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How do I Order a VPN Account? What do I need in order to use a VPN Service?

To order our reliable vpn services simply click on the "order now" button above and then enter your credit card details to make the payment and receive the welcome email with your VPN account details. The service works very well in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Belize, Yemen, Tunisia, China, Thailand, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Canada, Egypt, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, India, Belgium, and many more counties.

In order to use our VPN service, you will need an Internet connection (via cable modem, DSL modem, dial up, corporate network) and Windows or Mac operating system. You can also use an iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones. You will need to FIRST connect to the internet and then make the VPN connection to one of our servers.

If you want a solution to get around internet restriction filters, use Skype when blocked, be anonymous online, & have a secure connection then the American , Canadian, Hong Kong or European VPN will work just fine. If you want to play poker online, lottery, or to gamble on casino games but the site are blocked you can get access using a European based VPN since Europeans are allowed to play. For example Germans on vacation in Thailand would use a German VPN or UK VPN or Netherlands VPN. Some visitors simply purchase VPN to access American network television to watch full episodes of their favorite shows while they are outside the US. For that you would need to be "virtually in the US" hence a US VPN would allow you to access full videos on sites such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Fancast, Hulu, Netflix, pandora etc. Some visitors simply want the VPN to access UK TV networks to watch full episodes while they are outside the UK! You would need to be "virtually in the UK" hence a British VPN would allow you to access full videos on sites such as BBC using iplayer etc because it would bypass geo blocking.

VPN technology allows for the creation of an encrypted vpn tunnel between a user and our VPN servers. After connecting, a user will receive a new IP address. This address will be used for all Internet communications through our server. Both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic will be directed through this tunnel and protected with a Secure Encrypted Connection. VPN Tunneling is the most powerful and comprehensive solution based on industry-standard VPN protocol. It is perfect for business and home users requiring strong encryption for security and anonymity. You would basically have private internet access or in short PIA.

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When connected to the VPN you are anonymous online and can access blocked websites easily via a secure & encrypted connection. By subscribing to our VPN service and paying you will have access to servers located in England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Singapore & Hong Kong. No VPN software is needed and no VPN app from the app store is required in order to use a VPN since your device/computer has a built in VPN client already!


As a user, you will be able to bypass geo blocking & watch online streaming on sites such as NBC, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, Fox, BBC iplayer & many more. Unblock Skype and other similar programs that are blocked in Oman, UAE, Belize, Kuwait will also work normally.


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