What is a VPN Account? Offers Internet Privacy, Security & Anonymity

Looking for how to get a vpn account? Look no further. We have served our VPN service to users worldwide. A VPN Tunnel shields your internet connection & allow you to access blocked websites in countries like UAE, Oman, China, Saudi Arabia & many more using a private network! UK will soon ban porn sites, so that is yet another reason to get a vpn. Sign up today & get a UK, DE, US, CA, CH, NL, FR, SG or HK IP address!

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VPN account for Online PrivacyVPN PRIVACY

Did you know that Internet service providers keep logs on their customers? An ISP will log all your internet activity such as searches you do on Google The log files are then archived for a duration of 6 months to 2 years. When connected to our servers, enjoy private internet access because no logs kept.


Online SecuriyVPN SECURITY

Secure your connection to the internet via an encrypted VPN tunnel when using an open wifi hotspot or as an added layer of security when using a secure network. It works great on an iPhone, iPad, or an Android powered device that is most commonly used on the go.


Online Anonimity with a VPN accountVPN ANONIMITY

Being anonymous online is something sought by many but few actually are anonymous online. Our solution does not require a vpn software & allows you to be anonymous on the internet by hiding your real IP address and replacing it with a server IP address. In essence you become a cyberghost!

solution to unblock blocked sites

Best VPN to Bypass Internet Restrictions & Censorship

After buying a VPN account and connecting to our VPN service, one of the many benefits is that you will be able to bypass internet restrictions and access blocked sites via private internet access. This is possible because while connected your internet traffic is encrypted while being routed through your ISP servers to our VPN servers. You can use a UK VPN account, German VPN, Canadian VPN to name a few. The programs used by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to filter & block content on their network can only do so, if the traffic is not encrypted. Hence, you are able to access and open all blocked websites including adult sites hence bypassing censorship! It is not a proxy & not a "vpn proxy", it is better than using a proxy website

Our VPN service is compatible with pretty much any internet application such as FTP, web browsers, VoIP programs (Skype, Google Talk, Facetime etc) & many more! However, we do not allow torrents on the network for legal reason. No VPN software to install, just configure your device.

If you need to bypass internet restrictions such as those found in China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and many other countries you need the best vpn! YOU can regain control of your internet access. UAE Banned VPN yet many still using it! Check out PIA

Use a VPN when travelling & watch BBC iplayer etc

Change IP to Watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC iplayer & more

Another great feature of using a VPN account when travelling abroad is that it can be used to bypass Geographic Restrictions that sites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and many more use. It is nothing new and geo blocking has many purposes ranging from blocking access to content to displaying different content based on the visitors geographic location.

Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer check a users IP address and are able to restrict the user from going further. In the case of Netflix and Hulu they check to see if a user has a USA IP address and if that is not the case they simply do not load the video. BBC iplayer, Sky Go, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5 on the other hand is a service for UK so they check to see if a user has British IP address before granting access.

If you will be travelling abroad such as to Canada, Spain, Qatar, UAE, Italy, Germany, Malta or any other country for that matter you can watch your favorite shows hassle free by connecting via one of our server locations and changing your IP address to make it appear that you are in a country that should be allowed access hence bypassing geo restrictions

We offer users the ability to connect to our vpn servers that are located in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong & Singapore. We plan to add more locations but based on demand we have picked the ones just mentioned. If you are from Hong Kong and on holiday in the US you simply connect to a Hong Kong Server to get access to Hong Kong sites that normally would block users outside Hong Kong.

Get a VPN to use skype in UAE, Oman, & Belize

Unblock Skype in Oman, Belize, Kuwait & UAE

Skype is one of those programs used by many people on a daily basis and depending on your location you may need a skype VPN. You probably are already familiar with the features but if you are not, you should check out the skype.com website and download the program to test it. Skype allows you to do video and non video calls to other Skype users free of charge, you can also make a conference call between several friends.

One very attractive feature with Skype is that you can add a balance to the Skype account and then make a phone call directly to any land line or mobile phone. A Skype user would make the call from a desktop, laptop, an iphone, ipad, android tablet or an android phone! It is very easy to use and the sound and video quality is excellent. Even more amazing is the cost savings by using Skype instead of your regular telecom company.

For example, with Skype the per minute rate to call most European countries is less than 2 US Cents. If the Skype app is on your phone, it would be just like using the phone to make a call. hold it up to your head and talk away!

If you knew this, great. If you got excited about it and plan to use it than you will have a problem if you are located in some countries such as UAE, Oman, Belize, & Kuwait. Saudi Arabia threatened to block Skype but they did not go through with the threat in March 2013. So, if you will be visiting Dubai or another city that blocks Skype, use our service to unblock Skype and save money on international calls. The VPN service also works with magicjack, facetime, Google talk and other VoIP programs.

what is a VPN? & why use VPN?

Why use a VPN account? Here are the Top Reasons

The use of a VPN accounts by private consumers has sky rocketed in the past 5 years. At first not many knew what exactly a VPN does but over the years through online forums, word of mouth and Social media websites like Facebook people are now more knowledgable on the topic.

The benefits one gets by connecting to a VPN via VPNaccounts.com varies depending on the users physical location. Let us take a look for some of the best and most common advantages of a VPN connection:

1) Secure online connection when using open wifi hotspots. This is common in many hotels.

2) All your online activity remains private and your ISP can not keep logs on your online activity.

3) Be anonymous while online. Without a VPN, your real IP gets logged and is trackable.

4) Access all blocked websites & xrated sites can also be accessed if desired.

5) Programs such as VoIP, unblocked in countries like Oman, Belize, UAE & Kuwait. VPN for VoIP

6) Watch your favorite shows online while abroad. Ex. BBC iplayer from Canada, USA, UAE, Qatar etc.

7) + Many other uses.

Assuming you are located in the US, the most common use would be for privacy, anonymity, & security followed by the desire to stream content by bypassing geo restrictions simply by changing your real IP with that of our vpn servers. A user in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait,China etc would be more interested in the ability to access blocked sites. While a user in UAE, Belize, Oman would have a great interest for the ability to unblock Skype and other voip programs.

latest news

New Server Location Available

Swiss, Netherlands & Singapore VPN service is now available to the public & Windows 8 setup guide has been uploaded. Access blocked websites in UAE, China, Thailand, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia etc. If Skype or simillar program is blocked, we can also help you!


We found your service very useful while visiting family in Oman. Without your service Skype was blocked and so was facetime. Me and my wife would have gone nuts had we not signed up 3 months ago.
- Henrick, Germany

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UAE VPNGet a FREE VPN connection

Every month we will be giving away the best free VPN accounts. Fully functional and easy to use with no software to download and install! Read all about it by clicking the below link. Basically you help us, we help you!


I subscribed last month & I was able to watch my favorite shows on the UK BBC iplayer while on business in Spain & Italy. It worked great and did not have any buffering issues. Also saw some episodes on Hulu using the US VPN. The best vpn i used
- Steven, United Kingdom