VPN Setup Guides for Windows, Mac OSX, iPhones & Android & more

There is no software installation of any sort in order to use our VPN services unless you decide to use OpenVPN! For OpenVPN, you would be required to install a client on you Windows or MAC operating system.

To create a PPTP VPN, L2TP IPsec VPN or SSTP VPN, follow the instructions by selecting the operating system below. You will need the information provided to you in the welcome email. (Username, Password, Pre-shared key for L2TP VPN, the server IP address, SSTP hostname).

We suggest that you setup more that one VPN connection protocol such as one PPTP VPN & one L2TP VPN. You can call one "VpnAccounts.com PPTP" and the other "VpnAccounts.com L2TP". This is because as some location you may not be able to use PPTP VPN but L2TP IPsec will work or vica versa. At a different WiFi location you may be able to connect with PPTP but not L2TP IPsec. When one connection doesn't work, simply use the other type!

If you experience any issues with the VPN configuration instructions or have any other service related problems kindly refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about VPN connection problems and if needed contact us via the Contact Form. When you contact us, provide as much information as possible about a possible issue being experiecned.