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Netherlands is a European country that is sometimes referred to as Holland. It is the home to Amsterdam, one of the most exotic and progressive cities on the planet. Those who visit this Dutch country are sure to be impressed with its culture and rich history.

Before you decide to make that trip to the Netherlands, you should be prepared for reliable and uncensored Internet access. Here are a few things to know about a Netherlands VPN and Netherlands IP address.

The Netherlands is located in both Western Europe and the Caribbean. It is often called Holland, and is known for Dutch culture and history. Images that are often associated with the country are windmills, tulips, placid mountainsides, and happy people. In fact, Netherlands scored fifth of all countries in the world on the World Happiness Index.

Netherlands is known for being a liberal country with relaxed attitudes toward personal freedoms. The capital, Amsterdam, is known for its cannabis cafes. There is also freedom of the press, economic freedom, and a minimum amount of government control when it comes to personal liberties. Individual privacy and freedom is encouraged.

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The overall approach to the Internet in the Netherlands is one of freedom. Individuals are free to access the websites that they choose, and there is virtually no censorship. Dating websites, social media apps, and even adult web content is allowed. The state is not actively involved in trying to control the Internet activity of its citizens.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no surveillance. There can Internet monitoring by the government. Netherlands is a part of the 14-Eyes Alliance. This alliance collects and shares Internet browsing data in the stated goal of fighting terrorism and other illegal activities which may be conducted online.

To avoid the surveillance measures of the Dutch government, we recommend that visitors to the Netherlands use our affordable VPN service. For just a few cents per day you can have a VPN that encrypts your web browsing and makes your Internet activity difficult to track.

Web Access in Netherlands with VPN

Using a VPN if you are working or visiting the Netherlands will help to keep you protected by securing your data with a VPN tunnel. You should always consider the use of a VPN when you are using unsecured public or private networks.

There is also another reason for individuals that live in the Netherlands to purchase a VPN plan. You can always have access to a Netherlands IP address when you connect to one of our VPN servers located in the Netherlands. We have servers in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam at this time.

Like many other countries the Netherlands has its own unique television programming, news channels, and webs apps. These include Videoland, RTL, and NPO. If you are a Dutch citizen and need a Netherlands IP address to access your favorite content abroad, VPN Accounts can help. We have VPN servers that will give you the Netherlands IP address needed to access Dutch media services.

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VPNs are 100% legal in the Netherlands. There is no government prohibition against using a VPN, and you would be wise to do so within the country to avoid possible government surveillance.

You will find that popular media services from the Netherlands such as Videoland and RTL are unavailable outside of the country. The answer to accessing these services is to use a VPN and connect to a VPN server in the Netherlands. You can use our Netherlands VPN to broadcast a Netherlands IP address, allowing you to connect wherever you may travel or work.

You can also access content that isn’t usually available in the Netherlands with a plan from VPN Accounts. We have VPN servers in the US and many other locations around the world where Netflix is available. Just choose the appropriate VPN server and you’re good to go.
The truth is that there are many free VPN services out there. What they don’t tell you is that no VPN is every truly free. You may be given the service for free, but you will pay in other areas. Some free VPNs sell your browsing data to advertisers, while others have been found to contain security flaws. Your best bet is to choose an affordable paid VPN plan from VPN Accounts.