Unblock Todou Videos Outside China using a VPN

Have you heard of Todou? Todou is one of the largest video sharing sites on the Internet. From its base in China, Todou serves more than 7 million requests each day for its video content, making it responsible for more than 50% of the video web traffic in a highly restrictive country. While the Chinese government strictly monitors and censors Todou through its notorious firewall program aimed at quelling government criticism, Todou users still enjoy a fair amount of freedom in what they can post and what they can watch.

Chinese nationals who find themselves visiting other countries, however, will note that Todou is blocked outside of China. A VPN offers these individuals a way to access Todou and provides an added benefit that we will discuss a little later.

The History of Todou Video Sharing website

Todou is basically the Chinese version of YouTube. Users can watch videos and can even upload their own videos with an account. Todou was launched in April of 2005 and rapidly became one of the world’s largest users of bandwidth. The site claims to use about 1 Petabyte per day to satisfy its 7 million users. The name Todou literally translates to “Potato Net”, a play upon the couch potato theme.

The venture was started on a shoestring by Gary Wang and Marc van der Chijs, who always envisioned the site as a YouTube clone with an emphasis on video blogging. At the present time, video bloggers still account for a large number of Todou users.

YouTube serves a larger number of videos each day, but Todou videos are typically longer than ones found on YouTube. Todou videos are offered via Adobe Flash technology, but there are technological advances on the horizon for this growing Web company.

Todou Content you could be watching with a VPN

The primary content one will find on Todou can usually be placed in one of the following categories:

  • Music Videos
  • Movie Clips
  • TV show clips
  • Video blogging

One of the things that make Todou so appealing to Chinese citizens is that the government does allow some latitude in what can be shared on the site. Granted, criticism of Chinese politics is still off limits, but tongue-in-cheek humor is allowed. You’ll find many of the same types of funny and viral videos you can find on YouTube.

Using a VPN to unblock Todou outside China

As we mentioned, Todou is blocked outside of China. This is due mainly to copyright restrictions and the government’s desire to decide what parts of Chinese culture the rest of the world has access to. This can be a problem for the large number of Chinese nationals who are residing in places like the US and UK.

A large number of Chinese residents attend universities in the US or UK. Being able to watch Todou videos helps them feel connected to their home country. It is possible to restore Todou access with a VPN if the VPN provider you use has a server based in China. To view the site, you will need to sign on the Chinese server provided by your VPN host.

The really great thing is that Chinese residents who purchase a VPN to watch Todou in the US or UK receive an added benefit. Because of the multiple server options provided, the VPN can be used when these individuals return to China to unblock many sites restricted in their homeland. All they have to do is select a different server option and they are good to go.

This added benefit makes a VPN a wise choice for any Chinese resident who lives or works for a time in the US or UK. It is important that the VPN be purchased while visiting the West, because many VPN provider websites are restricted in China.

VPN’s are a must for Chinese citizens Abroad

Many expected the strict regulation of the Internet in China to be a passing concern, but in recent months the Chinese government has stepped up their censorship of digital media. Many Internet watchdog organizations have listed China as the world leader in Internet censorship. There have even been arrests within the country of those who publish controversial blogs.

The average Chinese citizen is much like the residents of less-restrictive nations. They want to be able to access all of the content the Internet has to offer without restriction. More and more people from China are using a VPN to regain their Internet freedom. Do the same, buy a vpn account today!

Thanks to VPNaccounts and the multiple vpn server options we offer, those who live in China as well as the large number of expats who work there can evade the Great Firewall of China and stay connected. It is estimated that the number of VPN users will grow substantially in the coming year as more people realize the benefits of using this technology at home and abroad. Over 43 locations to connect to at https://www.vpnaccounts.com

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