Will Turkey Block Twitter AGAIN? Sure

The Internet situation in Turkey has been very unstable in 2014 with temporary banning of sites like Twitter and YouTube. One could argue that there is no reasonable way to anticipate what the Internet landscape will look like in Turkey from one day to the next. Anyone that anticipates being in Turkey for an extended period of time will want to consider purchasing a VPN and using it to maintain uncensored access to the Internet.

Turkey and Twitter, a hot mess

The problems between Turkey and Twitter began with a March 21, 2014 ban of the 140-character-or-less social media giant by Prime Minister Erdogan. Erdogan was concerned over the leak of his private conversations and lashed out at the Internet in a big way. YouTube was Erdogan’s next target as he seemingly tried to cover up the improprieties of his administration. You can read more here or here

Then, on April 2, 2014, the Turkish government ruled that the ban on Twitter was unconstitutional. Less than 24 hours later, Telcos (Turkey’s regulator of telecommunications) announced that access to Twitter would be immediately restored.

Are you confused? Imagine how residents of Turkey must feel. There seems to be an active effort to suppress certain social media networks in Turkey. Even though the situation has become somewhat stabilized in recent months, no one really trusts that it will remain that way.

Avoiding Twitter uncertainty in Turkey

Residents of Turkey could have avoided the blocking of Twitter by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the Internet. Many of these residents and some expats and foreign workers residing in Turkey have made the decision to use a VPN going forward to avoid any future problems.

Twitter is a favorite among social media enthusiasts because it allows users to issue targeted 140-character updates. There is also the ability to share photos and videos via Twitter. Of course, all of this sharing ability is one of the reasons that Prime Minister Erdogan took immediate action to prevent access to Twitter. In the digital age it is very hard to keep anything a secret for very long, and outlets like Twitter are a favorite way for whistleblowers to leak information.

The Turkish government does not have the best track record when it comes to the Internet. Some of this can be attributed to Prime Minister Erdogan and the problems encounter during his time in office. There have been allegations of bribery, hiding bank accounts, and even efforts to initiate a war with Syria. VPNaccounts.com is not a political website and cannot confirm or deny any of the allegations raised against Erdogan, but what we do know is that the government in Turkey seems to wield a lot of power when it comes to the Internet. This is not uncommon throughout the entire region.

Our only interest is in helping individuals find a way to conquer the uncertainty that surrounds Internet access in Turkey. It is very frustrating when you realize that the Web apps you use today may not be available tomorrow.

Using a VPN in Turkey should be standard

Using a VPN to connect to the Internet in Turkey should really be a standard practice. There are multiple advantages to doing so. A VPN can alleviate the uncertainty of whether or not Twitter and other sites will be blocked, and it can also provide extra levels of security that ensure your Internet activity is safe from being tracked and monitored. After all, if Turkey is so concerned about Twitter you can reasonably assume that they make every effort to monitor Internet traffic. It just makes sense to play it safe on the Internet in Turkey.

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