Is There Danger in Using a VPN?

VPN danger

Many people understand that using a VPN is an important piece of Internet security. Others want to know, is there danger in using a VPN? This can be a complex question to answer, but the opposite side is more defined. There is certainly danger in choosing not to use a VPN for your web browsing. Let’s take a closer look.

VPNs and Online Danger

The Internet can be a dangerous place. You already know that. Those who don’t take the appropriate measures to protect themselves are at risk. Hackers, viruses, spyware. Every corner of the Internet is filled with pitfalls and traps that could cause you a great deal of harm.

If someone steals your identity or just your banking details, they can wreak havoc. You can lose money, but you can also spend years trying to recover from such an attack. Sadly, the stories are in the news every day.

It is also true that allowing someone to have access to your web browsing preferences can create a problem. What if your employer or your school discovered that you have accessed adult dating or gambling websites while connected to the shared WiFi? How about a spouse? We’re not condoning or suggesting that you do any of these things. We’re just saying that it happens, and lives have been turned upside down because of it.

Using a VPN can protect you from some threats to your online privacy. It is also important to understand what a VPN can’t do. That is how to properly answer the question, is there danger in using a VPN?

How a VPN Prevents and Protects

When you use a VPN you are creating a secured tunnel between your device and your ISP. The data that passes through the VPN tunnel is encrypted and hidden. An ISP or others can see that you are connected to the Internet, but they can’t observe your activities. Websites also cannot see your actual IP address. Instead, they register the IP address of the VPN server. These servers can be located in many parts of the world.

The chief benefit of using a VPN is anonymity and secure web browsing. A VPN is not an antivirus program. It is not meant to detect or eradicate spyware or malware. You need to be very clear on the specifics of your VPN before you start to use it.

How Can Using a VPN Put You At Risk?

As beneficial as a VPN can be, it can also be a security risk when you choose to use the wrong one. Specifically, VPNs that market themselves as free options can be dangerous. At their very worst they may be allowing the very things that you are trying to prevent by using them.

Free VPNs often need to subsidize their service by selling user data to third parties. They can offer browsing data to marketing firms for large sums of money. Some of these VPNs may even be delivering harmful applications on behalf of the third parties to gather information. Rather than charge you for the service, they charge those who could be given access to your browsing preferences.

Is there danger in using a VPN? In that case it would seem so. So, how do you overcome this risk?

Choose a Paid VPN Plan

Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, there is still merit in using a paid VPN plan. Our own plans are affordable and reliable, and they are fast enough to stream media and use messaging apps. For just a few cents each day you can enjoy VPN service for the entire month.

Paid VPNs generally do not keep logs of user activity. They do not sell your data. They are also less likely to have extensive downtime. Many of them come with features such as a kill switch that will protect you if your VPN connection is dropped.

In 2022 it is still beneficial to use a VPN. You just need to choose the right one to prevent yourself from being exposed to unnecessary danger.

3 Steps to use VPN


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ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

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