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Oman & Need for Oman VPN

Those who are preparing to travel to the country of Oman should also be prepared to encounter many Internet restrictions. An Oman VPN from VPN Accounts is a must if you want to access the apps and websites you use at home. You will also require VPN service to use voice calling and video messaging apps.

Our Oman VPN is an affordable and reliable way for you to use the Internet in Oman securely. You won’t have to worry about anyone spying on your browsing activities, and we use the most recent security protocols to encrypt your data. Here are some important things to know about Internet in Oman.

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. It is home to almost five million people. The oil and gas industry are the most important sectors of the economy in Oman, and they also attract many foreign workers. A very large portion of the population in Oman is made up of expats and foreign nationals who have moved to the country to work.

Fishing is another important industry in Oman. Tourism is also an important sector. Unlike some other countries in the Middle East, Oman has been relatively peaceful. It is home to military bases for many other countries, and occupies a strategic position in he region. Oman is considered an absolute monarchy that is ruled by a single Sultan.

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Internet in Oman

Internet penetration in Oman is deep compared to some other Arab countries. There is a significant number of homes that have access to the Internet. However, there are also hundreds of WiFi access points. These are generally used by visitors to the country.

One can expect a heavy amount of censorship when using the Internet in Oman. Among the sites that are currently blocked or have been blocked in the past are Skype, WhatsApp, and even Google. Any news websites or blogs that are critical of the state are restricted, and the country has also taken action against social media networks.

All websites and apps that are considered offensive to the official state religion of Islam are restricted. This means that you will not be able to access many dating sites, gambling websites, or pornographic content. Attempting to use these sites may even cause you to run afoul of the law.

Web Access in Oman with VPN

There is a solution for safe and reliable Internet access in Oman. You can use our Oman VPN. Our VPN will allow you to use services like Netflix and Skype safely. You can use any of our servers, many of which are located in areas throughout the world where these apps are permitted.

We also recommend an Oman VPN for anyone that is using public WiFi in the country. It is a safe bet to assume that your activity on the state ISPs is being monitored. The only way to prevent any entity from spying on your Internet activity is to use an Oman VPN from VPN Accounts.

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There is no specific restriction against the use of a VPN in Oman. What you may encounter are blocks on Oman VPN provider websites. This is why we suggest that you obtain your service from VPN Accounts before you arrive in Oman. You can pay for a year of VPN service in advance to save money.

Oman is an Islamic country. Certain websites are considered to be offensive and are therefore blocked. You may also find that the country has little tolerance for websites that are critical of the existing sultanate. More on accessing blocked websites here.

No. There are free VPNs that claim to work in Oman, but few of them function as intended. Some are blacklisted by the state’s ISPs, and you could even get into trouble for using them. Your best bet is an affordable Oman VPN from VPN Accounts.

We do not keep any logs of your Internet activities. Our VPN is designed to allow you to use the Internet with a measure of anonymity.