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Russia is the largest nation in the world. It occupies portions of two continents, making it one of the world’s superpowers. The Russian Federation has an interesting history, one that is filled with rich art and history, but most people in the West remember the days of the Cold War between Russia and the United States. The present leadership of the country has not done much to change western attitudes.

Russia also has a very checkered history when it comes to Internet access for its citizens. The Internet in Russia and access to it is strictly controlled. There has also been a ban on VPN use in place since 2017. The Russian government does not want its citizens to use a VPN to access blocked websites and apps.

Those who do not live in Russia tend to have some misconceptions about the country. At one time the Russian Federation would have been classified as a communist country. Today, the government is technically a semi-presidential constitutional republic, but socialist ideologies remain. The actual standard of living in Russia is high compared to many other nations in the world.

The land mass controlled by the Russian Federation, the size and might of its military, and its economic power make Russia a superpower. The country can influence the actions of other nations, and it does so on a regular basis. It is also a country that exerts a strict control over the media and Internet.

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Internet in Russia

The use of the Internet is widespread in Russia, but it is also one of the most censored countries in the world when it comes to Internet access. If you travel to Russia expect sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google to be restricted. The country maintains control over what its citizens can digest from the Internet and news channels.

Both Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders have classified Russia as outwardly hostile to a free Internet. Telegram, LinkedIn, and other services are blocked. There is also a program of government surveillance that is designed to monitor all Internet traffic that passes across the state’s ISPs.

Some people in Russia do use the Internet to stream media and television from approved websites. These channels are not available outside of Russia. They include Russia 1, NTV, and Match TV. There are also streaming services such as Okko. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can also be accessed with a VPN, but individuals should take care. We have VPN servers in St Petersburg & Moscow at this time.

Web Access in Russia with VPN

In 2017 Russia announced a ban on VPN use. The ban affects access to VPN provider websites from within Russia. It can also mean strict consequences if you are caught using a VPN. We are not offering legal advice, we are just making you aware. VPN Accounts does have a VPN that will work in Russia, and we can also provide a Russian IP address for those who need one to access Russian television and media.

If you live in Russia and regularly use services such as Russia 1, NTV, or Okko, you will need to have a VPN to use these services in other countries. We have VPN servers in Russia, and we can help you obtain a Russian IP address. Our Russia VPN is fast, safe, and affordable.

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Since 2017 the country of Russia has banned the use of VPNs. However, there are individuals who still use a VPN in the country to access services like Netflix and Skype. A VPN can also be useful to prevent government spying. A VPN is a common connection to secure and encrypt access to your office servers etc. They may know you are using a VPN but not for what reason.

Using a free VPN in Russia can put you at significant risk. Many free VPN servers and proxies have been identified by the Russian government and blacklisted. If you are caught trying to use them, the penalties can be severe. Our paid VPN is a much safer option.

Yes, our Russia VPN server will give you the Russian IP address that you need to access Russian content outside of the country. We have reliable Russian VPN servers that you can use.

When you arrive in Russia you will find that many VPN provider websites are blocked. They cannot be accessed so that you can purchase a VPN plan. You need to buy your VPN service from VPN Accounts before you arrive in Russia to guarantee that you will have access.