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Japan & Need for Japan VPN

As one of the world’s most populated countries, Japan is a place where the Internet affects almost everyone. From the students who use the Internet for schoolwork to the expats and local business leaders who manage work online, almost everyone in Japan has access to a network connection. That means there is a great need for a Japan VPN and a Japanese IP address. That’s where we can help.

We have a VPN server in Japan that you can use when traveling abroad to access your Japanese Netflix account or other streaming media. Those traveling to the country can also use our VPN for enjoying their favorite content from the US, UK, or other countries. Here’s a closer look at the country of Japan and how our VPN can be helpful.

The island of Japan in East Asia is home to an amazing population of 125 million people. The population is mostly made up of Japanese citizens, but the country also attracts many workers from other countries. It’s location relative to other countries as well as large technology and science sectors make it an ideal place for expats.

Japan is also known as the site of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb attacks that ultimately forced the surrender of Japan during World War II. The impact of the attacks can still be felt in many ways today, but Japan emerged from the war with a new approach toward the rights of its citizens and a better relationship with the West.

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Internet in Japan

In Japan Internet use is widespread. Many millions of homes have access provided by ISPs in the country. There are also a large number of public WiFi access points. These can be found in cafes, schools, and libraries. Like in other countries, public WiFi is mostly unsecured. This means that the normal security concerns apply for anyone that uses these networks.

The constitution of Japan mandates freedom of speech and prohibits censorship. This largely applies to the Internet. You can expect to encounter the typical geoblocks that are used throughout the world to restrict the access of unlicensed media. The relaxed attitude of the Japanese government toward the Internet helps the country to regularly rank atop lists that measure Internet freedom.

Web Access in Japan with VPN

VPN use in Japan is allowed by all citizens. We recommend our reliable Japanese VPN for secure Internet browsing. You can protect yourself from anyone that might be spying and trying to log your data. We do not keep logs of Internet activity, and we also do not throttle your connection like some other free VPN providers based on your transfer. You can watch Hulu, play games, and use VoIP services like Skype with our Japan VPN.

Those who live inside of Japan should also use our VPN service for a Japanese IP address. This will allow you to watch Japanese Netflix and sports from Japan when you are traveling abroad. We have a VPN server that is located inside Japan. Just choose it to connect inside and outside of the country. You will have more secure browsing as well as the ability to unblock content.

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In principle, no. We think it is a good idea to assume that most ISPs log your data. That data could then be shared with government agencies. The solution is to use our Japanese VPN to encrypt your connection. No one will be able to see what you are doing online.

Everyone in Japan is entitled to the right to use a VPN if they choose to do so. You can obtain your Japanese VPN and Japan IP address from VPN Accounts in just a few minutes. We have several plans to choose from.

Netflix does indeed have a Japanese library of content. This library is only available inside of Japan. If you want to watch it while you are traveling in other countries you will need to have a Japanese IP address. We can provide that for you.

You can achieve anonymity online when you use a VPN from VPN Accounts. All you need is to connect to one of our VPN servers in Japan or in another country. Our VPNs are fast, reliable, and affordable.

We don’t think so. A free VPN can present many issues. Some free VPNs are not fast enough to stream media, and there are others that can leak DNS information. The better choice is always a paid VPN from VPN Accounts.