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Italy is one of the most important countries in all of Europe. It sits on the Mediterranean coast, and is the home of the Roman Catholic Church. Cities like the Italian capital of Rome are important landmarks in the history of our world’s evolution and development. The history, culture, and romantic appeal of Italy are legend.

The country is a very connected one, with Internet use being widespread. In addition to the home networks enjoyed by many Italians, there are also pubic WiFi access points in coffee shops, museums, and even churches. Using a VPN from VPN Accounts can have many advantages. It can offer protection as well as in Italian IP address for international use.

There are few countries which hold the cultural appeal of Italy. Steeped in history, Italy was the home of the Holy Roman Empire which dominated world affairs for centuries. Today, there are still remnants of Rome’s past glories to explore and appreciate. There are also many museums and other World Heritage sites throughout the country.

Italy is home to the smallest country in the world, Vatican City. This country within a country is the headquarters of the Catholic faith and the residence of the Pope. Italy is also home to Venice with its world famous canals. It is a city that evokes romance, and many people choose it as a honeymoon destination.

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Internet in Italy

Internet is an important part of Italian society. For the most part, Italian citizens are allowed considerable Internet freedom. There are blocks of websites which deal with child pornography, and many torrenting or file sharing sites are blocked. Italy also uses blocking to prevent access to gambling websites which are not licensed to do business in the country.

Individuals in Italy can use the Internet to stream Italian media such as Netflix Italy, Rai Sport, and La7. There is a widespread use of WiFi hotspots, although these hotspots are strictly controlled by the state. Anyone wishing to offer public WiFi is required to go through an approval process before they can make the network available.

Government surveillance of ISPs in Italy is to be expected, but monitoring is probably not carried out to the same extremes as it is in other countries.

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A VPN from VPN Accounts can be used by both those who are visiting Italy or by those who live or work in the country. We have VPN servers within the country than can offer you an Italian IP address. You can use an Italian IP address when you are traveling to watch Netflix Italy libraries or any other local media that you enjoy at home.

For the expat and the tourist, a VPN is recommended when using one of Italy’s many public WiFi networks. Our VPN creates an encrypted connection that will prevent the government, ISPs, or data thieves from trying to see your Internet activity. We currently have servers in Palermo.

You can also use your VPN from VPN accounts in most every other place that you visit. Some of our clients even like to use a VPN on their home network just for added protection.

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Yes VPNs are Legal. There is no restriction on VPN use in Italy. Those who use one are still subject to Italy’s minimal laws governing Internet access.

Soccer, or football as it is known in many European countries, can be watched abroad with Rai Sport. This Italian sports service is restricted outside of the country, but you can use our Italian VPN and Italian IP address to restore access while you travel.

Netflix is a streaming service that is available in Italy, and it also has its own Italian library. To access all the libraries of Netflix, you will need a VPN. You can then connect to the VPN server you need to access your account. In Italy, use a US VPN server.

You could be putting your device and your Internet safety at risk. Many free VPN servers in Italy have been blacklisted thanks to the country’s strong stance against P2P networks and torrenting. The only reliable form of VPN use in Italy is a paid VPN plan that gives you the latest technology and security protocols.