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Hong Kong & Need for HK VPN

Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating places to live or visit. Known as a center of finance, technology, and many other important industries, Hong Kong is home to more than 7 million people. Many of these people are expats from other countries. The region was under British rule for many years until it once again became subject to Chinese rule in 1997.

Those who live in Hong Kong depend upon reliable and safe Internet access for work and watching media services such as TVB. A Hong Kong VPN has become a must for residents as well as visitors. A Hong Kong VPN and a Hong Kong IP address are offered at a reasonable price by VPN Accounts.

On July 1, 1997 the United Kingdom’s lease of Hong Kong expired. Control of the region reverted to China. Since that time Hong Kong has seen its share of upheaval and turmoil. The latest protests involved individuals who wish to see Hong Kong liberated from the more oppressive practices and censorship of the Chinese government.

Despite the unrest, Hong Kong has managed to retain a very high standard of living for its residents. There are more billionaires living in Hong Kong than there are in any other Asian city. Even though the per capita income of the region is very high, there is also a high amount of income inequality. Hong Kong has been the home of many corporations in the past thanks to its friendly regulations. It is still used by many important businesses for banking.

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Internet in Hong Kong

As you might imagine, Internet penetration in Hong Kong is very strong. There are thousands of public WiFi access points throughout the country, and many homes have Internet access. Those inside the country use Internet to play games, watch popular streaming services, and also access their bank accounts. Expats rely on Internet access to work and also contact relatives at home.

Hong Kong was previously known as a place of Internet freedom, but that has begun to change. Authorities now have the ability to restrict Internet access and block websites. The Chinese government has also sought to bring criminal charges against Hong Kong bloggers and political dissidents that dare to criticize the Chinese government.

Web Access in HK with VPN

Our Hong Kong VPN is a must for anyone that resides in Hong Kong or others who visit the country for work or play. Government surveillance of the state’s ISPs is rampant, and you can be assured that your Internet activity is being logged. A VPN will prevent others from spying on your activity, and it can also be used abroad to provide a Hong Kong IP address.

When you are outside of Hong Kong you can expect to encounter geoblocking of banking websites, streaming apps, and VoIP services that are only available in Hong Kong.

Thankfully, we have a VPN server in Hong Kong that will give you a Hong Kong IP address. Just connect to the Hong Kong VPN server to restore your access. You can also use any of our other VPN servers inside of Hong Kong if you are from another country. Watch your Nexflix, Hulu, or Prime Video with our Hong Kong VPN.

We cannot stress this enough. Using unsecured public WiFi in Hong Kong can put you at risk. Use our VPN and stay safe.

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At the present time there are no restrictions on VPN use in Hong Kong. We do recommend that you purchase a Hong Kong VPN from us before you arrive in the region. Some VPN websites may be blocked by the government.

We do not throttle your Internet speed when you use our VPN for gaming. When you use a VPN you may also be able to avoid throttling from an ISP. Our VPN is fast enough to stream games and media without any issues.

You can watch TVB from many countries when you use our Hong Kong VPN server. TVB records the IP address of our server, not the one you normally use. This will make it appear as though you are accessing TVB from a location within Hong Kong.

There are many free VPNs. Unfortunately, few of them work as advertised. They can also put your privacy at risk by tracking your activity and even selling your browsing data. The better choice is to use an affordable VPN from VPN Accounts. You can buy service monthly, or you can purchase a six-month or one-year plan.