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Turkey & Need for Turkey VPN

Are you planning on making a trip to Turkey in the near future? You will find that Internet access in Turkey is widely available, but also censored and restricted. A VPN from VPN Accounts is a must if you want to use the Internet safely in Turkey. We have a Turkey VPN that will even give you a Turkish IP address if you are traveling outside the country and need Internet access to your bank or media services.

You should think about securing your VPN plan now before you travel to Turkey. There are over 7,000 websites blocked in the country, and you may not be able to access a VPN provider once you arrive. Turkey is a country where the state of Internet regulation seems to change like the wind blows.

Turkey is a transcontinental country that occupies portions of both Europe and Asia. The country is filled with many historic sites, and is home to Istanbul. This was once the ancient city of Constantinople. Istanbul is the most populated country, and there are over 83 million people that reside in the country. More than 80% of these are Turkish people.

Turkey is a Muslim country, but it is somewhat less restrictive than other countries in the Middle East. Still, those who visit are expected to respect Islamic customs and practices. The country is considered a Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic. Turkey is a charter member of the UN, and also an important player in the world economy.

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Internet in Turkey

In Turkey Internet access is highly regulated. In 2018 a law was passed giving the country broad powers of Internet regulation through the creation of the High Council for Broadcasting. This agency has blocked Facebook, YouTube, Google, and many other web apps and websites. It also actively screens the Internet for uses of words that have been blacklisted. Any website found to contain those words is blocked.

In accordance with Islamic principles, the state does not allow access of porn sites, online gambling sites, or many dating sites. Being caught accessing such sites can be a crime. The state also frowns on blogs and media sites that are critical of Turkish politics. A large number of homes in the country have Internet access, but a large number of people use public WiFi for Internet access.

Web Access in Turkey with VPN

A Turkish VPN is a must for citizens of Turkey as well as tourists and expats. Inside the country you will not be able to use many services such as Skype, WhatsApp, or even Google without a VPN. Our Turkey VPN is a reliable way to restore access to all of your favorite websites. We have servers in many countries, and that probably includes where you live.

For those inside Turkey, a Turkish IP address is required when traveling outside of the country if you need to access your bank account or watch Turkish television programming. We also recommend using one of our VPN servers for everyday web browsing in the country to prevent surveillance. ISPs in Turkey are known to log the Internet activity of citizens. A VPN from VPN Accounts will encrypt your browsing and make you virtually anonymous.

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