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Dark Web

Perhaps you are one of those individuals who wants to visit the dark web. Others among you may not even know what this is. The dark web is a hidden part of the Internet where the deepest secrets of the web reside. If you want to explore the best dark web sites, be aware that you are treading on dangerous ground. A VPN is always recommended in addition to other security measures.

About the Dark Web – Where the Internet’s Darkest Secrets Are Kept

Have you ever seen a web address with the curious .onion domain? Sites with this domain are a part of the so-called dark web. It is a hidden part of the Internet that must be accessed with a special browser called TOR. TOR stands for The Onion Router, and it was originally developed by US Naval Intelligence.

The idea behind TOR was to provide secure access to classified information, but the platform was released to the general public in 2002. It is now the home of many websites which are controversial in nature.

Remember The Silk Road website where individuals could buy and sell drugs, hire a hitman, or traffic in child porn? It was birthed and resided on the dark web. A search of various sites on the dark web reveals that other sites like this still exist today. Our disclaimer is to proceed at your own risk. VPN Accounts is not responsible for what you encounter on the dark web.

Despite all the bad stuff that lurks on the dark web, there are some good parts to it as well. It can be a place to find a secure email program. You can also clean up your Bitcoin to add extra levels of security. There are also document drops for reporters and whistleblowers and other individuals who need to safely share data.

The Best Dark Web Websites

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular dark web websites. We have tried to stick with websites that offer a legitimate service. You are on your own when it comes to locating the darkest corners of .onion domains.

The Hidden Wiki – http://zqktlwiuavvvqqt4ybvgvi7tyo4hjl5xgfuvpdf6otjiycgwqbym2qad.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

It always helps to have a resource of the most popular .onion sites. This is basically the function of The Hidden Wiki. You can think of it as a Wikipedia for the dark web.

You must remember that the results you get from this site are pretty much unfiltered. Be sure the link you are clicking on is a site that you really want to visit.

ProPublica – https://www.propub3r6espa33w.onion/

This dark web site has won 5 Pulitzer awards for its investigative reporting. It is a non-profit news service and the first major online publication to have a .onion address. This is the place to go for news if you are not inclined to trust the news outlets in your country.

The focus of the ProPublica platform is investigative journalism. You can expect to find examples of whistleblowing, many times before they are released on the mainstream.

Duck Duck Go – http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

This is one of the best alternative search engines to Google for those who want to preserve their Internet privacy. It does not track or record your searches. It is a reliable, anonymous, and secure way for you to get the information that you need.

Many people have found themselves in hot water when performing web searches that are controversial in nature. You can search Duck Duck Go without concern that there is a permanent record of your search activity.

Facebook- https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/

You can even find a .onion version of Facebook on the Dark Web. It isn’t surprising that the company would do this. What you need to remember is that logging into your regular Facebook account on the .onion version of the site could be problematic if you are striving for anonymity.

Still, there are people who find it comforting to be able to look at the Facebook news feed without concerns of being tracked. This can also be a way to access the social media giant in areas where Facebook is blocked.

Mail2Tor – http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/

Many people today are unhappy with their email program, especially Gmail users. They don’t like the idea of having their browsing preferences tracked through their email. Mail2Tor is a encrypted email platform that can help you avoid many security flaws that are found in more common programs.

You can actually send and receive email anonymously using Mail2Tor, something that is virtually impossible to do today unless you have access to the dark web. Your IP address is not stored by Mail2Tor, adding to the appeal of its safety features.

Hidden Answers – http://answerszuvs3gg2l64e6hmnryudl5zgrmwm3vh65hzszdghblddvfiqd.onion/

What if you could ask questions about anything, even things you know would raise eyebrows in others? Imagine something like an unfiltered Reddit and you will have an idea about what the Hidden Answers dark web site is all about. It allows you to pose questions in total anonymity.

That may seem like a powerful concept, but with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t ask Hidden Answers unless you are prepared to receive the raw answers. Some people can’t handle the truth.

The CIA – http://ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.onion/

The CIA on the dark web? Not a big surprise. There is indeed a .onion version of the CIA website. It contains information on employment if you want to become a spy, and also has links to most wanted lists. The same information you would find on the main website is also on the dark web version.

But there is another reason why the CIA has a site on the dark web. It exists for those individuals who want to pass information to the CIA anonymously. We’ve said that it is pretty much impossible for your dark web activity to be tracked, but this is the CIA. They might be able to find you anyway.

SecureDrop – https://secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/

This dark web site was developed for whistleblowers and other individuals who need to share sensitive information with news agencies. Publications like the Washington Post and The Guardian have made SecureDrop their application of choice when it comes to document drops.

It can be dangerous for an individual to share information without using an encrypted drop. In some cases, lives have been lost when a whistleblower is discovered. 

TorLinks – http://torlinksd6pdnihy.onion/

TorLinks is something of an alternative to The Hidden Wiki. It is a massive list of .onion websites that you might want to visit. There are even more that you probably don’t want to visit. Either way, TorLinks is one of the most reliable and current list of dark web sites.

TorLinks doesn’t make an effort to recommend or suggest certain websites. Nor does it prevent controversial websites from making its list. Use the app with discretion. Always remember that if the creator of the Silk Road was caught, it can happen to you.

SoylentNews – http://7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion/

This news site is prized by expats and those who frequently travel the globe. It allows users to upload news from their regions. By sharing news with one another the users of the site can receive useful information that could be censored in their area.

There is a problem today with trust when it comes to mainstream news agencies. Many people prefer SoylentNews as a more reliable source. It is an aggregator, though, so the news is only as good as the sources from which it is pulled.

Smartmixer.io – http://smrtmxdxognxhv64.onion/

What? You aren’t using Bitcoin yet? Well, when you do get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon you might want to remember Smartmixer. This app allows you to remove any links to your actual identity by mixing your Bitcoin with that of others.

Some people will argue that Bitcoin is not truly anonymous, but this service goes a long way toward fixing any issues in that regard. If you want to spend your cryptocurrency without any back trail, this is something that you should consider.

Torch Search Engine – http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/

Torch claims to be the oldest and most well-known search engine on the dark web. It also has an index of more than one million .onion sites. That would make it one of the largest search engines. It is  effective in helping you locate the information you are looking for, with one caveat.

The sites on the dark web are always in a state of change. They come and go on a daily basis. The downfall of this search engine is that the closure of sites can outrun the engine’s indexing. You will sometimes click on a link and find that the site is gone.

Galaxy3 – http://galaxy3m2mn5iqtn.onion/

Galaxy3 is one of the main social media networks on the dark web. If you are looking for a site where you can interact with others who share your privacy and anonymity interests, this could be a good choice. It’s like Facebook but targeted to dark web junkies.

It should go without saying to use caution when you are meeting people on the dark web. At least you do have the ability to cloak your actual location with a VPN and the other protections that are offered by the TOR browser.

Sci-Hub – http://scihub22266oqcxt.onion/

More than 50 million research papers are hosted at Sci-Hub. These are provided for free, giving students and other professionals a valuable resource. It also helps to know that browsing for papers on sensitive matters can be done with anonymity.

The Dark Lair – http://vrimutd6so6a565x.onion/index.php/Board

This dark web site began as an image board where individuals could share material in a similar manner as offered by mainstream sites like 4Chan. Just like 4Chan, you can probably understand the types of material that appears here from time to time. Just be aware.

The Dark Lair has evolved into more of a social media network over time where individuals are encouraged to share their own dark web experiences.

Dark Web FAQ

Here are a few of the common questions we receive about the dark web and its content.

Who made the dark web?

The dark web sprung from the TOR project. This special browser was developed by US Naval Intelligence to give military personnel a secure way to use the web. In 2002, TOR became available to the public and the dark web as we know it began to weave its strands.

Can I be arrested for using the dark web?

The creator of the Silk Road was. The answer is that it depends on how you use it. If you are engaging in illegal activity, you should expect to draw attention regardless of the protections offered. With that being said, most people are caught because they did something foolish or let their guard down.

Am I being tracked when I visit .onion sites?

The TOR browser makes it virtually impossible for you to be tracked. You can even add in VPN for an extra layer of security.

Is the dark web the biggest part of the Internet?

It was once claimed that about 95% of the Internet was the dark web. Today many experts say that number is 5%. Because so many dark web sites come and go there is no way to tell for sure.

Can I really buy guns and drugs on the dark web?

Maybe. We’re not going down that rabbit hole. Use the dark web at your own discretion and risk. We will say that for a time there was a thriving black market on the dark web.

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