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Germany is considered to be one of the most important countries in the world when it comes to finance and banking. It is also home to a rich culture that stretches back to the classical times and the original Germanic tribes. Germany is also remembered for overcoming the tyranny of Adolf Hitler and forging a better path in the aftermath of WWII.

A German VPN and German IP address can be very useful for citizens of Germany. Those who travel to the country should also seriously consider the use of a VPN for privacy. The country has been known to engage in Internet surveillance as part of the 14-Eyes Alliance. A German IP address is also able to restore access to German media content when citizens may be out of the country. Here’s what you need to know.

Germany occupies portions of Central and Western Europe. It is bordered by countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg. These countries have historically been important centers of banking and finance. Today, Germany continues this tradition as the home of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank.

The country of Germany today is a federal republic with Europe’s largest economy. It has also become a progressive country where students are able to receive a tuition-free university education, and all citizens enjoy universal healthcare. Tourists flock to the country every year to soak in the history of Germany and its many important historic sites.

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Internet in Germany

Germany is a country where citizens enjoy a large amount of Internet freedom. There are very few restrictions to speak of. A large percentage of the country’s citizens have Internet access in their homes, and there are thousands of free WiFi access points in local businesses, museums, and libraries. Tourists are also able to access free WiFi at many hotels.

The Internet is used by many German citizens to stream media services such as ARD Mediathek or Prosieben Video. Netflix also has a German library that is only available to those with a German IP address.

German has been revealed to participate in the 14-Eyes Alliance of countries that are believed to engage in Internet surveillance. Visitors to the country should be aware that local ISPs can log data and share information with authorities.

Web Access in Germany with VPN

There is a way to browse the Internet safely in Germany. The answer is a German VPN from VPN Accounts. We recommend that anyone planning to visit the country secure one of our VPN plans before arriving in Germany. Our secure VPN will allow you to shield your browsing activity from ISPs and others who may be trying to spy on your activities.

For German citizens who anticipate traveling throughout Europe or other parts of the world, a German IP address is a must. You can use one of our VPN servers in Germany to obtain a German IP address and access your local German media. Our reliable and fast German VPN servers will restore your access to Netflix, ARD Mediathek, or local German news websites and blogs. We currently have servers in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.

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Germany is one of the most Internet-friendly countries. That includes friendliness toward VPNs. Using a VPN is legal in Germany.

You may have plans to travel outside of Germany. If you do, you will need a German IP address to watch programming from DW, Zattoo, and MySpass. You can also watch exclusive sports matches from Germany with a German IP address. Also, if you are using a VPN within Germany to avoid surveillance or spying, you can use one of our VPN servers located in Germany to simply secure your connection.

With a VPN from VPN Accounts you can stream your German Netflix content with no issues. There is little noticeable difference between the speed of our VPN and the normal speed you get from your regular connection. Remember, speeds can vary from one VPN server to another.

When you use one of our VPNs while browsing on German public WiFi, you are protected by the highest levels of encryption. The VPN tunnel will secure your Internet browsing and make your activity invisible.