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India is one of the largest countries in the world. The vast number of citizens and visitors to India have many options for Internet access. There may not be as many homes with Internet as there are in some other countries, but the number of WiFi networks combine to provide much needed Internet access points for recreational browsing and work.

Due to India’s stance toward Internet censorship and possible surveillance, we recommend our India VPN and Indian IP address for anyone inside or outside of the country. With our VPN you can access services like HotStar when you are traveling, and you can also use it to feel safer when using unsecured public networks in India.

As recently as 1951, much of India was in poverty. Flash forward to 2020 and there are now vast improvements to the standard of living in the country. Granted, there are still many of the country’s residents that live on less than what people in the US and other Western countries are used to. Overall, however, things have improved.

There are almost 1.5 billion people in India, the great majority of which are Indian citizens. There are also expats and foreign nationals that work in the country. India is a center of banking and also technology. The country has also emerged in recent times as an important part of the world’s science sector. There is much more to India than what people may think.

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Internet in India

Internet penetration in India is much better than it was just a few short years ago. There are still many homes in the country that do not have Internet access. Those without home access can still use one of the country’s many public WiFi access points. In fact, a large number of the population as well as workers from other countries use their mobile devices and data to access the Internet, or they make a connection at the local library.

Citizens of India like to use the Internet to stream media with HotStar and other services. Locals also access the Bank of India online. At the present time there is a fair amount of Internet censorship practiced in the country. The Indian government has taken steps in the past to block access to gambling sites, news sites, or any other website that it feels should be restricted. The Golden Shield Project has also been discussed as a type of government Internet surveillance, but no confirmation of this program exists.

Web Access in India with VPN

Using an India VPN is a good idea for both residents of India and visitors to the country. We have an Indian VPN and also a VPN server in the country. This will give you an Indian IP address if you need to access media services from India while traveling abroad. Our VPN can also be used by expats to regain access to the programming they enjoy in their home countries.

You can also depend upon our India VPN to secure your web browsing on local networks. India ISPs could very well be logging your Internet activity. We do not keep logs of your Internet use. Our VPN is reliable and fast,and it is also one of the more affordable options that you will find.

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At the time of this writing, it is legal to use a VPN in India. In fact, using a VPN is recommended. We only suggest that you obtain your VPN service before you arrive in the country in case you have issues accessing our VPN Accounts website.

There has been talk of creating a Golden Shield Project similar to the Great Firewall of China. So far, there is no verification that the country engages in widespread Internet surveillance. To be on the safe side, use our Indian VPN for secure browsing.

To stream movies with HotStar when you are outside of India you will need an India IP address. You can get one when you connect to our India VPN server. This will also allow you to watch other Indian programming as well as access your Indian bank account.

Our India VPN will let you browse with anonymity. No one can see what you are doing online. All the ISP can see is that you are connected to a private network.

You can find free VPN service in almost every country. This does not mean that it is a good idea. Most free VPNs have security issues, and they may also log your Internet browsing.