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Thailand is home to a large community of so-called digital nomads. It has become a preferred location for freelancers and other individuals who make their living with SEO, web design, and writing. Many expats have moved to Thailand to bootstrap a digital business, and most of them use a Thailand VPN due to the state of Internet surveillance and censorship in the country.

The status of Internet freedom in Thailand has declined according to many residents and travelers. Public WiFi can be monitored, and it is also common for individuals to be the victim of hacks. There are things you can do to protect yourself. One of the most important is to obtain a Thailand VPN and a Thailand IP address from VPN Accounts.

Thailand was originally the Kingdom of Siam. It is an Asian country that is home to 66 million people. Despite its large population, Thailand is a little over 198,000 square miles in area. A large number of the country’s population abides in the capital Bangkok, with other major cities also being densely populated. If you travel to Thailand, expect for it to be crowded.

A large number of the population are workers and nomads from other countries. Some individuals find the conditions favorable for a freelancer’s lifestyle. Housing and the overall cost of living can be cheap compared to other countries. There are also benefits when it comes to reporting income that is earned online and the taxation of such income.

The diverse population in Thailand makes it a country with many cultural activities. There also also many geographic sites to visit that hold historical significance.

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Internet in Thailand

The current Internet situation in Thailand is questionable in terms of security. The country has always been a haven for data thieves and hackers due to its sheer population. Some say that incidents of hacking and data theft are on the rise. It is also generally accepted that the government is actively involved in monitoring the Internet activity of those in the country.

The state actively blocks access to many websites and apps that are popular in the West. These can include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Websites and blogs that criticize the country are also blocked, as are many news outlets from other countries. Severe penalties can result if individuals are caught using any prohibited services.

Citizens of the country use the Internet to stream media as well as engage in online banking and other activities.

Web Access in Thailand with VPN

Those who live in Thailand will need to have a Thai IP address when they travel abroad. This is the only reliable way to access Thai media services and Thailand bank websites. VPN Accounts has a VPN server in Thailand that can be used to give you a Thailand IP address.

A VPN has also become a must for anyone that is visiting or working in the country. The safety risks are great when using the unsecured public WiFi connections throughout the country. Our Thailand VPN is reliable, affordable, and priced right. We suggest getting your VPN Accounts plan before you arrive in Thailand.

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At the present time it is legal to use a VPN in Thailand. With the decline of Internet freedom that has been taking place in the country, a VPN is strongly recommended to prevent the state or ISPs from spying on your browsing data.

If you have a Thailand IP address you can access your Thai banking website or app in most countries. All you need to do is make sure you are connected to our Thailand VPN server. This same Thai IP address will allow you to watch Thailand television and access popular Thai websites while you are traveling.

A VPN from VPN Accounts is one of the safest options for Internet access in Thailand. We use the most advanced security protocols to make sure that your data is encrypted. Our VPN is also fast enough to stream media and play games.

No. You should not trust your Internet security to a free proxy. These services can even put your safety at risk by logging your activity and selling your preferences to third parties.