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Are you one of the many expats who want to know how to open blocked sites in Qatar? The growing number of foreign citizens in Qatar and the sheer number of website blocks has placed a greater emphasis on answering this question. Because you are visiting, our guess is that you already know the answer. What you may not know is how choosing the right VPN can determine whether or not your effort to avoid Internet restriction in Qatar is successful.

The expat situation in Qatar

About 500 new expats walk through the doors of Qatar’s Doha Airport every day. That is not a typo. 500 per day. Some of them know what to expect because they have been in the country before, but many are very unprepared. This is especially true where Internet access is concerned. source

The great majority of these expats arrive without their family in tow. Not all expats are allowed to bring their husbands/wives and children. The rules are that an expat must earn more than 10,000 QR (about £1,800) per month in order to bring family. What this means is that most expats in Qatar need a reliable and inexpensive way to communicate with family in their home country. For most, this means some type of VoIP service.

The VoIP problem in Qatar

Simply put, VoIP is virtually non-existent in Qatar. That means Skype and other similar apps are blocked by the state-owned ISP’s. These services are considered threats to Qatari national security, a hatching ground for terrorist activity, and competition to the local telecommunications industry.

The reason most expats want to know how to open blocked websites in Qatar is so they can restore access to VoIP apps and communicate with family. Answers to the question are everywhere online, but the tricky thing is that some of the answers given simply won’t work.

Proxy servers, touted by many providers as the surefire solution, often fail those who use them because they are simply too slow for VoIP. Simple browsing may not be a problem, but carrying on a conversation or sharing a video can be next to impossible. You’ll only get the speed you require from a VPN. Buy a vpn, to bypass internet censorship and internet restrictions.

How to open blocked sites in Qatar is also something expats need to know before they walk through those doors in Doha Airport. Finding a provider website once you connect to the state ISP’s is difficult because most service providers are also blocked.

It is possible to avoid the VoIP problem in Qatar with a little careful thought and advance planning. Expats will be spared a lot of trouble and grief if they set up the right type of VPN service now, and a great place to start is by visiting our page of VPN options.

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