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affordable VPNThere is a commonly held belief about VPN service: you can find a fast VPN, an affordable VPN, or a good one, but it’s impossible to find all three. This belief is fostered by those who have some VPN experience, meaning that they have purchased and used one in the past.

This saying may have been true in the early days of VPN technology, but we’re breaking the mold by offering a stellar service that meets all three requirements. Yes, you can have all three elements when you purchase from VPNaccounts.com

Fast VPN

One of the first things to consider when buying access to a VPN is the speed you will get from the remote connection. Failing to consider the speed of the service can lead to some major frustration. Many VPN’s are purchased so that media services can be unlocked in restricted areas. If the speed isn’t there, the service becomes almost worthless.

A lot of people encounter speed issues because they are using web-based free proxy servers or free VPN servers. But remember what we said at the beginning? When you go for the free option you often wind up sacrificing speed and quality. Too many ads are delivered by these free servers, and they can also distribute a lot of things that are just harmful to your computer. All of that adds up to a big reduction in speed. The bottom line is that your unprotected home network will probably be a lot faster.

Our service provides a speedy connection that is comparable to your regular network. In other words, you probably won’t notice a significant reduction in speed when you connect to our VPN. That means you will be able to stream media, use Skype, and browse without the frustration of slow load times. Many test vpn speed on speedtest.

Affordable VPN

There are two things you need to know about affordable VPN service:

  1. Affordable VPN  is not the same as cheap VPN.
  2. “Free” doesn’t always mean free.

We like to steer away from the word cheap. That words implies inferior service, and our technology is superior to that of many of our competitors. Affordable means keeping the prices in a range that justifies the use of the service for most people. We work hard to do that, and you will see on our options page that our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.

You can certainly find cheap VPN service. You also find excessive downtimes and a lack of customer service when you need it. Cheap means providing as little as you can get away with. A lot of VPN providers hang you out to dry once you enter your credit card info and hit “submit.”

You’ll see a lot of sites that promise free VPN service. Just ask yourself this: if they aren’t making money from you, how are they making money? See all of those ads on the web-based proxy server? That’s how. Some of them make a pretty good living selling data to marketing companies. Nothing in life is free. There is always a price to be paid.

Good VPN

So, what distinguishes the good from the bad in the world of VPN? It can be a gray area, but there are some standards you should insist on:

  1. Outstanding uptime. It’s very frustrated when your VPN server goes down. A good provider will stay on top of their equipment to minimize any downtime.
  2. Prompt customer service. If you have to wait three or four days for an answer to your technical question, that’s three or four days you probably weren’t able to use your service. A good provider will reply promptly to your concerns and problems.
  3. Multiple VPN servers. If you travel a lot, having access to a few different VPN locations will come in very handy. A good provider will have many options to choose from.

Getting all three—fast, affordable, and good!

We designed our business to specifically provide all three qualities people look for when buying VPN service.

Our connections were tested, and continue to be tested, to ensure that we are offering the fastest service we possibly can. A VPN will never be faster than your home connection, but it should be very close to the same speed.

We asked ourselves what the bottom line was and how we could reduce any overhead costs in order to pass that savings on to our customers. What we came up with was a service that cost you about $0.26 per day for a year of access. Come on! You can’t buy a postage stamp for that!

In putting together our staff of VPN specialists, we looked for people who had a willingness to help customers when they encountered a problem. We also made the process for setting up a VPN as easy as possible and make sure our instructions are easy to understand.

So, yes…you can have all three elements when you purchase from VPN-accounts.com.

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