Subculture knows how to open Blocked Sites in KSA

ksa The KSA, or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is notorious for strict Internet controls. The residents of this powerful Arab nation are used to Internet restriction and many individuals typically abide by the KSA’s mandates, but there is a subculture alive and well in Muslim society that knows how to open blocked sites in KSA, especially pornographic ones.

Why do many Arab countries block porn?

The Muslim religion places a high value on morality within a familial context. Sex in the Arab region is viewed very differently than it is in the West. While it is common to see women flaunt their sexuality in America and even the UK, this can constitute a criminal act in Saudi Arabia. Women have been scorned, punished, and even publicly executed for sexually-related offenses. Miley Cyrus might want to take some notes in case she ever decides to pay the KSA a visit.

The KSA makes no discrimination between soft-core porn and hard-core porn. Videos like Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” are considered just as offensive as a full-fledged porn movie streamed from an adult website. Get caught accessing these sites on the state-owned ISP’s in Saudi Arabia and you could be in some serious trouble. Get your VPN account and bypass all the Internet Restrictions and Censorship.

Muslim subculture and porn

Despite the heavy-handed restrictions on porn in the KSA, there is a local subculture that actively participates in viewing adult-oriented material on the Internet. Individuals in Saudi Arabia have the same physical desires as anyone else, and some of them have learned how to open blocked sites in KSA. They make regular use of VPN technology to surf adult websites in relative anonymity.

Some would say that the presence of Western expatriates in Saudi Arabia has been responsible for creating this subculture. These foreigners are not used to the type of restrictions found in the Arab region and many of them also use a VPN when visiting the KSA. In addition, a VPN is useful in allowing these expats to retain access to Skype, Netflix, and a host of other services to which they are accustomed.

There are few accurate figures about the number of Arab nationals who view porn on a regular basis, for obvious reasons. Those who do would never publicly admit it for fear of possible prosecution under the laws of the KSA. It is safe to say, however, that the numbers are growing. Societies evolve and change, and the Arab society is no exception.

A VPN reduces risk

Whether you are a local or an expat, if you are among those who occasionally view adult material online your risk can be reduced by using a VPN. The encryption of a VPN in tandem with a masked IP address works very well to conceal your browsing activities. The real question is not how to open blocked sites in KSA, but how to open them safely without the risk of getting caught.

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