Slovenia & Need for Slovenia VPN

Slovenia is a Central European country with a rich history. The country sits at the heart of the main trade routes of Europe. It should come as no surprise that Slovenia is a very connected country when it comes to the Internet. A large number of the citizens have reliable access to the Internet, and many homes are connected. If you plan to visit Slovenia, a Slovenian VPN is suggested for secure browsing.

VPN Accounts also has a Slovenian IP address and VPN server located in the country for those citizens who want to stream their local programming abroad. You can use services like FlixPatrol, Sky TV, and even the Slovenian Netflix library when you purchase one of our affordable VPN plans. Here’s a closer look at Slovenia and the Internet options that are available.

Throughout history the country that is now known as Slovenia has occupied a strategic position in Europe. It is important to the commerce and trade of the European Union. About 83% of the country’s population are native Slovenes, and a little over two million people call Slovenia home. The country is a democratic republic and there are multiple political parties. There is little strife in the country, and Slovenia is considered a safe place to visit or work.

The temperate climate and geology of the country make Slovenia a popular tourist spot in Europe. In addition to the tourists that visit each year, Slovenia is also home to many expats and foreign nationals that work in various sectors that are important to the country’s economy.

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Internet in Slovenia

Internet access in Slovenia is mostly unrestricted, and a large portion of the population uses the Internet on a regular basis. More than half of the population has Internet access in the home, and there are hundreds of public WiFi access points that are located in hotels, restaurants, and libraries.

Few reports exist of government monitoring of Internet use. The country does restrict some content that it considers to be offensive. It also takes measures to block any websites that are engaged in providing unlicensed media for streaming. Gambling websites that are not authorized or licensed by the Slovenian government have been restricted since 2010.

Web Access in Slovenia with VPN

A Slovenia VPN from VPN Accounts is a good choice if you are planning to visit the country. Using our VPN will allow you to stream your favorite media from your home country, and it will also allow you to be safe while using unsecured public WiFi. With our Slovenian VPN you can access any of the VPN servers that we have worldwide.

Those who live in Slovenia will also appreciate our VPN server that is located in the country. This server can be used to provide you with a Slovenian IP address. While you are traveling outside of the country you can access Sky TV or the Slovenian programs that are available through Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. A Slovenia IP address will allow you to evade any geographical restrictions on content while you travel.

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The Slovenian government does not restrict the use of VPNs fot safe and secure Internet browsing. We recommend that you always use a VPN to encrypt your browsing and prevent data theft.

You may be able to access the online casino sites you use in your home country with a VPN. You can also use a VPN to access most online casinos that are licensed to operate in Slovenia.

Using a free VPN service is not recommended under any circumstances. These services can have security flaws, and some even sell your browsing data. We do not log or trade your browsing activity with any third party.

If you are traveling abroad you can use our Slovenia VPN server to create a Slovenian IP address. Yes, this will allow you to enjoy all of the media you access in Slovenia. It will also allow you to bank and access other Slovenian web apps.