Bypass Censorship Using a VPN account

Think about what you are doing right now. You probably sat down to your computer or grabbed your tablet and logged on to the Internet without ever questioning whether or not the websites you wanted to visit or the social networks you wanted to use would be accessible. If you live in the US or the UK you probably take uncensored Internet for granted, but there are millions of people in the world that are forced to bypass censorship by using a VPN.

Internet censorship is a problem in many areas of the world that do not embrace the unregulated expression of ideas or even artistic endeavors. If you find yourself in one of these locales you will be thankful for the Internet access you enjoy in your home country, and you will be even more thankful if you have thought ahead and secured a VPN.

Regions that censor the Internet

At the present time there are three specific regions of the world that engage in pervasive Internet censorship. They are East Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East/North Africa. It is not uncommon to find a wide variety of web applications and sites blocked in these areas.

China is notorious for its level of Internet censorship. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are blocked in China. Websites that discuss the Dalai Lama or the 1989 massacre of student protesters in Tiananmen Square are forbidden. China works especially hard to control access to any Internet content that is believed to have the potential to encourage dissent among the population.

In Germany and France you cannot access much information about Nazism. While one can certainly understand the concern here, censoring access to information about the world’s conflicts is another way that governments try to eradicate history.

If you find yourself in Turkey you may or may not be able to access social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter. The situation is so volatile there that it is hard to predict which websites will be accessible from one moment to the next.

Even the hallowed bastion of freedom, the United States, is not immune to acts of Internet censorship. Many libraries use state-mandating filtering on the computers that are available to public patrons. While this filtering is mostly used to prevent people from looking at porn at their local library, the implications are insidious. The same filter that blocks access to a porn site can, with very minor changes, be used to filter any site that is deemed objectionable. That will probably raise the hairs on the neck of many people that distrust US politicians.

The point we are making here is that Internet censorship is widespread throughout the word. True enough, you will most likely encounter it when traveling if you reside in the West, and the way to bypass potential censorship is by using a VPN account.

How do countries accomplish censorship?

Commercial filtering software has become more prevalent as new and better applications are developed. Originally, companies primarily marketed filtering software to businesses and individuals, but some of these same companies have discovered that there is a lucrative market in the development of platforms that can be used on a broad scale. One such company is SmartFilter of California, a subsidiary of McAfee. Countries that have used SmartFilter include Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, and even the United States.

Cisco has been accused of helping China develop its infamous Golden Shield or Great Firewall of China. Cisco has denied these allegations in court. Netsweeper, developed in Canada, has been used to filter Internet content in Qatar, the UAE, and Yemen.

IP address blocking, DNS filtering and redirection, and packet filtering are just a few of the other methods that are regularly used to enforce internet censorship.

Proxies are ineffective against censorship

Some people try to circumvent Internet censorship by the use of a proxy server. The problem is that proxies are unreliable, therefore making them ineffective. Some websites, like Wikipedia, even block proxies. Proxies can also seriously reduce connection speed and are notorious for delivering harmful malware to a user’s computer.

The only reliable way to bypass censorship is by using a VPN. A VPN puts you in complete control of your Internet browsing. Your IP address is concealed and your browsing activities are not logged. The connection speed of a VPN is virtually the same as your normal Internet connection, and does not depend upon spyware advertising revenue to stay in business. We charge a very affordable fee for our VPN service and offer multiple server locations to our users. The value of our VPN’s compared to those of proxies or our competitors is undeniable.

Make preparations now if you plan on traveling to one of the regions we mentioned earlier, or even if you just want the peace of mind that comes from knowing no one can restrict or spy on your Internet activities. Click here to buy a vpn account before travelling! Also check the post about VPN to defeat censorship.

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