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Ireland, often referred to as the Emerald Isle, is one of the most scenic countries in the world. It is also a country steeped in legend and myth. Even though much of the country hearkens to a bygone era, Ireland is a modern country where Internet penetration is very deep. With few restrictions on how citizens are permitted to use the Internet, Internet freedom in Ireland is prized by locals and visitors.

An Ireland VPN and Irish IP address can still be very useful, especially if you want to stream Irish media or play video games. We have a VPN server in Ireland to provide you with access to both. Our VPNs are trusted by individuals all over the world when it comes to privacy, speed, and server locations.

There are almost six million people who reside in Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom. Ireland is the second-most popular island in Europe. The largest city of Ireland is Dublin, home to about 550,000 people. Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland with 333,300 inhabitants.

There was a time when Northern Ireland and Ireland engaged in political strife that led to brutal conflicts. Today there is a more peaceful atmosphere in the two regions. Ireland has become a very popular tourist spot among those who have an affinity for history with its monuments to the Celtic peoples.

Ireland is also a country of commerce with a thriving economy. The country has a fairly high standard of living, but there is a strong line that divides the economic classes.

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Internet in Ireland

As you might expect, Internet use in Ireland is high. Many of the homes in the country have Internet access, and there are thousands of WiFi public access points. Internet is used for banking, streaming media, watching sports, and many other activities. There is general freedom of Internet use in Ireland with very few government restrictions.

One area where Ireland has taken a stand on Internet access is torrenting. The country has blacklisted many torrent sites where media can be downloaded illegally. It is also illegal to use some file sharing websites within Ireland, and there can be stiff penalties for being caught.

Web Access in Ireland with VPN

VPN Accounts has an Ireland VPN and an Irish IP address for citizens of the country. Our VPN server can be useful for restoring access to Irish streaming media services when you are traveling. This includes Irish Netflix, Now TV, Hayu, and more. Many Irish residents also use our Ireland VPN when they are banking online for added security.

We suggest that tourists and other visitors to the country also use a VPN. There is not much censorship by the Irish government, but being safe when using unsecured public WiFi networks is always a good idea. You can also use one of our VPN servers in your own home country to access all the media that you would normally enjoy at home.

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Ireland promotes Internet freedom. It has no issue with individuals using a VPN for web browsing. Our Irish VPN is a good choice because it is fast, secure, and affordable. We have several different VPN plans to choose from.

Netflix is available to citizens of Ireland, and there is an Irish library of content that is not available in other countries. To access your Irish Netflix account you will need an Ireland IP address. We have a VPN server in Ireland that will provide that for you.
We take pride in using the most advanced security and encryption protocols for our VPN services. Your data is protected by the VPN tunnel, and you can take comfort in knowing that we do not keep logs of your browsing activity.

Ireland restricts access to most torrenting sites. It is advised that you do not torrent. The penalties for accessing pirated media and other illegal content can be severe.

The question is not whether or not a free VPN will work in Ireland. The question is, will it be safe to use. Most free VPNs are not safe. They can have security leaks, and they may also log your activity.