Still Wondering “How to open blocked sites in Kuwait”?

Despite the fact that many people perceive Kuwait to be one of the more liberal countries in the Arab region, many expats and citizens alike can testify to the strict Internet controls in this small country. There is a growing interest in how to open blocked sites in Kuwait, and we have some answers about this and Internet regulation if you happen to be living or working there.

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Is Kuwait more tolerant?

In a word, no. The leaders of Kuwait work hard to uphold the same Muslim standards that one will find in other Arab countries. This means that pornography, gambling, and dating websites are a strict no-no. Ironically, many of the nationals are a little more tolerant than their Muslim neighbors, and many of them are finding out how to open blocked sites in Kuwait, but the wishes of the individual are always superceded by the state.

The perception of Kuwait as a liberal Arab state can probably be attributed to the way the country was depicted on the world stage during the Gulf War in the 1990’s. It may also have something to do with the fact that a strong foreign military presence remains in the country, and these service members are certainly are more liberal than the average citizen.

Even so, if one wants to test the government’s stance on objectionable web content they need only to connect via one of the state-controlled ISP’s and try to access an adult or dating website. And the block doesn’t stop there. News websites and blogs which are critical of Islam are often also blocked.

All Internet restriction in Kuwait is handled by the Kuwait Ministry of Communication. It’s stated goal is to “protect the public by maintaining both public order and morality.”

How to unblock websites in Kuwait

The options for accessing restricted content in Kuwait are pretty limited, and the only one that works with any type of dependability is a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. Proxy servers are simply too slow to stream media and access blocked content. Many service members and expats in Kuwait can testify to the effectiveness of a VPN account, but even this can become difficult if those heading to the region don’t purchase VPN service in advance.

The Kuwait Ministry of Communication is fully aware than some individuals have learned how to open  blocked site in Kuwait with a VPN. They can’t necessarily prevent this, but they can prevent someone from purchasing VPN service from within the country by blocking access to VPN websites.

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