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Mexico & Need for Mexico VPN

Mexico is a vibrant country which borders the southern and southwestern sections of the United States. It is home to millions of residents, and millions more visit the country each year. Resort locations like Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas are tourist havens with beautiful beaches. The larger cities like Mexico City are densely populated.

The Mexican government is not slow to act when it comes to Internet censorship or surveillance. With many public Wifi hotspots, a VPN is necessary if you plan on traveling to Mexico in the future. You will need it change your Mexico IP address and to unblock any restrictions on streaming media and voice call services.

Mexico resides in the southern portion of North America. It shares a northern border with the US, and many US residents travel to the country each year for vacations and even day trips from California and Texas. There are many things to see in Mexico, and the country ranks 4th in the world for natural biodiversity. There are also many World Heritage sites in Mexico, and the country has a rich culture.

Mexico has a presidential system of government. The government has often faced allegations of corruption, and it actively seeks to quell voices that are in opposition to the sitting administration. Many bloggers and activists have been punished for speaking out against the state.

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Internet in Mexico

In Mexico the use of the Internet is widespread. About 60 million users are within the country today. In recent years many citizens have become alarmed about the possibility of government surveillance and monitoring. Mexico also takes measure to actively censor or block some websites. Hacking also seems to be on the rise.

A part of the issue could be the use of unsecured public WiFi in the country. There are many access points. Using them and the country’s ISPs could pose security threats. A user’s browsing preferences could be tracked, and even sold to marketing companies.

Even with its restriction and potential of monitoring, Mexico is not as heavy handed as some other nations. With the proper precautions, Internet in Mexico is mostly safe to use.

Web Access in Mexico with VPN

Before you decide to travel to Mexico from the US some thought should be given to a VPN plan from VPN Accounts. Using a VPN can help you avoid ISPs or other entities that want to spy on you private data and Internet activities. It will also be necessary for you to change your Mexico IP address if you want to enjoy all the programming you are used to at home.

For example, let’s say that you want to watch your Apple TV content once you cross the border into Mexico. You cannot do that when the service uses a Mexico IP address to pinpoint your location. Our VPN lets you connect to a VPN server in the US. That gives you a US IP address, and your access is restored.

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Mexico does not have a specific ban on VPN use, although it may restrict access to VPN provider websites. Secure your VPN from VPN Accounts before you decide to travel.

Yes! It is very possible for you to change your Mexico IP address to an IP address in the US, UK, or many other locations. All you need is one of our affordable VPN plans. We have server locations in many locations throughout the world that you can use.

Most blocking that occurs with streaming media services happens due to licensing. The Hulu content that you are able to enjoy in the United States may not be licensed in Mexico. Hulu then blocks individuals from Mexico from viewing the content. There is an easy fix. Just use our VPN to connect to a US server and change your Mexico IP address.

There are some free VPNs that will indeed work in Mexico. The problem is that they are too slow to stream media or make voice calls, and many of them are blacklisted by the ISPs in Mexico. They can also have vast security issues. Our affordable paid service is a better choice.