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Internet use is truly a way of life in the UK. Millions of people use the Internet on a regular basis to access services like BBC iPlayer, UK Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. A UK VPN from VPN Accounts and a UK IP address are affordable, and they offer many advantages. These include improved security as well as the ability to unblock any web content that may be geo-restricted.

If you currently live in the UK or have plans to travel there, we recommend that you obtain a VPN before you travel. It is much simpler to be able to connect as soon as you arrive than it is to try and search out the best paid VPN providers. Whatever you do, try to avoid free VPNs which may put your security at risk.

Great Britain and Northern Ireland make up the UK, or United Kingdom. Many islands make up this important part of Europe. The UK has long been one of world’s superpowers. It is an ally of the United States and many other important countries in Europe. The capital and largest city is London, and more than 67 million people reside in the UK.

In addition to citizens, the UK is home to millions of expats and foreign nationals. It also hosts students from many other countries. The UK is a culturally-significant region with many important historical sites related to the advancement of Western Civilization. The UK has seen its share of strife, but remains a mostly secure and peaceful country. It is a center of finance and learning.

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Internet in UK

About 93% of the households in the UK have Internet access. That makes it one of the most connected countries on the planet. 99% of individuals between the ages of 16 and 44 describe themselves as regular Internet users, and there are hundreds of public WiFi access points throughout the country. You will have no problem finding access to the Internet when you travel to the UK.

Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ are two of the most popular streaming media services in the UK. The libraries for these services includes exclusive UK content that may not be available outside of the country. Locals also use the Internet to access banking. There is little Internet restriction in the UK, but some measures have been taken to crack down on pornographic websites that are deemed offensive.

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As a general rule, Internet access in the UK is free from harsh restrictions and censorship. The main issues that visitors to the country will encounter are blocks on the media that they are used to accessing at home. US Netflix libraries are generally unavailable in the UK. Likewise, the citizen of the UK will encounter similar blocks when traveling outside of the country. Thankfully, there is a reliable and safe solution for both parties.

VPN Accounts has VPN servers that are located inside the UK. This can give you a UK IP address that you can use worldwide. With our UK VPN you can access all of your apps without issue. You can use the same VPN when you are in the UK for safer browsing on public WiFi. It will also work if you are from another country and need access to services from home.

Even though the UK has a good reputation for Internet freedom, you should still beware of ISPs that may log your browsing data. A VPN from VPN Accounts lets you use the Internet with some anonymity.

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Everyone is allowed to use a VPN when accessing the Internet in the UK. With the large number of unsecured WiFi connections in the country, a VPN is recommended for safe browsing.

It is unlikely that the free VPN access you have been offered will be effective. Most free VPNs are too slow to stream media, and many of these servers have been blacklisted by ISPs in the UK. You should stick with a reliable paid plan from VPN Accounts.

VPN Accounts does not log the Internet activity of its users. We do not seek to restrict or censor your Internet usage.

A UK VPN can indeed prevent your data from being stolen. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel that makes it impossible for anyone to spy on your online activities.