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Switzerland & Need for Swiss VPN

When many people think of Switzerland, they automatically think of banking. The country may not be the banking haven that it once was, but it is still an important economic center. The residents of Switzerland can also claim to live in one of the most connected places on the planet. A vast number of homes have Internet, and public WiFi is available in many locations.

No matter if you are traveling to the country as a tourist or as an expat, or if you work in Switzerland, our Swiss VPN and Swiss IP address can be very helpful. A VPN improves your browsing safety, and it also allows you to access content that may be geographically restricted. Here’s a closer look at Switzerland and the options that we have for VPN service.

More than 8.5 million people call Switzerland home. This European country is highly developed, and it even boasts the highest nominal wealth per adult in the entire world. Zürich is the largest city, and Bern is considered to be the capital. The Swiss Alps and other geographic landmarks help to define the city, and many tourists travel to Switzerland each year to ski and enjoy other aspects of this beautiful country.

Switzerland is a country that embraces personal freedom. In the past the country was famed for its favorable banking secrecy laws. This has changed some. Today, many businesses and individuals still use Switzerland for banking. This includes account holders from other countries who consider the country’s banking to be safe and more secure.

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Internet in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the fastest broadband penetration rates in all of Europe. An overwhelming number of homes in the country have Internet access. There are also hundreds of public access points that help to keep everyone connected. There is almost no censorship when it comes to Internet access, and individuals are allowed to use a VPN for safer browsing.

Many people in the country use the Internet to stream media from Netflix. Other popular media services available in Switzerland include Swisscom TV and Teleboy. The Internet is also used for locals to bank and for other important services such as VoIP calling. Tourists and expats rely on Internet access to perform work and also to stay in touch with loved ones at home.

Web Access in Switzerland with VPN

Our Switzerland VPN and Swiss IP address are recommended for a number of reasons. These include secure public WiFi access in the country as well as evading blocks on Swiss media in other countries. If you are traveling outside of Switzerland and want to use your Swiss Netflix account, you will need a Switzerland IP address to do that. We can help with our Swiss VPN server that is located inside the country.

While visiting Switzerland you should use our affordable Swiss VPN to access public WiFi. Your connection will be encrypted, and you will not have to worry about anyone logging or trying to steal your browsing data. See VPN Plans and Prices here.

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There is no restriction on using a VPN inside of Switzerland. In fact, this is recommended. We have VPN packages that are reasonably priced, and we have a VPN server that is located in Switzerland to make your access to a Swiss IP address possible.

The days of anonymous banking in Switzerland are mostly over due to new restrictions. However, you may use a VPN to achieve anonymous web browsing and an encrypted connection. This improved security may be desirable if you bank online in Switzerland.

There is no way of really knowing the extent of which Switzerland or any other country is monitoring the Internet traffic of citizens. All anyone can do is take the appropriate precautions to prevent spying. That means using a VPN for secure Internet access.

There are many VPN providers that claim to offer free services. What they don’t tell you is that these free services are often riddled with security flaws. Free VPNs may also log your browsing data. Some can even sell that data to other companies.