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Canada is known as America’s friendly neighbor to the north. The country can even be compared to America in many ways, and that includes its approach to the Internet. Internet freedom is largely supported in Canada, but you may still find it beneficial to use a Canada VPN and Canadian IP address if you live inside or outside of the country.

There have been some concerns raised about government surveillance and the disregard for net neutrality. Canada also has unique television and media programming that cannot be accessed outside of the country unless you are using a VPN. Here’s a closer look at the country and some Internet solutions for more secure web browsing.

Canada occupies the northern border of the United States. It is a vast country that, like the US, stretches from sea to shining sea. The country also moves to the north into the Arctic Ocean. There are three provinces and ten territories that make up the country. Ottawa is considered the country’s capital, and its most populous cities include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Canada functions both as a democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Elizabeth II is the current monarch, although the relationship between the crown and the government of Canada is mostly symbolic. The relationship between the US and Canada is necessarily strong thanks to the country’s shared border.

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Internet in Canada

Residents of Canada enjoy Internet freedom to a large scale, with very few prohibitions on access. There have been concerns over net neutrality, and it has also been revealed that Canada is a part of the 5-Eyes Alliance. The alliance is believed to actively monitor Internet usage and collect data on citizens from ISPs that maintain logs.

Throughout the country there are a vast number of WiFi networks that provide free Internet access to Canadian residents. Many of these networks are unsecured. A simple trip to the coffee shop for WiFi could turn into a potential problem when a security breach occurs.

The Internet in Canada is used by many people for streaming media. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many other services are available to Canadian residents. These services have their own libraries for Canada account holders. Individuals in Canada also use the Internet to use messaging apps like Skype and WhatsApp.

Web Access in Canada with VPN

If you want to maintain the highest levels of Internet security in Canada you should always be using a Canada VPN. A VPN from VPN Accounts can help you to maintain your security when using Canadian WiFi. You can also evade the potential surveillance by ISPs of your Internet browsing activity. VPN Accounts does not log the activity of its customers.

A Canadian IP address is also necessary for Canadians that might be visiting the US or other countries. We have VPN servers in Canada that you can use to change your IP address. Connect to a Canada VPN server and you can watch the Canadian libraries of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video no matter where you may travel.

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Yes, VPNs are legal. Canada does not restrict the freedom of its citizens to use a VPN. Any person can buy a VPN plan from VPN Accounts and use it to have more anonymity and security. 

There have been claims that Canada is a part of the 5-Eyes Alliance. This group of countries was revealed by Edward Snowden, the US security contractor turned whistleblower. A VPN in Canada is a good idea to prevent the possibility that your Internet activities are being tracked.

If you are visiting Canada and want to watch your favorite programming from the United States, a VPN from VPN Accounts is the answer. We have several US servers that you can use in Canada to create a US IP address.

A Canadian IP address from VPN Accounts is useful if you are traveling outside of Canada. With our Canadian IP address you are able to access all of the local television programming you stream at home. You can also access the Canadian Netflix library which differs from that of the US. Best of all, you have access to all of the VPN Account servers for many different IP addresses.

We have servers in Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver at this time but may change without notice. You can check the current VPN prices here.