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Indonesia is one of the most fascinating countries of the world. This large republic is the world’s largest island nation. It is home to 267 million people, many of which are adherents of the Islamic faith. The Muslim influence can be felt in how the country approaches the Internet, and there are some restrictions when it comes to online content.

Indonesia is a collection of 17,000 islands situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans. More than half of the country’s population resides on the Island of Java. There is a Muslim majority in the country and this religious sentiment affects some aspects of society. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.

There is much history in Indonesia to be appreciated. The area has been a major one for trade since the 7th century because of its close proximity to many Asian countries. Today, the country is home to many industries such as natural gas and agriculture. Indonesia has also become an artistic hub and a home of the arts. In many ways, Indonesia is less repressive than other countries in Asia.

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The Internet situation in Indonesia can be complex. The government has taken a strong stance when it comes to managing censorship, especially in regards to political websites and blogs which may criticize the current government administration. There is also active blocking of some social media websites and entertainment sites.

Sites that are considered to be contrary to Islamic religious principles may also be blocked. This can include websites for dating, gambling websites, and websites with adult themes. It is very possible for individuals to avoid blocking of websites within Indonesia with our VPN service.

There is some streaming and other Internet content which is unique to Indonesia. The country has media that is not accessible to those outside of the country. As we will see, this issue can also be resolved with one of our VPN packages. You can connect to our Jakarta Servers or any of our other global VPN servers.

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There is a reliable solution for those who need to bypass geographic restriction on websites in or outside of Indonesia. That solution is a VPN from VPN Accounts. It is possible to change your IP address when you use a VPN. You can appear to be accessing the Internet from anywhere we have a VPN server, and we have them in many locations around the world.

For example, we can provide you with an Indonesian IP address with our VPN server in Indonesia. If you are having difficulty accessing content from Indonesia while you are traveling outside of the country, just select a server in Indonesia when you connect to our VPN.

The reverse is also true when you find yourself working or traveling in Indonesia. You can choose one of our VPN servers in your home country. We have server in the US, UK, and many other locations. There is a server location that will allow you to access your local programming, Netflix, or use Skype no matter where you may be.

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Free VPN is a poor choice if you need a VPN in Indonesia. Many free VPNs are useless when it comes to unblocking restricted web content, and others are too slow to stream media. A free VPN may also pose a security threat due to DNS leaks and other security flaws.

Yes! All you need to do is choose a VPN server that is located in Indonesia and connect.

If you plan on visiting Indonesia, getting your VPN service before you travel is recommended. It is also good to secure your VPN before you leave the country if you currently live in Indonesia. We can help you set up your service and have it working in just a few minutes. All you need to do is purchase a plan, use one of our convenient apps to connect, and enjoy your VPN service. There is no need to download additional software.

There is no current restriction on the use of VPN in Indonesia. VPNs are completely legal to use.

Services such as Trans7, RCTI, SCTV, and MNCTV can be accessed with our VPN when you use an Indonesia IP address.