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South Africa & Need for ZA VPN

South Africa is a country populated by more than 59 million people. What you may be surprised to know is that just 54% of the population access the Internet on a regular basis. Those who do use the Internet for the same reasons it is used in other countries. They watch programs from SABC 1 and other streaming services, bank, and use VoIP calling apps.

Whether you live or work in South Africa, or are just planning to travel there, our South Africa VPN is a good idea. We can also help you with a South African IP address. A VPN is the best way to improve your security while using the Internet in South Africa or in any other country. Here’s a closer look at this country and how to use the Internet safely.

South Africa occupies the southernmost portion of the African continent. There are three capital cities in the country, but the most recognized and populated city is Johannesburg. There are may ethnic groups which occupy the country, and division between certain groups was once mandated by the state through apartheid. This practice was officially ended in the 1990s.

The country has evolved into an important economic center, but there are still areas in the country that are impoverished. If you travel beyond the primary cities and capitals, expect to encounter a low standard of living in some areas. Today there are still ongoing projects which seek to address problems like the lack of clean water. As a developed country, South Africa is still emerging from the issues of its past.

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Internet in South Africa

Roughly half of the citizens in South Africa use the Internet on a regular basis. A smaller number have Internet in their homes. Others must rely on public WiFi access to stream media, make voice calls, or browse websites. VoIP calling is very popular in South Africa because it is cheaper than other forms of communication, especially for expats.

South Africans enjoy Internet freedom for the most part. The state has taken measures to block websites that deal with illegal pornography or pirated media. It would not be out of character for the government to collect data from ISPs on the Internet use of its citizens, but South African authorities claim that this is not the case.

Web Access in South Africa with VPN

One of the main uses of Internet in South Africa is to watch SABC 1. This media company offers programming that is exclusive to South Africa. To watch SABC 1 outside of the country you will need a South African IP address. VPN Accounts has a server in South Africa that will give you the means to enjoy SABC 1 no matter where you happen to travel.

Those who plan to visit or work in the country should also consider our South African VPN to unblock content from their own countries. You can watch Prime Video and Netflix with your US account in South Africa. You only need to use the server located in your home country. We have servers in most major countries throughout Europe and North America.

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Anyone in South Africa is allowed to use a VPN for Internet access. There is no restriction on VPN use. We do suggest that you purchase a South African VPN from VPN Accounts before you travel. This will allow you to connect securely right away upon your arrival.

VoIP is very big in South Africa thanks to the state of other telecommunications services. You can use Skype or WhatsApp to make inexpensive voice or video calls if you have a VPN. Just connect to the VPN server we have in the US or other areas where Skype is available.

There is little evidence to suggest that the South African government is engaged in widespread Internet surveillance. Even so, we think it is a good idea to use our VPN in any part of the world. You never known when an ISP may be logging your data.

Many VPN providers claim to offer free South Africa VPNs and South African IP addresses. The great majority of these services are unsafe. They can log your Internet data and sell it to other companies. Some can leak your DNS information. An affordable paid VPN from VPN Accounts is a much safer choice.