Saudi Arabia Internet Censorship Unveiled. Saudi Arabia Internet censorship is considered as one of the most extensive in the world. In fact, 18 months after the Internet was introduced in the Kingdom back in 1999, the number of sites that have been banned in the country already reached 200,000. In 2004, the number of banned web pages has risen by 100% to 400,000. According to authorities, the main reason why some Internet sites are prohibited in the Kingdom is to protect the values and culture espoused by Islam.


Implementing Saudi Arabia Internet censorship is not that difficult. For one, the KACST, short for King Abdel Aziz City for Science and Technology, is the only institution that provides Internet service in the whole Kingdom. This can really make it easier for the government to monitor and censure access to certain Internet sites. Besides, a renowned computer technology group has provided Saudi Arabia with equipment and techniques on how to effectively prevent people from accessing websites that the government deems inappropriate for its citizens.


Saudi Arabia Internet censorship efforts focus on banning pornographic sites and those that have anti-government sentiments, which really are not that numerous. The Kingdom's Communications and Information Technology Commission makes use of certain software to block gambling and porn sites. However, for other websites, the citizens of Saudi Arabia are the ones who patrol the Net on behalf of the government. In fact, authorities receive over 1,200 requests everyday to have web pages blocked. We can help you unblock youtube and unblock all sites. The people who are most ardent in patrolling cyberspace in the Kingdom are religious figures and students. Authorities are only able to take action on half of the requests submitted each day.


Although the government claims that they are only implementing censorship because they want to promote the culture and values of Islam, many people believe that profits are also driving the Kingdom to ban certain sites. One example is the ban on telephone company web pages in order for the Saudi Communications Company to retain monopoly over telephone connections within the Kingdom. Still, there are a lot of people who are able to bypass the government's program filters. In fact, there are over 2,000 anonymous bloggers in the country. Also, there are citizens who make use of ISPs from foreign countries for unrestricted Internet connection. However, this can be an expensive work around for Saudi Arabia Internet censorship. Fortunately, many users can avoid restrictions by creating a virtual private network. Click here for a VPN connection.