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The country of Singapore is one of the more colorful nations in Southeast Asia. The country as it is known today evolved from a prominent trading post that belonged to the British Empire. A certain colonial influence can still be felt in Singapore today.

Do you live in Singapore and often access online content that is unique to the country? Are you planning to travel to Singapore for work or play? In either case, a Singapore VPN account and a Singapore IP address is something you will need to consider. Here’s are some things to know.

Modern Singapore, or the Republic of Singapore, was created in 1965. The country grew over time to develop the Port of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, and a vibrant tourism industry. Despite internal conflicts and problems during its formative years, Singapore continues to attract both expats and tourists. It has also become a home for freelancers and digital nomads.

Singapore functions as a parliamentary republic with a president that is elected every six years. The government has been described as authoritarian on occasion, but this is mostly in regards to how the country is perceived to approach things such as press freedom. Singapore is home to a little over five million people.

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The lack of Internet censorship and monitoring may come as a surprise to many people. Singapore offers much more Internet freedom when compared to some countries in the Middle East or Asian countries like China and North Korea. Nevertheless, there is a government agency called the Media Development Authority which oversees the blocking of some 100 websites.

The larger concern for those who want to access the Internet in Singapore is government surveillance. Edward Snowden, the famed NSA whistleblower, stated that Singapore was a part of the so-called 5-Eyes Alliance. This alliance is known to collect random data from everyday citizens. To protect your web browsing you should use a VPN in Singapore to encrypt your browsing sessions.

Those who live in Singapore also have access to Singaporean media and television channels. Most of these are only available to those individuals who have a Singapore IP address. A VPN from VPN Accounts can help in this regard. We have VPN servers in Singapore that can provide a Singapore IP address.

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A VPN for Internet access in Singapore is valuable for many reasons. For travelers, digital nomads, and freelancers, a VPN offers added protection and privacy when one is using public WiFi in the country. Those who are from Singapore should also consider a VPN to avoid the prying eyes of the government.

There are six different media channels that are based in Singapore. These television outlets are only available to those within the country. Residents of Singapore that are traveling will find that a Singapore VPN is necessary to enjoy this content abroad. Our Singapore IP address will let you access the channels, and our VPN is fast enough for you to stream media.

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There is no prohibition on the use of VPNs in Singapore. It is 100% legal to use a VPN and a Singapore IP address.

It is known that the government of Singapore does practice surveillance of its citizens. You should use a VPN if you want to maintain privacy online and prevent your browsing preferences from being tracked.
With a VPN you can access any of Singapore’s six television channels from almost anywhere in the world. You only need to choose and connect to our Singapore VPN server. This will give you a Singapore IP address, and your access will be restored.
You can access Netflix from Singapore when you use a VPN from VPN Accounts. All you have to do is connect to the VPN server in the US, UK, or your home country if Netflix is available there. Once you are connected to the VPN, log into your Netflix account as usual.