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If you try to access NBC full episodes online from outside US such as from Canada, Mexico, europe, UK etc you will get the message “we’re sorry but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location” We can help you. Below are some screen shots from when we try to view “The Office” with and without our serivice.

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Sample of NBC tv shows that you would be able to watch online!

30 Rock,  America’s Got Talent, The Biggest Loser, The Chopping Block Chuck, Crusoe, ER, Friday Night Lights Heroes ,  I’m a celebrity, Kath & Kim, Kings, Knight Rider, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,  Life, Merlin, The Office,  The Listener, The Philanthropist and many more!

 30 Rock

Saturday Night Live is  the inspiration for this hit TV show comedy.   30 Rock is a fictional show partly filmed at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, hence  the name of the show.  Rockefeller Plaza  is home to GE-NBC-Universal.  The cast of 30 Rock is  quite notable, with actors leading the show like Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy  Morgan, Jane Krakow skiiii, Jack McBrayer, Scott Adsit, Judah Friedlander,  Katrina Bowden, Keith Powell, and many extras.

Alec Baldwin is kind of  funny.  His past character rolls really  shine through.  This helps to make the  viewer feel more comfortable watching him as an actor.  All of the past movie roles he played in a  apparent through subtle yet unrevealing character traits.  Anyone who has ever seen him play in movies  will know he is actually quite the genuine article in real life.

Tina Fey is another more  prominent character in the show.  She is  famous for starring in Saturday Night Live and her appearances gave her enough  notoriety to land her a spot on 30 Rock.   She is quite funny, witty, and quick to liven up the show by dropping  lame situations and creatively inspiring funny moments.  Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey compliment each  other well, more so for people who can identify with their relationship with  each other.

30 Rock is kind of an  open ended exhibition of acting talent.   To put it simply, there is no permanent background scenario  choreographing how the show evolves.   Every turn the show takes is guided by circumstances imagined by the  writing cast behind the show. Kind of like Saturday Night Live without the live  audience.  This makes 30 Rock kind of  like Saturday Night Live, but with a different theme and overall show backdrop.

An open ended comedy  series is actually quite rare.  Most popular  comedy sitcoms owe their popularity to the creatively successful and  situationally concrete storylines.  Much  respect to the writing cast behind the 30 Rock series, they create guaranteed  excitement with it’s unpredictable nature.

30 Rock is in it’s third  season of success and has a fourth season lined up and ready.  Viewers can always watch 30 Rock in the hopes  of watching something completely new and funny, and watch a representation of  television comedy.  Closed set, open  minded, dynamic comedy Improv.  I love  it

Americas Got talent

Americas Got talent is an American reality series brought to you in high definition on NBC.  There are 4 permanent judges on the show:  Brandy Norwood (2006), David Hasselhoff (2006–present), Piers Morgan  (2006–present), and Sharon Osbourne (2007–present).  Because it is a reality show, you really have  to get under the wing of the NBC to really enjoy the program.

The performers are talented but don’t do too  well under circumstantial pressure.  So  if you watch, try to be as considerate as you can.  This is real life, and there is a 1 million  dollar prize on the line.  This prize  changed to include the 1 million dollar prize (paid as a financial annuity over  a term of 40 years), and a show as the headliner on the Las Vegas Strip.

The performers are  sporadically talented, meaning a few diamonds in the rough shine above all the  rest.  The acts vary greatly in there  abilities and you never know what you’re going to see next.  One group of talented performers put on a  slam dunk show that was simply amazing.   Finding an act that compares to there dunk display involving multiple  people at once will be difficult, maybe even impossible.  They remind you of the video game NBA Jam  with incredibly fluid and inventive hand eye coordination.  Some of the acts are terrible and in bad  taste.  When that happens, three  appointed judges simply brush them away with a tastefully respectful hand.

The future looks  wonderful for this new NBC talent show.   They have complete freedom to bring any talent from any country in the  world onto the program.  Animals, unique  and rare talents, solo performers, group acts, and other displays never before  seen by the eyes of mainstream America.   Something amazing happens when the country bands together to support virgin  talents.  Because they have never been  exposed to the incredible power of a multi billion dollar network and the fans  that come with it, some talents hit their high point right before your very  eyes.  It’s pretty incredible to witness  and even more exciting to know the next performer could be even better.

Ratings for America’s  Got Talent showed this program as the number one show for summer 2008!  Four seasons have been produced with  incredible  results. If you like to see  highly motivated, previously undiscovered, talented hopefuls, America’s Got  Talent is the show for you.  The show has  been renewed for a fifth season, airing in summer of 2010.

The Biggest Loser

Allison Sweeney is the host of this emotionally charged and thoroughly enjoyable reality show. The Biggest Loser features constantly changing participants and unique individual circumstances, but all episodes follow the same general premise. Overweight fitness hopefuls are brought to compete for cash prizes in an attempt to lose weight and excel in physical prowess. Now you can watch the above tv shows from outside USA!

There can only be one winner, and cash is the motivation behind participants giving it their all. Everyone who participates in the show ends up losing weight and gaining life’s true reward, an improvement in their overall physical and emotional health.

Reality shows with a universally accepted purpose, like Biggest Loser, are generally quite successful. The Biggest Loser proves the effectiveness of their show concept without fail. Obesity is a very widespread problem across the globe, so the show holds a fan base in other countries as well.. There are not many distractive fillers to take away from the wholesome nature of the program. People with future hopes and dreams are sure to identify with and share in the happy vibes, sharing their hopeful feelings with the atmosphere of the show.

This makes it a truly touching experience to watch. Viewers gaining motivation to improve their lives by watching underdogs succeed is priceless. Most of the participants do very well to accomplish their overall weight loss and physical fitness goals, and is living proof a strong will and relentless determination will help anyone accomplish almost anything they want to do.

Commentaries from the participants family, elaborate life stories, and heart felt first hand participant speeches make up the majority of the show’s content. From a third person perspective, as a viewer watching the show, it is fun watching a display of improvement against all odds.

Famous trainers like Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper are there to give expert instruction in every aspect of the participants improvement. This serves a dual purpose and gives the show some extra worth. At home viewers can see the exercises being performed by the participants and incorporate them into their own life.

With much of mainstream television being repetitive and boring, this show shines brightly with high ratings and positive viewer feedback. The show airs on NBC and is part of their prime time schedule.

The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block is  a cooking challenge reality show available in High Definition on NBC.   Based in Australia, this popular series was  first aired on the Nine Network, hosted by chef Matt Moran and Catriona Rowntree.  Originally run and filmed in Australia for  it’s first two seasons of 8 episodes each, it was a rough beginning for this  now highly acclaimed series. Only 718,000 viewers watched during it’s first  Australian season.

Confident about the  shows concept, it was salvaged by NBC using American scenarios.  It easily became a smashing success in  America using Marco Pierre White, their world renowned chef, as a host. The  show portrays the trials and tribulations faced by the participants competing  for the ultimate prize.  Nearly every  nuance of the difficulties faced are filmed and shown as a sequence of events  leading up to a finale.

The host decides who wins the season long  cooking challenge through the many episodes within the series. Instead of self  contained episodes, The Chopping Block competition runs throughout the season,  ending with the presentation of a final reward. Based on a variety of  professional culinary factors, the highest performing cooking team wins their own  world class restaurant.  The stakes are  high and it’s fun to watch tempers flair in competition for the real life  million dollar restaurant.  When using a  real world scenario such as this, real world emotions and determination to win  is perfectly apparent.  If things start  going wrong, the competition becomes even more fierce.  It’s the chance of a lifetime, and this  chance introduces pressure caused by the shows demand for raw decisive action.

Marco Pierre White is  a ruthlessly intricate culinary mastermind, a seasoned veteran with many awards  for his legendary restaurants.  He helps  make the participants more professional by leaving nothing to chance.  Every bump in the road is exposed and brought  to light so participants who win the restaurant can make the most of it. It is  a great show, and any viewer who loves food and the glimpse into a decadent  culinary success story such as Marco Pierre White will be thoroughly  entertained.  Marco has a charismatic  persona derived from his multi-million dollar epic business successs, and is  the perfect host for a show like this.   With such a large prize at the end of the season, it really makes it  exciting to watch.


Created in 2007, Chuck is one of the newer action-comedy offerings on NBC.  It’s available in high definition for viewers  with capability to display this higher resolution quality.  Created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak,  this series is produced by College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision  and Warner Bros. Television.  The first  season only contained 13 episodes because of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of  America strike.

This was a brief period  in time where the writers refused to work.   In their second season they accomplished a full 22 episode season and  locked in their standing for a third.  A  two month “Save Chuck” campaign was created by the fans to ensure  their third season, scheduled to air in 2010, does phenomenally well.

The ratings for Chuck  are not the greatest in the world, but the show also had to deal with a  multitude of slow downs in regards to its debut.    The story plot goes something like this,  Chuck Bartowski is a twenty-something computer expert in Burbank, CA who works  at Nerd Herd out of the local Buy More electronics store with his best friend  Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez).  Chuck’s  sister, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), always encourages him to make progress in his  professional and social life.  Chuck  receives emails from the CIA, and when he opens them the information encoded in  the letter is implanted in his brain.

It is kind of a  comedy spoof that deals with situations that can’t really happen in reality,  but it is kind of fun to watch a fast paced comedy that immerses you in  carefree TV time.  It seems like no  matter what is happening on TV, you can always watch it and drift off into a  dreamy state of relaxation.  Many people  fall asleep watching TV, and nothing spells relaxation like a multi-million  dollar network like NBC. It’s fairly entertaining though, and the scenes change  scenarios at the drop of a hat.  Even if  the storyline is unbelievable the fast paced action provides countless chances  to intrigue the viewer into attentive submission.

Chuck is a great  program for people who love technology, the lifestyle of youth, and the action  of quickly moving comedy.  Almost every  scene is designed to keep the viewer in a state of carefree action ecstasy.  Give Chuck a once over, you’ll like it.


ER is an Emmy Award  winning hospital based drama with fast paced medical emergencies thoroughly  encompassing the life in a true ER. The cast of ER is comprised of Anthony  Edwards plays Dr. Mark Greene, George Clooney plays Dr. Doug Ross, Sherry  Stringfield plays Dr. Susan Lewis, Noah Wyle plays Medical Student (later Dr.)  John Carter, and Eriq La Salle playing Dr. Peter Benton, Laura Innes plays Dr.  Kerry Weaver, Alex Kingston plays Dr. Elizabeth Corday, Goran Visnjic plays Dr.  Luka Kovac,

Maura Tierney plays Nurse (later Dr.) Abby Lockhart, Mekhi Phifer  plays Dr. Greg Pratt, Parminder Nagra plays Medical Student (later Dr.) Neela  Rasgotra, Linda Cardellini plays Nurse Samantha Taggart, John Stamos plays Dr.  Tony Gates, and Angela Bassett plays Dr. Cate Banfield.

The attention to  detail in ER is amazingly well researched and similar to actual emergency room  events. The show takes place at a fictional general hospital in Chicago,  Illinois and comprised of a team of actors with actual time in the field of  real emergency room situations. This program goes a step further to include the  personal lives of key players within a real emergency room team.  Doctors, nurses, staff members, and patients  with varying backgrounds are all depicted using well thought out plots and  storylines.  The great thing about the TV  show ER is it’s correlation to reality.   While it isn’t a reality show, it is based on real life events, allowing  show creators the chance to get creative and leave no chance for boring moments  often prevalent in other reality shows.

The scenes and  situations change quickly, just as you would expect to see in real life.  The ability to include a huge number of  extras to act as patients allow for the inclusion feelings and personalities as  diverse as their backgrounds. Watching ER is an eye opener to real life scenarios  that could actually happen.  Someone who  lives in a country setting, having no link to city life, will be genuinely  suprised at the raw events that actually take place in urban settings.

Many fans of this  program have had countless nights of enjoying entertainment because of the wide  variety of medical scenarios it presented.   Most of the viable scenarios have already been included within it’s 15  seasons of episodes.  The future of the  TV show ER is uncertain, and possibly a change of storyline and plot will hold  the future of this show’s continued success.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a high definition TV show on NBC centered around a book and film with the same name.  This show is a fantastic depiction of the book and movie centered around the fictional Dillon Panthers.  Centered around the Panthers’ football coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), and wife Tami Taylor (Connie Britton), the show does a great job of depicting what life is like in an athletically motivated and hard working Texas community.Now you can watch the above tv shows from outside USA!Using the small-town as the scenery, this show addresses most of the issues facing modern American life.

It’s pure Americana: Sports, youth, money, ambition, hometown American values, and teen drama all wrapped around dreams of football stardom.Watching the show is like regaining a piece of your youth.  Remembering childhood ambitions and struggles, anticipating the whole world at your fingertips, and finding out the world doesn’t work that way describes this show to the letter. The energy emanating from the excitement of youth is one of the driving forces behind the show.   It’s charming really. Americana lives, breathes, and survives because of the dreams of our youth.

This show does a wonderful job of bringing the viewer carefree feelings associated with young, healthy, and hopeful teenagers.Reminiscent of the movie Blue Chips, there are even recruiters for high school ball.  Just like in college, recruiters want the best players for their high school teams and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they land athletically gifted teenagers for their school.

As with any athletic drama centered around teenage life, there is a lot of tension and hot tempers.  Completely understandable, considering decisions made by a teenagers family can have a dramatic effect on the rest of their life.There are currently three seasons of this show with season four and five officially scheduled for production.  The majority of viewers who watch this program are wealthy, upper class families.


Heroes is a science  fiction television drama, created in 2006, available now in high definition on  NBC.  Three seasons encompassing a total  of 59 episodes have been produced using the talented minds of the show creators.  The cast is made up of the following  actors:  Hayden Panettiere plays high  school cheerleader Claire Bennet who can instantaneously regenerate. Jack  Coleman plays her Dad, Noah Bennet, a representative of The Company. Santiago  Cabrera plays a struggling drug addict, Isaac Mendez, who can paint future  events that are going to happen.

Tawny Cypress plays Simone Deveaux, a skeptic  art dealer with connections. Greg Grunberg played LAPD police officer Matt  Parkman, a gifted mind reader. Ali Larter played Niki Sanders, an Internet  stripper with a mental disorder and superhuman strength. Leonard Roberts played  Niki’s husband D.L. Hawkins, an ex-con who is able to move through solid  matter. Noah Gray-Cabey played Micah Sanders, Niki and D.L.’s young son who can  control and link up with electronics using his mind. Masi Oka plays Hiro  Nakamura, manipulator of space and time. Adrian Pasdar plays Nathan Petrelli, a  congressional candidate who’s now superhuman abilities allow him to fly.  Sendhil Ramamurthy played geneticist Mohinder Suresh. Milo Ventimiglia  portrayed hospice nurse Peter Petrelli, with the ability to mimic abilities of  other post-humans.  Each of these  people’s superhuman abilities play a key role in the story-lines outcome.

Centered around our  fascination with superhuman abilities like shape-shifting, incredible healing  abilities, superhuman speed, and more, this program features incredible visual  effects that mesmerize the viewer.  Seemingly  ordinary humans develop strange superpowers and become drawn to situations that  play a key role in preventing the end of the world. A painter that  subconsciously creates art telling the story of catastrophic events to come  relays his discoveries to the superhuman team.   Seemingly by an unseen force, maybe God, these evolving superhuman  individuals are part of the epicenter of a worldwide struggle between creation  and destruction.  Amazing scenarios such  as superhuman strength and speed are depicted in ways that truly excite and  capture the viewers interest.  Made to  mimic comic books of lore, the scenes switch scenarios in a similarly quick  fashion.

Modern day technology  and camera innovations have made stunning progress in the development of visual  art. Watching TV in high definition is nothing like it used to be.  There have been incredible innovations  through the use of plasma and similar technologies, allowing for resolutions  and clarity that could entertain even the most demanding viewers.

I’m a Celebrity

I’m a Celebrity…Get  Me out of Here! is a jungle reality show that was first aired in 2003.  The jungles of Costa Rica set the stage for  some amazing tropical challenges involving nature, cunning skill, and  relentless determination.  Celebrities  from all walks of super stardom play center stage in their attempts to stay in  the competition, win survival amenities, and earn themselves the coveted award  of King or Queen of the Jungle.  The last  celebrity left on the island to not get voted off is the winner of the shows  competition.

The cast is always  changing because the show is always progressing through seasons.  The show’s second season began airing on NBC  in June 2009. As a popular reality show concept with large amounts of cash  involved for charities, other countries also produce I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out  of Here!  Britain, Germany, America,  France, and the Netherlands have all created versions of this show.  The show has been accused by the popular reality  series Survivor as being a plagiarism of their creation.

Celebrities get to  see what they are made of, make discoveries regarding the survival traits of  their peers, and gain a better understanding of life inside the jungle.  The motivation behind the show is to raise  cash for the celebrities chosen charities. To make up for the time the show  takes from celebrities, they are generously compensated for their time.  These celebrities selflessly donate the cash  paid for their appearance to whatever charity they find most suitable.

A variety of  challenges like swimming with crocodiles, scavenging for starfish in a variety  of tropical conditions. It’s hot and humid in   the heart of Costa Rica, lush and teeming with life.  Snakes, insects, worms, and wildlife of all  kinds inundate the scenery.  During the  finale of the show season, the participants are rewarded for their undying  dedication to jungle challenges through delivery of their favorite foods,  breaking the monotony of jungle cuisine.   Pizza, burgers, and traditional American food requested by the  participants are served in appreciation of their efforts.

Met with some  criticism regarding the inclusion of various has-been actors, the show has  accrued a multitude of slanderous comments.   However, a lofty amount of cash involved with any celebrity appearance  prevents any naysayer opinion from making much of a difference.  The future of this program is uncertain, but  the inclusion of any celebrity always draws attention

Kath and Kim

Kath and Kim is the  American version of an originally Australian comedy series.  Adapted to American television by NBC on  October 9th 2008, the original show created by Jane Turner and Gina Riley is  reproduced in America with their guidance. The cast of Kath and Kim is as  follows:  Molly Shannon as Kathleen  “Kath” Day, Selma Blair as Kimberly Crystal “Kim” Day, John  Michael Higgins as Phillip “Phil” Lesley Knight, Mikey Day as Craig  Baker, Justina Machado as Angel, and Melissa Rauch as Tina.

Kath and Kim is  classified as a situational comedy.   Meaning the situations can be constantly changed and molded to the show  creators liking.  This allows for total  freedom in portraying any number of comedy inclusions, guests, and story  lines.  NBC has announced that they will  not keep Kath and Kim on the roster after 2009.   The reviews were absolutely terrible, but the ratings were strong.  Critics complained the show was the worst  remake of the original Australian version they have ever seen.  Others see the show in a more positive light  but they will definitely not be back on NBC for a second season.

The show is rather  funny when going for the gusto with the health and humor of the cast as a  definite strong point.  This show  represents what TV was designed to do.   To give people with nothing to do and no direction in their life some  guaranteed enjoyment.  You can fall  asleep to Kath and Kim, or pay attention to their verbal slapstick  commentary.  Either way it’s a really  funny experience.  The subtle nuances in  their anything goes comedy and over the top renditions are extremely  entertaining.  Kath and Kim are the main  characters and nearly every scene revolves around some aspect of their life.  If you like comedy programs that speak their  mind and make an honest effort to generously relate to your life, you will love  Kath and Kim.  It’s a genuinely unique  and brave approach to comedy. If you don’t give your all while watching it you  won’t get as much out of it.

The abrupt ending of  the shows airing on NBC is quite disappointing.   Comedy talents appear on the show leaving a good impression  and make you want it to survive.  To have critics accuse this program of being  a terrible recreation is absurd.  Many  still hold hope for the show’s survival through other networks, but NBC has  made their decision.  Fans will have to  find Kath and Kim on another network


Kings is a high  definition television drama airing on NBC.   The show is based upon the story of King David from the Bible, with a  variety of twists.  The cast of Kings is  as follows:  Christopher Egan: David  Shepard, Ian McShane: King Silas Benjamin, Sebastian Stan: Jack Benjamin,  Susanna Thompson: Queen Rose Benjamin, Allison Miller: Michelle Benjamin, Wes  Studi: Gen. Linus Abner, Eamonn Walker: Rev. Ephram Samuels, Dylan Baker:  William Cross, Leslie Bibb: Katrina,  Macaulay  Culkin: Andrew Cross

Culture and  technology are present in Kings commonly seen in the United States  everyday.  The fictional Kingdom of  Gilboa is an absolute monarchy and is ruled by King Silas Benjamin, said to be  ordained by God himself.  A group of  butterflies once landed on him forming the shape of a crown, calling on him to  rule the kingdom.

However, the aging  King Silas Benjamin’s rulership is constantly being challenged and manipulated  by his younger and more physically adept family members.  Riddled with the constant threat and  occurrence of power struggles within the kingdom, the show can take wild turns  at any time.  The rulership structure has  similarities to real life comparable with the politics of the United States.  This TV show allows you to see what happens in a kingdom without secrecy, more  thoroughly than we see in the USA. Kings varies greatly in their scenery and  landscapes.  With a great deal of freedom  to portray this great number of scenarios, Kings is thoroughly entertaining  because its always changing.  Keeping you  on the edge of your seat with a wide range of action scenarios that can’t be  used in more simplistic and stationary story lines.  Using a rulership of a kingdom as a story  line allows for the program to reach it’s full potential.  Any number of different characters,  landscapes, and situations can be presented using believably seamless and  exciting deliveries.

Scenes of war,  politics, relationships, scandals, insubordination,  tension, and mystery are always in close  proximity.  Watching what the supremely  rich and talented story writers imagine to happen within the fictional kingdom  is amazing.  There was only one season of  Kings produced with a total of 13 episodes.   Although Kings is not scheduled for a second season, NBC and their  viewers have found it entertaining enough to continue it’s broadcasting.  Fans of American politics unhappy with  changes shrouded in protective secrecy will love the forthcoming and revealing  nature of Kings.

Knight Rider

Knight Rider is back  in High Definition on NBC!  This remake  of the original Knight Rider, popular in the 1980’s, is completely redesigned  using the same concept.  The KITT car and  driver interaction are the same, but instead of a 1980’s Firebird the car is a  supercharged Mustang.  Equipped with  amazing features like grappling hooks, lasers, defensive flares, missiles, this  super car a joy to watch.

Starring  Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, son of Michael Knight. Deanna Russo as Sarah  Graiman, Traceur’s old girlfriend and love interest. Sarah is daughter to  Charles Graiman. Graiman is played by Bruce Davison, inventor of a new  generation of KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand), with voice personality  by Val Kilmer.

This show is not  anything like what you remembered from the old Knight Rider.  Lots of scantily clad women, high performance  cars, amazing technologies, and genuinely impressive special effects make up  this new and upgraded remake of a classic.   Well, not exactly a remake.  The  original Knight Rider had story lines and episodes revolving around the 1980’s  era of technologically limited detective work.   The year 2008’s Knight Rider caters far more to the modern day and  age.  The Knight Rider concept was so popular  in the 1980’s, producers created a 2008 season to salvage one last chance at  glory.

The son of the  original Michael Knight pilots a Ford Shelby GT500KR Mustang as the leader of a  high tech government and law enforcement contractor.  Michael and his team of modern day associates  tackle difficult crime assignments that usually get accomplished because of the  Knight Industries huge financial resources.   This incredible amount of cash provides skill training needed to triumph  over modern criminals.

The story lines are  pretty inventive and include a variety of modern day situations. As an example,  one of the episodes centers around the acquisition of a serum that increases  physical performance and genetic development.   The problem is, the serum is highly unstable and dangerous to consume.  The KITT Mustang always provides helpful data in solving the crimes, an  irreplaceable addition to the team’s crime fighting ventures.  Unlike the old Knight Rider, the new cast is  much younger and highly energized.  Overall,  the program is great for the younger generation who missed out on the original  Knight Rider.  There was only one new  Knight Rider season and show production has been discontinued.  Future plans for the continuance of this  Knight Rider series have not been decided.

The Tonight Show with  Conan O’Brien

 The Tonight Show with  Conan O’Brien is an American made late-night talk show available on high  definition on NBC.  Part of the Tonight  Show franchise, Conan O’Brien  was  offered the job to replace the incredibly successful Jay Leno when he announced  his retirement from NBC   The majority of  Conan O’Briens Late Night crew made the switch with him to The Tonight Show  slot.  Conan O’Brien has an incredibly  non-invasive knack for making viewers feel secure and comfortable.

As you might expect,  NBC has been able to land some of the most sought after guests America has to  offer.  President Barack Obama, Kareem  Abdul-Jabbar, Snoop Dogg, Jack McBrayer, Donald Trump, Christopher Meloni, Slash,  Paris Hilton, and more.  That is one of  the best parts of The Tonight Show.  They  are well trained in social skills and have enough money to keep celebrity  guests in the zone of rich life.  When  scheduling celebrities famous for choreographed art forms like comedy, music,  and political greatness, late-night talk shows like this truly shine.  Everyone wants to know what’s on the the mind  of celebrities who would otherwise not have the time to kick back and discuss  everyday topics.  Conan’s show gives  viewers at home a bit of time with celebrities too busy with their own career  to have free time for themselves, let alone the countless masses of fans who  want to talk with them.

This new Tonight Show  scored high in the ratings, especially during the debut episode.  It actually outscored the ratings of CBS’s  Late Show with David Letterman and ABC’s Nightline combined.  Quite a feat for a debut episode.  Conan O’Brien caters to a demographically  younger crowd, closer to his own age group.   Unlike Late Night with Fallon, this show is not as explosively energetic  as Late Night with Fallon.

Understandably, NBC  is a multi-billion dollar TV network. TV viewers have to understand, billions  of dollars in financial backing has a very soothing effect on the psyche.  NBC has years of experience in making sure  they know the how to make viewers feel calm and at ease when watching TV.  No matter what is happening in your life, you  can count on the excessively rich masterminds behind NBC to find a way to  smooth your feelings out.

Late Night with  Fallon

Late Night with  Fallon is premiered March 2nd, 2009 on NBC.   This is the current creation originated by David Letterman.  Breaking the proverbial mold, Jimmy Fallon is  a much more energetic host.  Through  youthful, aggressive humor he connects perfectly with younger, motivationally  hungry crowds watching late night TV. Most popular late show hosts are part of  an older age group, a different era than the young crowd entirely.  Jimmy is brave, incredibly healthy, and visually  vibrant.

By dictating how the show  feels with a tastefully serious edge, Fallon creates an atmosphere that gets a  carefree feeling across no matter what.   His interaction with the guests is remarkable, displaying talent for  being in seamless harmony with his surroundings and supporting cast.

Popular guest  appearances on this late night show include Tiger Woods, Cameron Diaz, John Leguizamo,  Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Sir Richard Branson, and more.    The band that plays in the background of  the show is very laid back and courteous to the viewers.  The best part about having Jimmy Fallon as a  host is his upbeat and genuinely happy health and personality.  Watching other late shows left something to  be desired, why?  Because the usual hosts  were generally in their mid-prime, the introduction of Jimmy Fallon has brought  late night a youthful and calming energy.   It’s on during the middle of the night, so if you turn on the television  around then you won’t have to watch the cardboard cut out, characteristically  older genre of late night show.

The background of the  set is visually pleasing and easy on the eyes. People with a sensitivity to  bright colors, exhausted from their long days of work will appreciate this  thoughtfully darker color scheme.  The  selection of guests is quite good, and most of them feel quite at home with  Jimmy’s company on the set.  The show  does well on the rating scale with it’s popularity at the head of the  pack.  Fallon was part of Saturday Night  Live before his recent debut as host of Late Night.  He is a quick learner and has gained the  trust of the incredible number of home viewers. The future of this show is bright  with Fallon’s aggressive passion and incredibly witty personality.  Having a young host does a lot to boost  ratings, capture new audiences, and boost the overall reputation of the Late  Night scene.  NBC is keeping this show  for all the right reasons.


Life is a police drama airing on NBC in high  definition.  The cast of Life is  comprised of Detective Charles “Charlie” Crews Jnr. (Damian Lewis) as  the main character, Detective Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) as the partner and  higher up officer to Charlie Crew, Ted Earley (Adam Arkin) shares a house with  Detective Crews’  and serves as his  financial advisor Charlie Crews, Captain Kevin Tidwell (Donal Logue) as chief  LAPD homicide division officer as well as Crer, Officer Robert  “Bobby” Stark (Brent Sexton) as a uniformed police officer and  previous partner of Detective Crews.

Captain  Kevin Tidwell (Donal Logue) is the leader of the LAPD homicide division and  Crew and Reese’s new superior officer after Karen Davis was demoted. Originally  from New York, Tidwell is portrayed as an easy going cop, and takes the  position very seriously when the need arises.   The show won a 2008 AFI Award for best television series, coveted by  many viewers to be the best recently produced police drama.

Life is fast paced and highly energizing to  watch.  Scenes and backdrop scenarios  change rapidly in the program, leaving no possibility for disappointment or  boredom.  Emotionally driven by police  officers with a relentless determination and street smarts that could skin a  cat.  The cast interacts with each other  just like regular cops do.  There is no  physical friendship within the inner circle of authority positions.  Immediate elimination of every possible  avenue of corruption pertaining to harmful emotional interactions is  awarded  to police officers immediately  upon taking the job. This is so they can perform with complete peace of mind  while working at one of the most dangerous jobs on earth.  The same is true in real life.  Everyday citizens are not allowed to  communicate with police on an emotional or physical level.  The same privilege of complete power and  control given to military personnel is at their beck and call. The USA’s  ultimate resource, the power to produce the most physically healthy, logically  sound law enforcement figure is bestowed upon them.  They are God of the streets.

The show is delightfully produced with  intelligent, witty, and psychologically immersing scenarios.  They keep you on the edge of your seat using  smooth and thought provoking story lines.   Watching the show is like eating a bag of your favorite assorted  candy.  Every scene is as perfect and  wonderfully surprising as your favorite guilty pleasure.


Merlin, the wizard of  past fable and lore has returned to NBC in High Definition. Debuting in 2008,  this series was originally produced in the United Kingdom and broadcasted  through the BBC.  The United Kingdom has  commissioned Merlin for a second production run, seeing as it’s family  friendly.

The cast of Merlin is as  follows:  Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley  James as Prince Arthur, Richard Wilson as Gaius, Anthony Head as Uther  Pendragon, Angel Coulby as Guinevere (Gwen), Katie McGrath as Morgana, John Hurt  as the voice of the The Great Dragon, and Michelle Ryan as Nimueh.

The story of the  wizard Merlin has been passed through folklore since (c) 1136. Arthurian legend  depicts Merlin as a myth itself, but not entirely so.   Myrddin Wyllt (Merlinus Caledonensis) was a  North British madman with no connection to King Arthur and the Knights of the  Round Table, but he did actually exist.   After a battle in 573 AD, Merlinus Caledonensis was said to have gone  mad, fleeing to the forest to live with the animals.  It was there the real documented accounts say  he attained a gift of prophecy.  That’s  the rarely told story of the real Merlin, in case you always wondered.

The strong point of  this show is definitely the cinematic scenes.   You will be reminded of previous works of cinematic art like Star Wars  because this program uses some of the same developmental technologies.  Like a triple word score in Scrabble, there  are three positive aspects to pay homage to.   The shows plot, stunning screen play, and soothingly medieval  soundscape.  Merlin is sure to enchant  your imagination and genuinely intrigue your deepest magical fantasies.  As a perfect example, the fabled Griffin, a  giant bird said to have the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle plays a  key role in one of the episodes.

Shows like this  wonderfully indulge our fantasies in a time when life was simpler, clearer, and  more realistically demanding.  Sword  fighting nobles, traditionally dressed men and women, breathtaking special  effects, mythical creatures, and everything else you would expect to see in a  medieval fantasy program.  This show is  great for the whole family and contains no graphic or offenses scenes that  could possibly be detrimental to the moral structure of family values.  You can be sure the creative geniuses behind  Merlin, coupled with the guiding hand of highly respected TV network, are  perfect for family leisure time around the TV.

The Office

The Office is a  satirical comedy show airing on NBC in high definition.  Starring in the cast of The Office is  Starring            Steve Carell, Rainn  Wilson, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B. J. Novak, Ed Helms, Oscar Nunez,  Brian Baumgartner, Angela Kinsey, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Mindy  Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, Craig Robinson, and  more.

This show makes one  of the most hilarious mockeries of every thing it want’s to.  Always wetting your appetite for more  offensive and humorous destruction of anything you ever held sacred.  This show knows no bounds.  From start to finish it never ends, through  the entire season, it’s a non-stop lose your mind laughing stock.  For the most part, this show is completely  enjoyable by everyone.  Even the most  reclusive comedy fan will be taken in by it’s sarcastically charming  nature.

Cast interaction  within the show is second to none.  You  will not find a cast that works this well with each other in any other  show.  They all compliment each other  using the same methods of being funny, but in unique and creative ways.  It never gets old, I mean it.  The comedy style somehow stays as fresh as  when you saw it for the first time.  NBC  is fairly certain no other show in the future will come close to the fame The  Office has brought them, so they are continuing production using the same  format they have always used:  Simply too  funny to stop watching.

As an example, a man  with a heart condition has a heart attack and everybody makes fun of him  because of it.  When someone has a  problem people make every attempt to make it worse.  Something is always happening in the  background to divert your attention so they can up the cost of the  consequences.  They don’t even try to  hide it, they simply speak the truth and follow through with their real  feelings.  That means the cast doesn’t  actually play a role, they simply follow a simple rule.  If people aren’t laughing hysterically they  simply keep trying until they own you.   They throw everything out the window with truly legendary comedic  determination.   If you never watch  another show, make it The Office on NBC.   The producers, cast, and viewers have truly outdone themselves to create  the most successful office comedy on mainstream TV.  Well done and keep up the good work

The Listener

The Listener is a  Canadian supernatural drama based on the life of a young paramedic named Toby  Logan.  Toby has the gift of a special  form of extra sensory perception allowing him to read the inner thoughts of  everyone he comes across.  Starring in  The Listener is a wide range of talented actors including: Craig Olejnik, Enis  Esmer, Colm Feore, Lisa Marcos, Mylene Robic, Anthony Lemke, Paulino Nunes.

As with any public  service drama, the possibility to include a wide array of situations and story  lines allows for expansion and a good chance of continued episode  production.  It isn’t all centered around  Toby though, the writers behind the show are crafty enough to keep the content  of the show moving quickly along.  In the  majority of the episodes, the plot follows the same simple premise.  When crimes are committed, Toby is frequently  contacted to help solve them using his keen, mentally intuitive gift.  He is only 25, and with the help of his  girlfriend Olivia, an ER doctor, he finds the motivation to use his gift for  the greater good.  Without the help of  his girlfriend, he would have no positive influence and subsequently self  destruct.  Toby’s ambulance partner is  Osman “Oz” Bey, a positive aspect of Toby’s life.  Without paying close attention to the show’s  story line, you can become easily confused.   The show is a unique concept, and makes you think of the internal  relationships you may have between people in your own life.  It does a good job of showing the general  public what happens when lines of privacy are crossed and violated.

As you would assume  in normal life, someone weaving through the inner thoughts of complete  strangers is not a welcome addition.   When confronted with his strange and expertly honed ability, people  reply with different reactions.  Some are  scared, some startled, and some even completely flip their stuff and jump to  their death off buildings.  It’s fairly  entertaining to watch the scenes progress, and Toby seems to get himself into  trouble at every possible turn. The cinematics and video quality in The  Listener are remarkable.  It reminds you  of a smooth, well designed work of art the entire way through.

Viewer ratings regarding The Listener are very positive.  The show  ranked as the #2 Canadian series premiere of the year during it’s debut.  With a figuratively solid and unique show  concept, it’s no wonder the program did so well.

The Philanthropist

The Philanthropist is  an American action/drama brought to you in amazing high definition courtesy of  NBC.  This program premiered on June 24,  2009 and has done exceptionally well thus far.   The cast of The Philanthropist is as follows: James Purefoy as Teddy  Rist (billionaire creationist of charitable deeds), Jesse L. Martin as Philip  Maidstone (Co-CEO of Rist’s company and personal friend of Teddy) ,

Neve  Campbell as Olivia Maidstone (Phillip’s wife), Michael Kenneth Williams as Dax  (Iraq war veteran and Teddy’s personal bodyguard), Lindy Booth as A.J.  Butterfield (Director of Special Projects – Maidstone-Rist), and Krista Allen  as Julia Carson Rist (Teddy’s wife),

Teddy Rist is a  billionaire playboy constantly plagued with the reminder of the death of his  firstborn child.  He rescues a young boy  during a hurricane in Nigeria, leading him to the resulting steadfast purpose  of saving the lives of others.  Teddy  realizes his true calling is not only to enjoy his own life, but to save  complete strangers in appreciation of his own fortunate circumstance.

European accents are  prevalent in this thoroughly enjoyable billionaire story.  After a certain point of financial accomplishment,  true callings become incredibly apparent to the rich. The show seems to draw  you into it’s vivid and wide reaching scenarios.  Incredibly friendly to the ears, hearing  European accents of financial glory living to find their next life or situation  to assist are rare, but do sometimes happen.   Possibly even more alluring is the anticipation of discovery as to what  is going to happen to who.  In any  situation where people are helped out of charity, there is always a continually  changing variable of uncertainty.  You  really feel for the life of Teddy, attempting to help others at all costs,  scoring points with his inner conscience, and progressing through life  performing acts of selfless charity.

After watching all  the episodes, your craving for new episodes of The Philanthropist will  surface.  It’s very easy to become  addicted to this show, it genuinely requests the same feelings from you that  are displayed in the program.  You feel  like you are making a difference, no lie.   Give The Philanthropist a chance, you’ll be glad you did.

The ratings of The  Philanthropist did not score remarkably well, but with so many programs to  compete with it’s not surprising.  There  are more new episodes scheduled for production, and as of now there are a total  of eight episodes spanning one season.

Closing summary

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