sites you choose to visit. Our Bulgaria VPN creates an encrypted VPN tunnel, making it impossible for others to see your activity. We do not keep logs of your browsing preferences.

We can also offer a Bulgarian IP address for anyone who is living in the country and needs access to their streaming apps when traveling. You may find that Nova TV or some of the websites you visit are not available in other countries. All you need is our VPN server in Bulgaria. This will give you the Bulgaria IP address you need to restore safe and secure access to the internet.

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You can use a VPN in Bulgaria without restriction. VPN use is legal, and a paid VPN is recommended for those who want the most secure public WiFi connection.

Yes. You can purchase a VPN plan from VPN Accounts at any time. You can even pay for a year’s worth of service at a time. This will cover you for your entire stay in the country, and it is also a more affordable way to buy.

If you are using an ISP in Bulgaria now to access the Internet, you have a Bulgarian IP address already. You will need one when traveling outside of the country, but be advised that free VPN providers can put your safety at risk. They often log your data, and many of these free servers have been blacklisted.

One should always assume that Internet traffic on ISPs can be monitored. This is true in every country, even the US. The best way to be safe is to use our VPN. It will give you anonymity when you are browsing the Internet.