Setup Windows VPN

Step One

First thing to do is to download our Windows VPN client.

Step Two

Once you have downloaded it, it is time to execute the file to Install it. You may get a "Windows SmartScreen Protection Popup". You can click on"More info" and click on "Run anyway" to proceed.

Step Three

Double click on the desktop shortcut that has been created.

Step Four

Click on Settings to enter your VPN username & VPN password. Now click on update to save.

Step Five

While in settings, click on the Advanced tab for more features. It is recommended to use the Stealth option. Click the X to close the settings dialog.

Step Six

You are now ready to connect. Simply select the country of the VPN server you wish to connect to, followed by "SWITCH ON" Allow about 15-20 seconds for it to connect. Click on "SWITCH OFF" to disconnect.